Elon Musk Opens Twitter’s Deep State Lies

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Much to the chagrin of the Democrats and the left, Elon Musk, the CEO and new owner of Twitter will disclose all incriminating evidence that Twitter’s employees and Corporate officers were colluding with the Deep State to suppress tweets by Donald Trump, prevent conservatives from releasing messaging, shadow banning those who thought they did have access, and the government collusion on going with the Democrats. Right now the Democrats are saying that Elon Musk is a violation to the US Constitution! In what way? As usual it’s not a violation of the US Constitution when they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They have been sending direct twitter messaging from Kathy Hobbs in Arizona messaging the DNC and others involved in the voting process.

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Why would we lack faith?

We in America have been under the naïve notion for too long that not only did we have freedom of the press, in other words the objective reporting of events so we could make our own opinions, instead of the biased, slanted, leftist diatribe we hear over and over again. We have also been gullible enough to think that US elections were fair and not corrupt, yet this has been in question for some time ever since the Democrats lost with Al Gore as their presidential candidate. However, whenever the Republican candidate raises questions about voter fraud he’s told to shut up, how dare you cast doubt on the American voting system, and your doubt in the integrity of the system is a threat to Democracy! How can people not see the obvious hypocrisy here?

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A battleground state that still resists

Maricopa County in Arizona refused to initiate a forensic vote count even with thousands of harvested ballots that could not pass muster and should have been thrown out. You might recall going back to Sheriff Joe Arpaio that leftist groups like La Raza, campaigned to get the sheriff removed from office for profiling illegal aliens when that is part of his career as protecting US citizens from illegally trespassing foreign criminals. The same element has been at work trying to keep popular candidate of the governorship, Kari Lake from being elected.

The social platform conspiracy revealed

One might recall that it was Twitter, Amazon, Google, and even You Tube shutting down any discussion of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the incriminating contents while working with the FBI, that evidence was declared Russian disinformation even though it is now being officially investigated! Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook spent 400 million placing harvested ballot collection boxes in Democrat dominated communities. The illusion of free speech and an honest election process is the crushing reality to the Americans not the other way around where we expect our rights to be protected under the US Constitution, yet what are we going to hear from the Democrats and the lapdog media? That probing into suspected vote fraud and allowing freedom of speech are a threat to the US Constitution! Remember the ACLU defended the right of the KKK to exercise freedom of speech, not Trump supporters, not those who voted for Kari Lake, and especially not those voting for Herschel Walker for the office of the US Senate, can’t have that!

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The Twitter swamp

Elon Musk, who in the beginning, was already challenging Twitter officials to prove up on their obviously manipulated numbers of supporters for the leftist cause also using those numbers to falsify sponsors and advertising fees based on those numbers, but Twitter resisted and ultimately failed. Twitter also used the fudged numbers of supporters for certain Twitter personalities and advertising clients to erroneously increase Twitter’s net worth in the eyes of investors or possible buyers such as Elon Musk.

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Lies Have Become the Truth

You wonder why Elon Musk is under fire so much for being a threat to Democracy and the trust of the American people in the voting system. Then take the exact opposite position taken by our lying, corrupt, mainstream, media, and there you will arrive at the true agenda of the bought off, sold out, US press corps worried that their collusion among themselves, with the federal government, with the FBI, and even other foreign governments hostile to the US, and you will have unveiled the truth. Elon Musk will now remain a target of the left no matter how much truth he exposes!

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