Hillary Robert Mueller and Uranium One Some Things Just Don't go Away!

Far Reaching Implications of Uranium One

The Obama Administration was so deeply populated by corruption that it seemed invincible. Evidence will be released revealing that so many top officials of the DC Establishment were paid off to allow the Uranium One Deal to pass unmolested by inquiries or investigations that the cover-up was almost impenetrable! Russia’s bid to acquire 20% of all of American Uranium ore seemed assured. That the culprits who perpetrated the deal appeared to be capable of hiding their deeds seemed a foregone conclusion. That National Security could be breached by such a precarious secret arrangement meant little to those who would profit from this treasonous deal. Yet, there were two elements the traitors didn’t count on US Military Intelligence and Donald J. Trump!

If not for loyalty

Apparently President Trump was briefed by military intelligence officials aware of the dangers of the Uranium One Deal and just how it had been implemented with the knowledge of AG Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, FBI Director Mueller and many others without due process of law. It has also been revealed that due to the alarm of the armed forces top generals that at one point a coup was considered to topple the Obama administration for the blatant corruption that it was felt could compromise national security and leave America dangerously vulnerable to our enemies. However, it was determined even the military had been compromised by too many career officers who might have revealed the plot. Yet, these elements did manage to get vital details about the Uranium One deal in front of the President!

Conflict of national interest

Keep in mind that the US only produces about 20% of its own needs for nuclear energy production and in allowing 20% of that output to be controlled by a possible enemy nation is strategically unadvisable!

Betrayal of the US

In exchange for Russian donations to the Clinton Foundation mining rights to at least 20% of known American Licensed Uranium ore in Wyoming was given to Rosatom a Canadian operation with Russian ownership for a reason. In order to launder the deal through a seemingly unrelated business entity. Hillary Clinton’s State Department allowed the deal to pass in 2010 as millions from the Russian government were funded into Clinton coffers. Bill Clinton was awarded 500 thousand just for a single speech there. One might also be aware that as much hundreds of millions more in Russian funds was transferred into the Clinton Global Initiative as well.

Nonexistent oversight

The FBI under Robert Mueller at the time had discovered the deal, but did nothing to reveal the facts of the case to any Congressional Committee. No action was taken even with an FBI informant who witnessed or gave kickbacks to key leaders within the DNC as Russian campaign donations were distributed to numerous Democrat agencies and panels involved in the election process. The FBI informant was gag ordered until 2015 before he was even allowed to testify before Congress. The promise of 10 intelligence and investigatory committees who had pledged to begin proceedings into the Uranium One Deal strangely never seemed to have gotten out of the starting gate.

Hands off on the guilty

Vadim Mikerin was the key Russian actor who was orchestrating the acquisition of Uranium within the United States, working for a hostile nation, involved in kickbacks, bribery, and extortion in order to plant influence where necessary!

Internal compromise

So, we are left with a number of unanswered questions that still persist. Why has no further action been taken since 2015? In view of the way the Deep State prosecuted Paul Manafort so swiftly why the foot dragging on Uranium One? Keep in mind once again the activities of Robert Mueller as head of the FBI obviously dropping the ball when it came to enforcing the law under the Obama Administration!

  1. Why didn’t Holder or Mueller brief the Committee on Foreign Investment about the bribery and kickbacks being engineered by Rosatom when it was seeking approval of its purchase of Uranium One in 2010 or its sale of uranium to American nuclear plants by Tenex a subsidiary of Rosatom in 2011?
  2. Why weren’t the House or Senate intelligence committees informed? The FBI and the Justice Department already had their informant in place in 2009 and already had evidence of the corruption.
  3. Why was the indictment and prosecution of Mikerin delayed, and why did the Justice Department allow this racketeering enterprise that corrupted the American uranium industry to continue for five years?
  4. Why were the possible charges against Mikerin reduced?
  5. Why was the evidence of attempted influence peddling suppressed and not made a part of the prosecution or mentioned in the plea agreement?
  6. Why did the FBI force a nondisclosure agreement on their informant, particularly because it was apparently the informant that first contacted the FBI to tell them what was going on?
  7. Who was the lawyer at the Justice Department who made this decision? And if the Justice Department can provide some law enforcement justification for it, why did it extend beyond the end of the case?

Why? The bottom line question that needs to be answered is this: Why did the Obama administration approve the transfer of 20 percent of America’s uranium industry to a company owned by the government of a hostile country headed by a dictator, when our Justice Department and our FBI knew that government had engaged in a corrupt, criminal conspiracy to get that foothold in America?

More unsettling revelations!

One might recall that in all this Uranium One chaos the Obama Administration was also engaging in secret negotiations with Iran to return 150 billion dollars sanctioned years earlier for their involvement in the support of worldwide terrorist operations! This while the Iran Nuke Deal was being forged beyond the purview of Congress. It would seem that the Obama administration was indeed handing over US strategic interests to our enemies!

It is up to Congress to find out.

Portions of this piece originally appeared in The Daily Signal


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Comment by Doc Vega on September 10, 2018 at 12:15pm

Thanks Boris!

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