How the Revisionists Attack American History

The Myth of American Revisionism

Since the early 1960’s revisionism of American history has been used by the left as a tool of recruiting disaffected college students on campuses across the US. In fiction or Hollywood it is called histrionics which means fictionalizing actual events due to the lack of available evidence. Revisionism has stooped to the level of fictionalizing the truth of events that shaped America’s past and made it the powerful nation it is today.

Refuting the past

Through the bitter hatred of American exceptionalism and the concept of individual freedoms collectivists have built a wall of character assassination of our Founding Fathers, the twisted spin on actual historic events, and even outright lies used to vilify the greatness that has benefited the world rather than weigh it down as the Barack Obamas and Jimmy Carters of the world would have us believe. However, the incessant ideology of statism has been a curse upon humanity because there are those who believe that government should God and the people should be relegated to the draconian social engineering of bureaucrats.

Orchestrated decline

The 8 year decline of America under president Obama would illustrate this point very well. His Vice President, Joe Biden, summed up the agenda of the administration well when he announced that the 8 million jobs lost would not be coming back to the US. President Obama repeated himself many times in his belief that America had been a malevolent force in the affairs of the world with its citizens having a disproportionate standard of living compared to the poverty stricken nations around the earth, that Americans used a greater percentage of energy for the size of the population, and that in a Globalist agenda the US was obligated to help and participate under UN treaty.

Shared global opportunity

While President Obama denounced the United States as having kept opportunity from other nations in reality the US provided a retail market that opened up trade with the Asian regions creating what is known as the “Golden Coast” made up of such nations as Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines all providing the labor and raw material to manufacture goods to be resold within the US under trade agreements. This has generated commerce in nations that are hard pressed to provide jobs. America has given them an abundant source for their exports. Even though the US has one of the few self-sustaining economies driven by consumer purchasing and has the resources to supply that need domestically, it has reached out to other less prosperous countries to let them tap into the US retail market and share in a global economy.

Markets created by America

Not only Asia, but Europe, Great Britain, Canada, and Mexico are home to American corporations manufacturing cars, appliances, and electronics to feed the consumer demand in America. What more could the US do to aid the world in commerce? However, this is either not enough or for the Communist mindset this represents a threat to foreign affairs as the goodwill of America can be influential through diplomatic relations in a show of affluence. Where Communism has only been able to exist using brutal force and economic stagnation, the capitalism demonized by the Democrats in America has revolutionized individual prosperity and allowed America to rise to the top extending a hand of generosity and freedom as an enticement rather than the threat of military force or offering shared poverty under the guise of equality as the Marxists have attempted for a century with only impoverished masses as proof of the results they can claim.

False narratives

Under the Obama White House our forefathers were characterized as domestic terrorists, slave owners, and the rich exploiting the poor. One can definitely see by reading the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution, the only document in the world that provides protection of the individual from the overreach of a tyrannical government that these laws were written for all to participate in, not just the rich. However, lawyers, leftists, and special interest groups have used partisan corruption to compromise the originally intended separation of powers between the executive branch, judicial branch, and legislative branch to deny representation to the majority for the privilege of a few.

Government sanctioned tyranny

Whenever the private sector has suffered and economic calamity has resulted we can trace it back to the failure of all-encompassing government intervention that has created the very debacle it intended to solve. Our Forefathers were well aware of this after the occupation of the King George Government that had controlled Colonial currency and caused inflation, over taxed without representation, and violated the rights of the individual with impunity. Yet, revisionists would have future Americans believe the other way around that the war of independence came about as a result of opportunism and the greed of wealthy merchants who created a new government that exploited the less fortunate.

The ever present threat

One might recall how Presidents Carter and Obama told Americans they should expect less of a standard of living, that we did not deserve the prosperity we enjoyed, and that America held the rest of the world down! If people like this had their way, America would be reduced to a socialist regime with ever increasing taxes, regulations, and more government intervention. Auto ownership, land ownership, and the freedom to travel would be curtailed under UN rule through treaties that illegally overrode the Constitutional Republic America was intended to be. This is an ongoing threat as forces within and from without the US constantly use propaganda to demonize conservatism and the Christian principles that greatly influenced our Fore Fathers in conceptualizing American exceptionalism!


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Comment by Doc Vega on December 22, 2017 at 2:49pm

/christinekelly What do you think the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence were based upon Satanism! Take a look at the documents  and count the number of times God is mention!

Comment by Doc Vega on December 22, 2017 at 2:47pm

Christine Kelly A lie! What the hell do you think the Pilgrims and Colonists escaped to America for! they wanted the right to worship as they pleased not according to the BRITISH state controlled hypocritical Christian doctrine! This was one of the major factors that drove more and more immigration from England into the new world!

Comment by christine kelly on December 16, 2017 at 9:01am

"christian principles that influenced   fore fathers

"  that right there is a    revisionist lie.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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