Dating: It Could Happen To You Pt. 3

In our rapidly deteriorating society of self assured instant gratification zombies nothing can be taken for granted but insanity. Self love has eclipsed almost every humanitarian achievement as even our own Women's US Soccer Team spurn the opportunity to meet with our own President in the White House who had turned the US economy and employment completely around in contrast to 8 long dark years under Obama. According to one particularly foul mouthed Lesbian soccer player, President Trump does not recognize her kind enough! Wow, the Women's Soccer Teams will be greeted by a ticker tape parade, isn't that enough?

True nature of the beast

I can remember without fondness in the late 1980's getting my first taste of divorced life and single parenthood and reading the then popular personal classifieds. The supposedly more gentle gender usually portrayed as the poor victim was at work even in the personal ads Rememebering some of the more common phrases among the supposedly single women were terms like "Please, no walking wounded. I don't want to hear your war stories," or "looking for a bad boy," perhaps even, " looking for a Mark Harmon type, tall and dark and handsome," stereotype. It was almost sadly comical. These were the insights into the female mind at the time, which seem amazingly innocent compared to the self-love drivel of today's candidates for the mattress.

Bad news for the decent guy

One particular newspaper columnist for the Dallas Morning News, now a dedicated leftist piece of trash publication, lamented that after his experiences and report for his several part series on being single in Dallas, his general impression of the women's over all preferences consisted of the quest for a Bobby Ewing type of guy or the most semmingly sought after, Mister Bad Boy! Unfortunately, Mister Good Guy finished a dismal last on the list of young divorcees or single women's requiem for preferred prey. A man could almost wish the "Mister Goodbar" syndrome upon these Harpies, if you recall the Diane Keaton character who obsessively dates and beds men she picks up until she finally meets the ultimate Bad Boy who ends her one night stand dating spree forever.

Welcome to the machine

After going around and around with the overseas bride dating services customer care departments I will tell you in order to save you the financial despair, the emotional damage, and the pure frustration of these people who have been apparently drilled on deflecting blame, denial of accountability, and dancing around direct answers to complaints and suspicion of fraud that you might as well cover your naked body with bacon grease and seek the attraction of female bears in the national parks who are not yet with cubs. This is about the only reasonable chance I could recommend and even then past the licking of the bacon grease it won't turn out well for you.

How slime succeeds

Why, when you can go to consumer sites on the internet and read the testimonies of hundreds of men who have been screwed, blued, and tattooed by such dating services as "Dream Singles", "Asian Date", "China Love", "AsiaMe", "Charmerly" etc. the list goes on and on, and the same owners once the bad reputation of one of their fraudulent sites becomes too obvious such as "Asian Beauties" they simply create another offshore entity operating out of Malta, Greece, or the Caymans. I was lucky enough to convince 2 of 3 of my credit card companies I had been greviously defrauded and provided tons of proof to them. One card company actually even refunded the money I'd spent while anaother credited back the balance of my debt, but Discover Card would have nothing to do with that. They only wanted to get paid. They handled their customer service policy with a negligent and frivolous attitude. They were the least professional and caring of the bunch. Just read reviews on Discover! Take my word. They don't deserve your business.

Non-existent consumer protection

I even went to the federal government banking commission and Consumer Advocacy complaint department and amazingly got nothing but a run around! They exist to simply shuffle paper to another agency in order to get it off their hands. Much like the credit bureaus who work for the convenience of the banks. Here is another rabbit hole for you to waste your time on! American bureaucracy is a joke!


So, what can we glean from all this up front treachery and exploitation of the evil white middle-aged male savage, guilty of all excesses that have assaulted modern day society? There is a multi-billion dollar industry that has arisen from the blight of single, divorced, and cheating adults! It is propped up by an eager to make a profit banking system that doesn't give a damn about the fraudulent casualties that clearly identify the culprits. Why hasn't there been class action lawsuits against not only the overseas dating services raking in 100's of millions a year? For that matter, there is a huge dating scam industry happening right here in the US. You don't even have to go overseas to get ripped off! You can do it right here on American soil!

Oh the choices!

