How Do You Know Sasquatch isn’t real?

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If you know the forest and woodlands as an experienced woodsman, hunter, camper or hiker, there are things to look for and things that are routinely existent in the wild. You’ll know to watch for bears. You’ll know to keep your head on a swivel and not get caught by a rampaging Grizzly rushing your blind side because her cub was too close. You’ll know to look for a pair of eyes that belong to a cougar staring silently out you out of the bush, waiting. You’ll know by the normal sounds of birds, insects, and flowing winds that move branches if everything is as it should be.

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When the unknown comes a calling

However, you’ll know when things are wrong too. When suddenly it seems the noise of the forest got sucked out of the air and only an eerie silence remains. That tells you something supernatural is afoot.  When you see a hut made of thatched together limbs and saplings woven together like no Indian or human hand could possibly do that there is a presence there. If you smell something awful like a skunk only worse. The same kind of hydrogen sulfide smell that has accompanied many UFO sightings and landings. You’re sixth sense will be on high alert with every hair on the back of your neck standing up telling you that you’re being watched.

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You’re not paranoid right?

Two things, you may have walked into a 411 David Paulides type of disappearance trap, or you may have stumbled upon an abduction scenario you weren’t asking for. Still, who is it in the woods out there watching you? No, it’s not because you’re paranoid. It’s because your senses are warning you that something isn’t right. We are human beings have been taught by civilized society to ignore our deep down instincts and believe all the lies from the schoolroom to the TV nightly news. We have lost touch with our higher awareness. Yet, here it is at this moment telling us something isn’t right! Your gut instincts are usually right. We basically know after a meeting if we made the sale even though we don’t want to admit it to ourselves. We know if we are presented with a bad deal, we know it even when we’ve been seduced by the sales pitch. We just don’t want to admit it. We know when we’ve met the right person or not for a relationship despite the sexual allure. And, now, well we are confronted with another reality.

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For God sakes!

The footprints in front of you that are not human or of any animal you know of that are huge, and who out here in the middle of nowhere is going to be walking around barefoot in the cold trying to trick who, for God sakes? Still, you want to believe in the illusion society has created for you. You want to adhere to the convenient belief system that always leaves you dissatisfied, but that you’ve been indoctrinated with. That wars are justifiable. That higher taxes are just you paying your fair share. That President’s like Donald Trump must be evil because that’s what the mainstream media tells you. That Democrats are a true party of the American people. That riots are caused by angry groups of people when in truth they are paid agitators employed for a political cause that cannot achieve its goals peacefully. Yes, you’ve been convinced of so much that isn’t true.

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Why did you?

You’re jittery now. Your nerves are raw! Why did you come out here to the woods today anyway? Were you drawn without even knowing it? Did you really need a break this badly? Did you just want to see for yourself? So you’d know if there really is a Bigfoot, a Grassman, a Sasquatch, a Sabe, or a watcher of the woods? You’re about to find out! This isn’t going to be some vague and easily explained away sighting because today you are going to know for sure, for the first time in your life, that things are not the way they seem. Just as if you’d looked up in the sky and saw something that wasn’t an aircraft, a meteorite, or a comet. Just as you’d know that this was something that’s not supposed to exist, but yet here it is!

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Who was that?

What you thought was just a thick tree trunk there in the brush suddenly moved. It turned to face you! At first you wanted to identify it as a man, but a man naked out here in the wilderness covered with hair and a lot bigger than you? What the hell is this you ask but you already know the answer to the question. You freeze, unable to move, stunned by the unknown allowing you to glimpse at it. Now you know as for perhaps a minute or a few seconds you have seen what most would say is a hoax, a joke, an old wives tale, but it’s true. You are truly dazed and confused. Your paradigm has just been kicked out the door! Your beliefs have just been raped and left for dead! Now, the big two legged monster from your darkest fear walks away, but it’s face, like that of a man, not an ape! Now it’s disappearing into the forest leaving you in a quandary. What and who do you believe in now.

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Still unable to believe what you saw

Breathlessly you break free of your momentary paralysis, and leaving all your back packing gear behind you run for the car! You’re breathing hard and heavy, but you make it to the car door and unlock your vehicle returning to some semblance of normality! You’re starting the car now praying the engine will turn over and you won’t see that thing coming at you ready to break the door glass and drag you out of the car! Now you’re driving and wishing you hadn’t seen what you had! Still breathing hard. Still unable to accept what you just saw. Still, it happened to you! Wat are you going to do now? Will you makes pact with yourself never to go out in the woods again? Never to tell anyone about what you saw for fear of being scoffed at? You were way out of your comfort zone today. Go home, slam down a few shots of whiskey until you pass out and then tell yourself you didn’t see what you know you saw?

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Life changing effects

You have just experienced what most people who have seen a Sasquatch up close and personal feel like after their world has been shattered. The effects are either PTSD, repression, a sudden spike in alcohol or prescription drug use, persistent nightmares, and refusing to venture out in the woods again. Many witnesses experience these very debilitating symptoms when confronted with the unknown and a compete contradiction to the world they have been brainwashed to accept. It’s happening more and more as man’s infringement on the wild continues with suburban communities adjacent to deep woods and recreational forests.

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