Does the integrity of a candidate matter to voters anymore Part II

In trying to ascertain just what impact the disclosed past of a potential US President can be, we must ask ourselves some questions. Does past conduct indicate a pattern of behavior? Do associations with others good or bad have a reflection upon the integrity of that candidate? How will the candidate’s past affect his performance in the oval office? These are critical considerations no doubt, but why haven’t these considerations been of paramount importance to Americans over Barack Hussein Obama?

Personally, I have never seen a political figure so protected by and apologized for in all my life. President Obama’s campaign was not only full of mysteries over who he actually was, but our US mass media quickly dismissed uncertainties or criticisms of Obama, and even attributed God-like ability to the relatively unknown junior Senator as though he were some kind of messiah, and the American public bought it hook., line, and sinker.

Why would the US media so fervently latch onto Barack Hussein Obama as the end all, be all presidential hopeful for America? Even now, in the light of his poor judgments, lack of economic prowess, disastrous foreign policy, and obvious shame of his very own country as he apologizes to the UN for American policy, how could the American people continue to support such an inept leader? Has the President not yet done enough to display his lack of skills? Have we not suffered enough decline under his White House rule?

The problem is that the US media, hundreds of broadcasting networks in radio, TV, cable, and publications have been bought up and absorbed to the point of violating anti trust laws as never before.  The power of news and information has never been in the hands of so few. Going back to the turn of the twentieth century, such powerful industrialists as JP Morgan made cunning attempts to buy, orientate, and place the kind of editors he wanted in all the major US newspapers of the United States so as to report favorably on his financial dealings and influence. In doing so, such millionaires as JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie, were able to bend the policies of the nation to their whim. The same has occurred though out the US media. Foreign interests have invested heavily in acquiring American broadcasters and news agencies reflecting their anti-American policies. These nations such as the Saudis have interjected their message and political preferences into the message delivered by our news agencies.

Socialism is widely practiced through out the world as well as through out the members of the United Nations. More and more UN influence is unconstitutionally being introduced into our society by politicians like President Obama. UN treaties within the domestic zone of the US are illegal, but the progressive movement in the US continues to assault constitutional law.

The Council on Foreign Relations(CFR) is a globally political yet secretive organization with 4000 members. Every major newscaster and photo journalist in the US is a member of this ominous and globalist elite network, who can support or destroy anyone’s career they want in deciding who will succeed in their plans. This takes the true control of news reporting and the support for particular candidates out of the hands of the people and into the hands of trained propagandists who will force feed the public positive news and even lies about the candidate they have already picked to rule the US. This is why our leadership not only fails us, but seems very much against the best interests of Americans, who are now suffering from the implications of these secretly controlled policies.

It is almost an assured fact that Barack Hussein Obama was groomed for his job, which was to assume leadership of the United States of America under the guidance and command of hidden powerful forces that want the US in decline to suit their purposes. This begs the question. Are elections even valid anymore? Does it mean anything when we vote? Yes, as distressing as it may seem that our vote does not count, in a way it does. Your vote of opposition to the unseen influence in the American mass media and our political leadership sends a message to the elites that either we are going along with their plans like pigs to a slaughter or that we see the web of deceit that has been weaved and we don’t support it!

Does the character of a candidate make a difference? Yes, as long as the people have all the facts without lies and distortions and are willing to act upon those facts. The US media has done such a thorough job of repeating what the White House wants them to say, the White House is controlled by the CFR, and they have so effectively promoted Barack Hussein Obama to rock star status that even the failures of the President don’t seem to make an impression on adoring supporters of the President. Young minds of inexperienced college students, those living off the government on federal subsidy programs, or those adults who have simply been indoctrinated into the easily influenced mindset that will accept decline, higher taxes, more government regulations, and the loss of their freedoms are the strength of today‘s administration. This is the cause of the wide abyss between the informed and the conformists who have been deceived by the political media machine in America.

This is why class warfare has been effective in turning Americans against the successful prosperous individual blaming him for the inequities in society so that he deserves being penalized by the government for his achievements. This is the classic attack strategy used by Communists the world over to create chaos in an otherwise peaceful societies. This is what leaders like President Obama promote when they keep saying that the rich must pay their fair share when the rich already are, and what tax revenue that could be forcefully confiscated from the rich would not even put a dent in uncontrolled government spending of the likes Obama pursues. Only shrinking the size of unnecessary government and controlling its spending habits can serve a society who knows the place of its bureaucrats. That place was defined in our US Constitution, the very definition of power that politicians like Obama hate because it limits their desire to control, to tax, to overspend, and to socially engineer our nation.

The character of a US candidate for the presidency can be measured in two ways. 1) Does he respect and submit to our Constitution? 2) Does this individual resist the globalist influence in American society for this is a sovereign nation that only recognizes one law. That is the law of the land. That is the US Constitution because within it is all the answers we need for human rights, individual freedoms, and limiting the role of government intervention in our lives. That and free enterprise are the corner stones that have made America great, and what some love about us and what our enemies hate about us.

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