David Wilock Responds To: Fulford Blurb: Big Moves Made Against The Cabal in The Past Week

David Wilock Responds To: Fulford Blurb: Big Moves Made Against The...

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Comment by dwilcock on October 29, 2013 @ 12:35 am

imgresI have been able to independently confirm, from insiders, what Ben said last week about JP Morgan having been sold to the Chinese. Very significant events are going on right now, and it does seem that we are finally approaching the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The handwriting is on the wall.

The Cabal are planning on creating a mega-event of some sort within the month of November, earlier rather than later. They expect that “83 percent of Americans will be affected” by this, dramatically, and that wherever you are when it happens, that’s where you will continue to be — for a long time to come.

I take all of these warnings with a heaping tablespoon of salt, but then again, I have been hearing the same thing from three different independent sources now. My insider said it may be an announcement that the US is completely bankrupt. The Cabal is hoping it can incite a “race war” where blacks turn on hispanics and wipe them out, and then the blacks go after the whites, which allows the controlled military to step in and take out the blacks.

This thinking flies completely in the face of reason and common sense. I would have never come up with something like this on my own — it is only what I heard. To me, it shows that these plans are heavily divorced from reality. The main point is that we are reaching some kind of finality. There is a “last, desperate stand” going on.

Ben also didn’t say that Fukushima’s recent 7.3 did not seem to be a random quake, but was probably triggered again by the Cabal in the hopes of making the damage much worse. Thankfully that did not succeed. I do not believe their other plans will succeed either.

I have had a great deal of obstructions in my schedule to work through, but plan on writing all of this up — and more — on my website this week. Russell Brand’s recent speech is also quite noteworthy. He is the first celebrity to fully verbalize what is going on in such clear, concise terms.

I am really enjoying this and will be paying very close attention in the next week and a half to what happens. Again, though I heard these rumors from three different sources, I do not think we are about to see a major collapse of society and I encourage you not to panic, but to have faith in the goodness of humanity and the positive changes this will bring about.

The Cabal does not know how this series of events they are hoping to generate will turn out for them. They are apparently taking a big gamble by trying to do this, whatever it is. Declaring bankruptcy could be one thing. If they try to do a nuclear attack, it will fail, since ET humans are very real and have been blocking every major war effort they have tried to start on any large level. It is amazing that they still think they can pull off any type of large-scale operation at this point, but hope springs eternal.

Be well — and look for a post sometime this week. I am happy to be back in the ring!

- David


Comment by dwilcock on October 29, 2013 @ 12:37 am

Oh… I should also say that while I was in Boulder, filming six new episodes of my TV show Wisdom Teachings, (wisdomteachings.com), a man came up to me in a health food store. He had heard me mention the Drudge Report. He independently told me that on the very next day, “Congress was all going down to Florida to attend the funeral of some guy who is really inconsequential, and isn’t it interesting that they’ve got a disaster drill scheduled for that same time in the DC area.”

I was surprised to see Ben mention this as well. With a little digging it should be easy to uncover more about this story.

- David


Comment by dwilcock on October 29, 2013 @ 12:42 am

One area in which there is a sharp divergence between what I heard and what the Bush crew told Ben is that apparently Obama is working with Putin — not the Cabal. He is very much caught in the middle of a disastrous situation. I would say that if the Bushes tell Ben one thing, the opposite is almost certainly true — and in this case I had independent confirmation that Obama has started working with Putin to defeat the Cabal. This is just a rumor and I hope we see results.

- David


Comment by dwilcock on October 29, 2013 @ 1:09 am

The classic Cabal game is to create elections that put in people they can blame for what they are doing. Bush was a notable exception to the rule, due to how powerful he was.

Nonetheless, the game always has been that they put people in office who are heavily constrained by bribery, blackmail, threats, murders, extortion and the like. In order to get a good election performance out of Obama, so he would really believe in what he was doing and have a chance of winning, they never told him what he was getting himself into. That didn’t happen until the meeting he had with all the former presidents.

Go back in the archives and look for that meeting. You will see that Bush Sr. sat down with Obama for 25 minutes, one on one, in a private room. This was where, apparently, Bush started screaming at him, called him the N word repeatedly, and said, “LOOK, YOU F-N N–ER, YOU WORK FOR US AND YOU WILL DO WHATEVER THE F- WE SAY! IF YOU EVER EVEN THINK YOU CAN TRY TO BE A F-ING HERO, WE WILL RAPE AND MURDER YOUR N-ER DAUGHTERS WHILE YOU GET TO WATCH!”

Obama staggered out of the room at the end, collapsed into tears and said, “My god, they made the n-er into a scapegoat.” We have two different insiders who reported on having witnessed this event.

This is very disturbing stuff, and I’m sorry to have to say it, but the game, again, is to blame everything on someone who they trick into thinking he will be doing a great service, only to find out that he is being used as a scapegoat.

If you go back to the news footage from the day they were set to have that meeting, a woman asks Bush Sr. how he was feeling. He seems very nervous, says “Okay” in a way reminiscent of someone with extreme anxiety, and when he reaches out to shake her hand, he had a handkerchief in his palm. This was to reduce the sweat. Even someone at his level had great nervousness about the “op” he was about to perform, because there was a possibility that Obama could have gone crazy, jumped over the table, started choking him and possibly damaged him — such as gouging out an eye — or even killed him. That obviously did not happen.

I am always very suspect of any news source that tries to say Obama is in on it and one of the “Good Old Boys” in light of this and other pieces of data I have obtained from very secure, high-level insider sources.

- David


Comment by dwilcock on October 29, 2013 @ 1:23 am

This is not fun stuff to look at, when we get into the negative aspects, but overall we are going through a vast, planetary healing process, and things will get much better.

Everyone thinks these things will be gradual until Major Events take place. It does seem we are now on the verge of not one, but a series of Major Events.

I look forward to it.

- David

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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on November 2, 2013 at 8:42am

"...Obama has started working with Putin to defeat the Cabal."

another delusional babble post....what an Imagination ;)

Comment by Charles Magus on November 2, 2013 at 4:26am

I am saying here that we must not fall into anything that divides us!  The only thing we as a human race should and must target is the Zionists who are pulling the strings!   Don't waste your time fighting one another!  

To Black Americans,  Your Enemy is your Government and the Zionists who pull their Strings!

To White Americans, Your Enemy is your Govenment and the Zionists who pull their Strings!

To Histpanics,  Your Enemy is your Government and the Zionists who pull their Strings!

To Muslims, Your Enemy is your Government and the Zionists who pull their Strings!

If this isn't clear, then all will be lost.   Work together to bring down the Zionists and their puppets in Office.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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