This letter comes with a beautiful warning posted just above your address;
“Your response to the U.S. Census Bureau is required by law.” The
question I have is why? I have been an adult for many years now, and
have never received a census form nor have I ever had a census worker
come to my house. In fact, I have never been counted in a census since I
have been on my own. So why now is it mandatory?

Could it be so that the government can have all of my info, and know exactly where I
am at? I have a Drivers License, file income taxes, and whenever I
apply for jobs or anything that I have to put my Social Security number
down on, I give them my address. Why do they need to know what race I
am? Why do they need to know other information about me?

According to the government, it is so that I can be represented and the
government can tailor things for me. But even if I am counted, the
passing of the Health Care Bill last night by the House shows that I am
not represented by anyone in Congress. 11 out of the 12 Democrat
Representatives from Texas voted for that bill. Now, if you take a poll
here in Texas, in a vast majority of House districts here in Texas, you
will find that the people are firmly against that bill, but their
representatives voted for it anyway. So what representation is it

If someone wanted to represent me there, I would demand that they stand up for YHVH, and do away with 90% of the laws
that are on the books. But do you really think that will ever happen.
What we have seen is that it is not the minority that needs protection
from the majority, but the majority that needs protection from the
minority. However, the minority is the ones that control the
government, and the majority is the people with common sense that are
stuck between choosing between liars and thieves that represent the
minority when it comes to election time.

Why does the government need my info unless they are going to use it to target me?
They need to know where I am so they can force me to take the Health
Care legislation, even when I object to it on religious grounds. My
religion makes me a terrorist in their eyes, so they need ways to keep
track of me for that to. My stance on food and medicine makes me an
enemy of the big Food and Pharma corporations that run the FDA and the
USDA. My desire to just be left alone means that I am a threat to all
those that desire more laws. My desire to homeschool my children makes
me a threat to educators and the elite. My desire to go hunting and
fishing, and to have guns makes me a threat to tree huggers and pagans
running the government. My beliefs in marriage and family make me a
threat to the sodomites and their leaders running the government. My
belief in the sanctity of life makes me a threat to the population
control (murder) people running the government.

In short, I am nothing but a threat to each and every member of the government. Thus,
they need my info so that they can have the Black Ops, and the Swat
Teams, and the BATF, IRS, FBI, CIA, DHS, and all the other alphabet soup
agencies keep a close eye on me to make sure I do not try to take power
away from those running the government. There is no difference to what
we have now, and what this country had before its independence from the
king in England. All I want is to be left alone, and the government is
threatening me because that is what I want. When did being left alone
become a crime? When this country became a police state.

It is time to get the monkey off our backs, and refuse to be animals in
their circus. The government was created by the people for the people,
not the other way around. This country was founded on the principle of
“We the people . . .”. We the people just want to be left alone, and
that is a threat to those in power. You see, they are parasites,
sucking the life off of us, their hose, draining us of our money and
self respect. Why can the government not leave us alone? Because I
sign their paychecks and line their coffers with my hard earned money. I
make it legitimately, while they steal it under the pretense of the
rule of law and fairness. You want to know what is fair? Bring home
our men and women in uniform from a war where they are fighting for a
country that no longer is free, and let them live as individuals in a
free country where we leave each other alone and allow everyone to be
who they want to be. That is what is fair. Anything other than that is
governmental control that is not by the people nor for the people.

Let the people be the people. I am sick and tired of people whining
and complaining begging for laws because others are doing something on
their own property that these cry babies do not like. Let me tell you
something, the majority of music today I can not stand, but hey, I can
play whatever I want in my house, and others should be able to play
whatever they want, even if I do not like it, in their own house. Let
me be me and I will let you be you. That is the true freedom. Not this
mumbo jumbo political correctness that takes away our freedoms. This
country was founded on the principle of freedom. Freedom from
government, tyranny, and religious oppression, and the freedom to be
individuals and make our way in this life. In the name of so called
peace and safety, the government has taken all of that away.

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Comment by Scott Ledbetter on March 24, 2010 at 1:27am
This country was founded with each of us having the freedom of speech. This does not mean that everything each person utters has to be agreed upon by everyone else, but that each person has the right to say things. When others try to control what you say in any form, and one form is put downs and name calling, then that is just as bad as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid using any form they can think of to silence debate and to make those that they oppose look like the bad guy. The fact is, if you do not want to hear what a group of abortionists are talking about, then do not go to where they are at. With everything we do, we must remain both respectful and civil, or we are nothing more than the same as those whom we are arguing against. Does Nancy Pelosi have a right to her beliefs? Sure she does, but she does not have a right to force it down others throats. If she wanted to have a place in SF or somewhere on the web to share her beliefs, that is her right and no one should oppose it. She opposes, however, the right for anyone else to have a belief different from hers, and so even though I disagree with Marklar, his beliefs are his right. But if he does not want others to force him to be silent, to call him names, or to force their beliefs on him, then he should have the same respect for others as he desires they have for him. If he does not, then he is just as freedom and liberty hating as Nancy Pelosi. Remember, there are a lot of neocons running around in sheep's clothing.
Comment by Scott Ledbetter on March 23, 2010 at 11:49pm
Again, I do not come over to your page and comment on your work, nor put you down because I disagree with you. In fact, I would never use the language that you use anyway. But you continue to show how anti-freedom and liberty. This is my page, and so I can post what I want to here. I have proven to be more tolerant that you, and so your superiority complex shows through, as much as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid's do.
Comment by Marklar on March 23, 2010 at 7:50pm
Fuck off noobie.
Comment by Scott Ledbetter on March 23, 2010 at 7:35pm
Another example is this: I do not go over to other peoples blogs and call them names and whine because I do not agree with what they have said. If you don't like what I have to say, then do not read my posts. Because in all my posts, political or not, everything I say is based upon my religious beliefs, and if that is a problem with you, then just don't read. I give you the common courtesy off not going to your blogs, your groups, or anything else you do and telling you that you are wrong. I respect your space, your right to your religious beliefs, and your right to say whatever you want. Those who truly want freedom can agree to disagree and leave each other alone. Those who are plants can not do so, for they only think and do what they are brainwashed into thinking and doing.
Comment by Scott Ledbetter on March 23, 2010 at 7:29pm
The pagans should have every right to practice their belief as I should. They should not tell me when or where I should be able to practice mine, nor should I restrict them. If Pagans do not want Christians teaching their children Christianity, then do not teach paganism to Christian children. This is what I desire and feel this country was set up for.

As for my own personal beliefs, well, I think you know how I feel about that. But as usual, the name calling, whining, and temper tantrums comes out when people act like children.
Comment by Marklar on March 23, 2010 at 6:13pm
You claim religious freedom as an ideal but put down pagans? You are a fucking straight up retarded bigot.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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