Hey space Fans... UFO buffs, people of earth, dig this shit

OK, how many of you out there by show of hands knows about the Anomaly in the state of Utah called the "Skinwalker Ranch"  just a few of you, ok no problem, fasten your seatbelts space cadets we're going for a ride.

I highly recommend this book by George Knapp  I have my copy and my mind stays blown !

This ranch in Utah has got some serious happenings going on, so much that Billionaire Robert ( Bob) Bigelow of Bigelow aerospace bought it for his own studies on this UFO, multi dimensional, creatures and poltergeist activity that's going on, around this ranch.

If some of you haven't seen or listened to George Knapp talk about this ranch you better do so because it's the biggest thing in the UFO field and strange phenomenon happenings to date. By the way George Knapp was a reporter out of California that first broke this story years ago and to this day he is still baffled and blown away by what he saw first hand from being at the ranch himself. have a look..

SKINWALKER RANCH : presentation by George Knapp with Q&A

Watch full movie http://geni.us/HuntforSkinwalker George Knapp presents on the mysteries of Skinwalker Ranch and the film, Hunt For The Skinwalker by Jeremy Corbell. Knapp goes in-depth on the history of the ranch, as well as, the details of the private and government programs to study the paranormal and UFO activity there. He talks about the 22 million spent by the US Department of Defense to fund the investigation at the ranch, and about the involvement by the Defense Intelligence Agency. He comments on the current situation with the governments UFO studies and what role Skinwalker Ranch has played in the history of The Phenomenon. There is also an informative Q&A at the end.

Now, that you are up to date  with the UFO phenomenon people from around the world have been taking video and pictures of these UFO's and it's happening more and more frequent lately. I have a guy on youtube I follow MrMBB333 he gets weather videos earthquakes and sky phenomenon some Cloked UFO's and just yesterday what I'm about to show you happened just a few days ago,

NOW before you dismiss this as a hoax you haven't read the Book "hunt for the skinwalker" or watched the video  "Skinwalker Ranch" all based on actual events documented by top brass.

so here have a look at what was sent to MrMBB333 by a woman named Machelle in California on January 5th 2019 

NOW, after doing hours and hours of research, fact finding and listening to credible sources I can't rule this out. I've seen some mind blowing stuff. and if anyone here is a sceptic then you better do more research. this by far is some crazy shit and if you haven't seen any look at CERN skinwalker ranch, or even the Oregon Vortex. check that one out.

give my your thoughts, No stupid shit real thoughts about all of this Fantastic phenomenon.

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Comment by Marklar's Ghost on January 10, 2019 at 10:00pm

Yeah, I'm a skeptic and none of this is new to me. Never bought into any of this crud but the myths are entertaining and the psychology behind them fascinating. I've also been following it since about 1973 when the only info came out of UFO magazines. Just like Jesus, Xuan Wu, Ahura Mazda, or Santa Claus I'll go with - I get to see the grey and kick it in the nuts to prove it's not a hallucination or I'm still not buying it.

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"This is some very helpful information. It is verifiable information that can be corroborated from several reputable sources. Good stuff to share."
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