Did anyone watch the CBS News propaganda campaign called 2100? Taken directly from the rolls of Hitler's methodology.

What an in your face, all out, Hitler type, youth brain washing, eugenics program, fema camp, you need to be rounded up to safe, total control,manipulative mind game, NWO promoting, I could go on, and on.
This is truly the most in your face piece of propaganda to promote their corporation caused environment catastrophe theory I have ever seen. It has enough fear factor, your children will be running to report you for anything this corprate gov can instill in them.

Don't get me wrong we need to good stewards of what has been entrusted to our care for the nourishment of our being. But all of the situations were made from the corprate greed of the few. Let me try to define this a little. One of the scenario's in the plot of the propaganda display, was the ozone depletion. Has anyone paused to think we had the technology to make electric cars from the time of the first electric powered moter.

We have all heard the story, anytime someone produced a patten for an alternative to fuel, it was grabbed by the major fuel corporations. Fuel, or the car is the major culprits according to their presentation.

So, if this is the case, why isn't there a two cycle moter powering an electric generator in the cars of today? Such a simple solution to a catastrophic dilemma. I am sure we can figure this out for ourselves. We know if offered a way, or an option to save on the extreme price of fuel we would do it.
The option has been around for a century, but withheld from us all, and as a result subjected to the slavery of fuel and the money powered corperate giants behind it.

Another subject on the agenda in this propaganda masterpiece, was the fear from the effects of mass flooding, and the tragedy it would produce on health. This was played up greatly. Lets see if we can go through this with the brain GOD gave us.

They describe major health risk from infected waters, mass dead bodies from earths deadly storms. So say the provocateur of "2100," the propaganda film in question. The answer to this is, according to "2100," preparedness, by more government establishment's, such as FEMA, and all that it entails! We know their answer to this is mass plastic coffins and internment camps.

We should evaluate the ridiculous notion of plastic coffins in the ground with deteriorating bodies in them with flood waters on the rise to be able to prevent any kind of infection. If faced with this situation the cheapest, safest, and most preventive way to dispose of disease infected corpses, due to exposure, and the affects of a hostile climate would be mass incineration from barge's at sea.

This is nothing new for history, incineration that is, a technique used throughout, for prevention of disease spreading. So I ask, why the plastic coffins? Surly they know in flooding situations they would only increase deaths by contaminating water supply.

2100 was purposed in the light of a one hundred year end to life on this planet as we know it. Buy putting this idea out on such a mass scale, through CBS, this fear factor plays into the phychological brainwashing of our children.

Can you imagine the red shirts from Bamma's Hitler youth brigade after such a display of material in media, or
the dumbed down who are falling for this. This probably felt like we did before the true evidence of 911 being a inside job. Lets get em was my thoughts at the time.

Who do you think the kids are going to blame for this hopeless future being presented by the media? It plays right into the unproposed plan of the NWO. This is a all out assault on the family, designed to convert your children into government puppets.

I am amazed, and dumbfounded, by seeing the very biggest attempt I have ever seen on our children. I can only hope and pray that we join together before we are pulled apart. We need to be mad about this. We need to pray about this. We need to respond to this with all the god given tools we have to unite.

May the Lord Bless Us and Keep Us,


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