How Did 8 Years of an Obama White House Ever Happen?

Eight Year Score Card For Obama Presidency

In evaluating the affects of an Obama Presidency upon America over the last 8 years one might develop a calloused opinion based upon the facts and not taking the word of the US media as the Gospel truth. In 2 terms in the Oval Office this president has demonstrated not only a clandestine agenda toward the nation he was supposed to subservient to, but an incredible ambivalence as well. It seems our highest ranking executive officer on Capitol Hill conveniently forgot that he served at the pleasure of We The People and not the other way around, however that is the current state of affairs in Washington.

The rear view mirror

If one may take an objective look from behind and appraise just what was gained and lost over the recent years of this presidency you could categorize it as mayhem, breakdown of authority, fiscal irresponsibility, and the risk of national security while allowing the citizens themselves to become the least of this Oval Office charlatan's considerations. Why, you ask? Does allowing an open borders policy, using the DOJ to sue the states for enforcing immigration law, and the deaths of Americans at the hands of repeat offenders who are illegal aliens seem to be indications of a government concerned with the welfare of its masses?

Early warning

From the very beginning in 2009 with a 787 billion dollar bailout that never funded the promised infrastructure for the states we could see the smoke on the horizon. Wall Street was resurrected after knowingly selling derivatives that were worthless initiating a financial collapse reverberating through the markets as real estate values plummeted and foreclosures on mortgages that never should have been approved thanks to the CRA legislated under President Jimmy Carter took their toll. The US was under the assault from a 2 pronged Democrat Party instigated attack upon its economic well-being.


A president who under his watch, increased the national debt to over 20 trillion more than doubling it over the Bush Administration exceeding each and every Congressional budget limit while blaming the GOP if they fought him over out of control spending characterized the melee. President Obama, whose out on control spending only brought the nation closer to a future catastrophic monetary collapse carried on unabated and blaming everyone but himself for such recklessness, but what could have expected from a person whose only business experience was working at a Baskin and Robbins ice cream store as a teenager and then being a community organizer in Chicago. Educated through a federal grant under the aegis of being a foreign student, Barack Hussein Obama rarely attended classes infuriating his professors at times. Let us not forget that his use of drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and drinking liquor were prevalent during his school years. This, in the eyes of many seems to have made him cool.

How and why?

One might ask just how such an unqualified individual could have climbed to the top of the Democrat political heap that he would have a chance at disrupting America as he was able to do. There is a growing constituency of believe that a shadow government is really at the controls of Washington and regardless of the political party in power either Republican or Democrat, the outcome will not come from the news headlines generated by the White House press corps, but by a covert group who dictate to the puppets occupying the Senate and House of Representatives what the actual policy decisions will be. That theory might just explain why an ineffectual resistance headed by Speaker of the House, John Boehner, spent the majority of the Obama terms capitulating to every blow against the Republic signed, sealed, and delivered, by Obama and the Democrats.

From the very beginning

Compared to the prerequisite capabilities of past presidents, some former generals, some retired naval officers, others seasoned veterans of the Senate, the Junior Senator from Illinois, who seemed groomed for a position within the DNC with little experience Barack Hussein Obama with questionable vetting ascended to the top. Some would say he was untouchable. Others would say that he was given immunity and free rein to do whatever he wanted. Still analysts who investigated deeper found that radio stations and TV outlets were threatened with losing their licenses if they if they did not extend longer coverage and favorable opinion toward the first black presidential candidate during the 2008 campaign. One can no longer find reports that ABC TV network actually instructed their employees to vote for Barack Obama as being their patriotic duty. All news stories to that effect have been scrubbed from the Internet though it was common knowledge during the campaign.

The true power brokers

It is clear that in the last 8 years someone, standing behind the curtains hidden from public exposure wanted to take America down several notches. They wanted US national security to diminish. They wanted an influx of undocumented aliens over our borders to be illegally sanctioned by the White House. They wanted an economic downturn that would be intentionally implemented under flawed Democratic Party leadership. They wanted the GOP to be impotent as a viable opposition party. They wanted American prestige and influence to be diminished through out or foreign policy from abroad. They wanted the rights and dignity of American citizens to be compromised beneath the weight of big stifling government. They would wage a huge disinformation campaign to achieve those goals so that the apathetic voter and typical disinterested man on the street wouldn't notice until jobs dried up, the economy stagnated, and domestic terrorism became a weekly event as police assassinations succeeded met with little renunciation by President Obama or his party underlings.

Internal sabotage the true legacy

When one looks at the big picture and sees systemic failures that were not only avoidable but allowed to permeate a mighty nation it was proven that intentionally destructive leadership from the top down could achieve such a warped agenda. With major news networks eating out the hands of the White House, with federal agencies releasing falsified data to justify an illusion perpetrated by Washington, the debacles of the Obama Administration was assured. Rather than the elusive legacy pursued by a delusional US President who blamed everyone but himself while pontificating in staged interviews preceding his final hours as the Commander in Chief, let us remember who and what Barack Hussein Obama really was as opposed to the mythical God-like figure that the pundits of the left would have us believe.

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