Fox News George Wills Rebukes The Donald-Oh Yeah?

George Wills Blasts Trump For What?

Recently George Wills, contributor to Fox News and consummate GOP establishment hit man, wrote a scorching editorial about Donald Trump. Attempting to discredit Trump as an insecure figure who needs ego gratification at every turn making him even more prone to exhibit outrageous behavior. It appears that George Wills has fancied himself as being a psychoanalyst as well as a columnist.


Another assertion made by Mr. Wills is that should Donald Trump get the GOP nomination the Republican Party will be destroyed thus playing into the hands of President Obama, who many contend has been out to pursue the very goal of eliminating them as his mission. George Wills spared little fervor in his rant concerning the 10 billion dollar real estate mogul, who has used the force of his personality to drive his business to the top. Donald Trump does not mince words nor does he spare the faint hearted politically correct when it comes to the crucial issues of the day another apparent thorn in the side of George Wills.

Poor qualifications

In answer to George Wills making his biased psychological determination of the Donald Trump persona, it seems that the Fox News contributor is out of his depth and unqualified to make such crude judgments based upon his narrow yardstick. His reactionary tone is emblematic of the Washington DC establishment who would rather continue the suffering of the American people than enable the noble efforts of an outsider that would do the job that they have failed at consistently over the last 7 years!
Should I say that the GOP establishment has chosen to fail while adopting a stance of opposition. This form of deception characterizes the actions of a corrupt agenda that has permeated Capitol Hill and dismissed the will of the people.

Self destruction

George Wills fears that the election of Trump could destroy the GOP Party? Has not the capitulation of the party under the flawed leadership of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and now Paul Ryan demonstrated with sheer profundity the very go along get along modus operandi that has betrayed the GOP constituency already? Has not their deceptive efforts at calculated failure with token resistance not shed enough light on the deplorable actions of a party that has abandoned their conservative base? Under the intentionally misleading narratives of the party fearing government shut downs that might tarnish their image with voters or that they have missed the boat not allowing more Hispanics and blacks to become part of their constituency, the GOP establishment attempts to hide its true agenda. That agenda seems to be to maintain a single party system disguised as 2 opposing factions, and that the true motive is to socially engineer America into the mediocrity of a third world country!

Crying wolf? The wolf has been here

I have an observation for Mister Wills based upon his fears of the GOP losing all they have supposedly gained over the last 104 years. Sir, I conclude that the Republican Party has not been destroyed by President Obama, the Democrats consisting of their card carrying Communist cohorts and radical leaders, but rather, they have done it to themselves, willfully, disingenuously, and in spite of those who trusted them to do their job and act as a viable opposition party that operated on conservative and constitutional principals! Based upon that premise, that the GOP and their leaders who rejected their duty as the people's representatives sold out their base of voters, and in doing so virtually sent the United States over the brink! The Republicans on Capitol Hill did the bidding of President Obama! They gave him everything he wanted and in doing so betrayed the American people.


So, George, I say let the GOP be destroyed so that we can form a new party that does its damn job, and acts as a representative party as is provided for by the US Constitution instead of cutting deals with those who refuse to comply with our laws and serve the people. Instead of campaigning based on a premise that convinces voters to re-elect them and once again contradict those promises as they perpetuate their own self serving agendas at the cost of the nation and those they are supposed to protect! An economy, national security, and a heritage all incumbent upon the upholding of laws has been usurped under the GOP establishment giving an already corrupt Democratic Party all the destructive legislation they have proposed. So what difference does it make if the GOP implodes because of Donald Trump? That's a lie anyway, but if they  continue to act as a welcoming committee for every Obama executive order that comes down the pipe, what difference does it make anyway!

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Comment by Roy Patterson on January 4, 2016 at 10:55am

"Destroying the New World Order"



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