There is a plethora of hook-up sites, casual adult dating sites, MILF's who are better than throwing your money away on prostitute sites, and for the true connoisseur, even escort services! All designed for an ill gotten gain at the expense of the desperately lonely single man divorced walking wounded dude, or whore mongering idiot! In a free society the choices are staggering, but they all lead to one common denominator! Fraud, humiliation, and an insult to the intelligence of the men who frequent the cash cows of the unscrupulous! Now, the question has been asked. Why has there been no legal action on the behalf of so many plaintiffs? The FBI even concedes that they estimate the annual take from these fraudulent sites is at least 1 billion. Yet, the FBI claims that most men who have been ripped off don't want to admit their naivety to the authorities, their fragile egos will not allow exposure of the out of control racketeering that goes on in the dating site game.


Personally, I don't believe that at all. Especially in consideration for the fact that our beloved FBI had been proven to be so politicized that it has been frightening to witness. I believe that they know good and well and would take action exccept for the fact that our banking system, the profits of these dating frauds kicking back money, and the influences involved are so deep in the pockets that justice is impossible. Besides, just think about it. Knowing that once you contact the FBI for help in an investigation on your behalf, do you, yourself not become a target? This is what I perceieve to be the truth. So, what is the answer in this cesspool of human greed and exploitation? Friend, if I knew I would tell you. I can only make you aware of the pitfalls like stepping onto a minefield all bets are off!

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Comment by Doc Vega on July 15, 2019 at 4:33am

James Roberts, I think with the warped values now imposed upon our society with men now being allowed to compete in women's sporting events, with women taught that they don't need men anymore, with the secular influence rejecting the church's influence in schools and government we are seeing a transformation in society that now makes a virtual joke out of the chances of a marriage succeeding under such hostile conditions. Perhaps, I was lucky to have married when I did and that this obsolete model of relationship is already on the way to the boneyard. I'm not trying to sound like a victim as much as I'm trying to objectively appraise what the future of marriage really is in our current insane society.

Comment by Doc Vega on July 15, 2019 at 4:27am

James Roberts, well apparently due to the Judeo Christian concept of unconditional love, the man is to honor the woman as Jesus loved the church. Where does that leave human nature which needs reciprocation in order to function practically? I don't know anymore, but I'll say this. What does the "White Knight" do when he is rebuked, rejected, and criticized so many times that he becomes reticent to express his loving emotions anymore? What then? Are Asian women so guilty for seeking western Caucasian men because they know our culture is less chauvinistic and promiscuous? Are middle-aged white men so dastardly for being attracted to a culture that appreciates them more than the indoctrinated females of their own society who take them for granted? If you listen to and ascribe to evangelical Christians they claim we are not supposed to be happy or enjoy a happy life but instead to take joy in serving the Lord and only through him we find the strength to endure injustice and hardship and even a tempestuous wife? I don't know anymore! 

Comment by James Roberts on July 14, 2019 at 10:39pm

Doc - Whatever happened to romance? I understand that, nowadays, if you are faithful, open doors for your mate or girlfriend, help them whenever you can, let them know they're special every day, etc that is called being a "white knight" (a form of fool). Are things really this nihilistic?

Comment by Doc Vega on July 14, 2019 at 10:41am

James Roberts I almost brought an overseas Chinese bride back to the states, but found out it was all a hoax perpetrated by the Asian Date scam. I had made a reservation for 3 weeks to stay in Shanghai go back to her home town and then some time in the future would make legal arrangements. As fate would have it the whole thing fell apart and my 3 week stay got cut into a 3 day stay costing me almost a thousand to change my reservation and go back. It was a crushing experience. We never consumated the relationship either she ordered a 2nd bed to be brought into the room we were to share. I honestly don't know how these people can do this to so many men. By reading the experiences of others apparently I was lucky most guys don't find a woman waiting for them at the airport at all!Looking back, I also believe that the culture of China and Korea are a particularly cold blooded race of people due to overcrowding and shortages. Seems to make them very dishonest and ruthless! 

Comment by James Roberts on July 13, 2019 at 1:06pm

I remember looking over personal classifieds once in the early 90s, and reading the phrase "no wounded birds, please". And the like, yes.

Comment by James Roberts on July 13, 2019 at 1:03pm

When I was in my mid 20s I looked into a Russian mail order bride service. But the medical tests and other hoops one needed to jump through, it would have cost several thousand dollars, as opposed to a bride from a non-White country (would've been easy peasy). That was about 25 years ago.

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