[freedomisnotdead],If you eat, take vitamins, give your horse, cat, dog suppliments etc..

Homola Horse Haven
Umpqua, OR



The video in this e mail is long...40 minutes, but oh so very important for everyone to watch.

I did not get permission to share the entire post, at least not yet, but am putting just that relevant part here....

P.s. 3. FOOD:
If you give a jot about what the world food
Commissions are planning for your food, you
Will definitely want to watch this (thanks, Carol,
For sending me the link!):
http://video. google.com/ videoplay? docid=-526688491 2495233634

I'm working with Angela (the PS above) to see about spreading the NAIS information as well as CODEX to a whole new set of groups and forums... Her newsletter currently only reaches 36,000, but she has better contacts in health/alternative healing than I do..... Frankly - I about fell on the floor... As you can see, there is little hint as to what this movie is in her post - I couldn't believe it. Never expected to see it "there" - and it has possibly opened up several new venues to get the information out!!!!!!

This is an OLD conference (2005) from about the time some of us started fighting NAIS. At that time, there were only faint hints that NAIS and CODEX might be intricately linked (actually, if you read the docs at the CODEX and OIE sites, NAIS is not just linked, but is PART of CODEX). There are details in here that are NOT to be missed, even though its old news. We all need a reminder about what is going on both with NAIS and with the parent that spawned it.

Realize that the information being presented is now three years old. QWuite a few people on this list hadn't heard of ANY of this in 2005..... Since then we have chuckled at pictures of concentration camps in the US, thousands of plastic coffins piled up, and FBI sheets warning agents against people using the Constitution. We've contented ourselves with winning fist fights but not any skirmishes or battles, watched as NAIS progressed forward despite massive public opposition, been laughed at and cajoled, and generally for every win we've been handed a couple more problems to deal with.

I can't say it any plainer than what's in the movie...

I have contacted Dr. Laidow through the Health Freedom site to find out about more recent videos (I seem to remember a couple from some point in 2008), and where I can purchase some - this one is protected and can't be downloaded.

Incidentally, I was really surprised by her "in person" as I am not overly fond of her writing etc etc. She's a lot more personable this way than in the Natural Solutions newsletter (which is not where I got this)

If you've never been to the CODEX site, take notes on the movie so you can check the information, and also it will make wading through the morass of information there a bit easier.

We've all given our best all the way through this - everyone is tired, I know. Every time I want to quit, something like this comes along and BANG!!! But since the newsletters are saying things have progressed far from where this conference took place, I plan to redouble my efforts, and I am asking.... Everyone.... To do so as well. This month was supposed to be our last shot at stopping NAIS... It isn't.... 2009 is supposed to be our last shot at stopping CODEX (and along with that, comes NAIS anyway) - we can't let that be, either. If we get our work done on NAIS in these coming sessions, we might be able to kill both birds.

If there is anyone anywhere in this country that still doesn't know about NAIS or CODEX, we need to find them and get them moving as well. Doesn't matter where we find them, just that we do.


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