The Year of 2015 Destruction By The White House

A 2015 Recap of America On The Decline

2015 was a year marked by the incessant agenda of President Obama in his legislative assault upon the US. All categories of crucial importance to this nation were compromised in the interests of the Democratic establishment on Capitol Hill as the GOP with a majority in the House of Representatives and Senate stood by and allowed it to happen. One can only surmise that the two party system is not only an intentional deception, but that whatever is important to the vast majority of Americans means nothing to our so-called leaders!

The dilemma of the unborn

Despite Planned Parenthood being clearly exposed for cannibalizing body parts from baby cadavers no prosecutions took place as statements which were blatant lies did nothing to deter the evidence. Once again another 500 million of taxpayer's money was included in the Ryan Omnibus Bill.  The Republicans provided no effective opposition to any of President Obama's continuing attacks upon our nation. Even with a majority and the power of the purse, Speaker of the House, John Boehner capitulated at every turn along with Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

Iran's nuclear program

The Iran Nuke Deal was signed, sealed, and delivered with buffoonish fervor as all elements of National Security were traded simply to secure the all important "Legacy" of President Obama. Paying the Iranians millions of US dollars as an incentive to proceed with a faulty deal that threatens stability in the Middle East and Israel made no difference to Secretary of State, John Kerry or the president. With 4 Americans imprisoned in Iran, no effort was made to release them as part of the deal. In October in violation of the UN resolution, the Iranians successfully launched a medium range missile. No response! In November another medium range missile was launched. Once again, no response! As businessmen from Europe and Russia line up in motels to cut deals with the Iranian government over 150 billion dollars in lifted US sanctions it is clear National Security is of no consideration to this imbecilic administration!

Failure of the GOP

With the opportunity to defund Obamacare the GOP once more took symbolic votes that did nothing while refusing to defund a measure that will end up costing trillions while increasing premiums and raised deductibles render nationalized health insurance little more than a political gesture rather than an affordable solution to the problem of insurance coverage for Americans needing hospital and doctor care. Just another of President Obama's false promises that characterizes the year of 2015.

Dissolving our borders

Trucking South American children by the thousands over the southern border using US tax dollars and hired drivers epitomizes the kind of politically correct debacle carried out by the President and his administration. With 94 million Americans out of work and employment levels currently equivalent to the year of 1977 still the White House tells us that unemployment is down to 5% a percentage that President Bush was criticized for during his term. With an actual figure closer to 20% or more the Obama White House engineers another faulty agreement. The TPPA allows the federal government to waive visas, import foreign workers to replace American employees, and awards these illegal immigrants with subsidies like drivers licenses and food stamps at the expense of the US taxpayer.

Security breaches

Trey Gowdy conducted hearings on Benghazi as Hillary Clinton was served with a subpoena to surrender her Internet server illegally located in her home, a blatant violation of Department of State protocol as well as a security leak of crucial proportions! While the Pentagon was breached by Russian hackers and the Office of Personnel Management was breached by the Chinese with potential ID theft estimated at 24 million, it was business as usual for the Obama White House. The incompetence and criminal negligence of the Obama administration is unsurpassed in the history of the United States! The year of 2015 is consistently marred by the inexcusable mishandling of the economy, national security, and the fiscal stability of this nation.

Mainstream media's part

In all these miscarriage of justice being conducted with reckless abandon by the Obama administration the US media was conspicuously absent or only mentioned the seriousness of this bungling form of mismanagement with as little coverage as possible. This unholy alliance formed a perfect circle of cooperation with the willful destruction by executive orders to the refusal of the Department of Justice to uphold and defend the US Constitution. It would seem that the fate of America lies in the hands of lawless fools who will stop at nothing to force their agenda down the throats of an electorate that remains largely apathetic.

Rise of terrorism

As ISIS continued to rampage across the Middle East and President Obama's lack of interest allowed a half hearted US military campaign to enable the expansion of this rogue malignancy, terrorist murders also increased on US soil. From shooting American service men at a recruitment center to the beheading of a woman in the work place in Oklahoma to a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California President Obama would rather pander gun control and apologize to Muslims for any outrage they might feel at being profiled while refusing to denounce Islamic extremism. The White House even alleged that the intelligence they received on ISIS from 50 analysts had been white washed rather than admitting that President Obama had refused to be briefed!

A demoralizing year

The year of 2015 can only be summed up as an incredible demonstration of indifference by the federal government to its own people under the intentionally negligent stewardship of one Barack Hussein Obama and his blind followers in the White House. How this great nation has been able to function in spite of this blatant sabotage is indeed a miracle in itself in the year of 2015.


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Comment by DTOM on January 9, 2016 at 6:31pm

That should read 'The Out House'

Comment by Doc Vega on January 4, 2016 at 4:33pm

I pray to God not!

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on January 3, 2016 at 11:52pm

sums up 2015 accurately, here's to 8 years of "Hope and Change" .....derrrr....."Ropes & Chains" I meant

another Good'n Doc '-}

"Destroying the New World Order"



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