https://thephaser.com/2022/07/deaths-among-the-vaxxed-soaring-dr-ar...  In the second video down Dr Ardis explains how nicotine works in the body preventing poisons from latching onto receptor sites and sees nicotine as a type of Vaccine in itself preventing (what's called) covid19. His discussion on this starts at about the 17.30 mark. It is fascinating to realise that worldwide stats indicate only 2% of hospitalisations For 'covid' issues are smokers when a much larger number of the population engage in the habit daily. The benefits of smoking are certainly known by those who have received covid vaccines on behalf of others numerous times for payments or favours and live to tell the tale with what seems to be no ill effect. I would certainly advise no smoker do anything like that even for a hero status but I can understand why they might do so in these tough times with tobacco and cigs being so expensive. Now is the time to at least purchase  tobacco seeds on line or at a shop. There is only one shop in my city selling the seeds but they have not been ban yet, I do think however when the elite realise we know about this they might try to prevent our access to them in the retail market and on-line so grab some now for your prep box as the seeds are cheap enough at the moment.  I grow a Burley strain in my back yard while others prefer Virginia strain so it might be an idea to get both and try it out for yourself. If you don't want to light up then just make your own dip or chewing tobacco at home as an alternative.   

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Comment by cheeki kea on August 25, 2022 at 6:13am

Thanks for your interest patty I've found growing tobacco the most rewarding pastime for self-survival cost cutting measures as it's a simple crop of tobacco that grows easily most year round with little effort or outlay. I've learnt s cheap potting soils work best for starting seeds of tobacco, potting them up for going straight into the garden later. (the flowerhead should be removed as they appear for a little more leaf growth although going soft and not doing so gives you a really nice colourful garden and abundance of seeds to share around later. I like to let all the plants flower then choose seeds from the largest.) 

Comment by patty neill on August 24, 2022 at 10:01pm

If you live near an indian reservation , you can purchase tobacco there ,thats still free of all the chemicals that is found in the  cigarettes or tobacco products on the regular market. Tobacco wasn't toxic until the govt became involved & it became political. I would love to learn more about growing my own if possible , There are many medicinal uses for tobacco , so the findings of recent research was nice to see , but i wasn't at all surprise by it.

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