If The Internet is Compromised Where Is the Truth Now?

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When Donald J. Trump was elected President in 2016 the CEO for Google was furious! He vowed that no conservative, Christian, or Constitutionalist would ever be elected to the Oval Office again. First thing to do was to begin tinkering with the internet. He brought Communist Chinese technicians over from the mainland. They began the work of not only expunging past news events and history that were not complimentary of leftists, Communists, radicals, and Jihadists, but formed a partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran as well. The effect has been the disappearance of much important documentary history that makes a distinction between the damage done by Communists and the struggle they have caused throughout the world in trying to evoke class warfare and topple non-socialist governments.

What you used to know

I have tried to find many articles that influenced my opinions that I used to illustrate the point I was making in my writings are now gone. Successfully omitted. Now, these very instructive interviews and film presentations by people such as G. Edward Griffin, Norman Dodd, and others who have played a role in revealing the hidden history conveniently overlooked by the left and big government advocates. Traces of their articles are either hard to find or gradually dissolving under the influence of intentional omission. Just as you will not find a trace of the commonly reported story that ABC TV news network ordered their employees to vote for Obama in the 2008 elections year. It was President Trump who reminded us that after 9-11 Arabs and Muslims in the US danced on rooftops celebrating the massive bombing of the Twin Towers, yet upon denial by the news networks it didn’t take long for the truth to surface, it had been buried of course until dug up.

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The rigged system

Google, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook all played a role in shutting down President Trump’s public access to his voters and getting his message out to potential voters. As he correctly said, “The system is rigged.” The corrupt media of the US are the gate keepers to the truth, but they are closing down that gate rapidly. Amazingly, the mainstream media spear headed a truth embargo that resulted in a supposed voting trend that allowed a Biden win, but we with opened minds know better. There was no logical way that Biden could have won.

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Who is in charge?

The US Congress did nothing back in 2015 to keep the World Wide Web from being under foreign control. Once that happened the internet’s flow of data and facts was vulnerable to the influence of foreign powers as it is today. To think that an American broadcasting company would not only cooperate with but allow Communists to influence content would have been unthinkable a short 15 years ago, but now? Just as for a former Communist General to have purchased a huge tract of land in south Texas to make a runway that could accommodate the Shuttle as well as jet fighters and bombers under the aegis of establishing a wind farm not even in an efficient wind producing zone requiring the wind turbine masts to be constructed twice as high, and then to hook this installation directly to the Texas electrical grid would have been unthinkable a short time ago. It seems America has been effortlessly compromised from almost every level.

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Do we have a prayer?

Should voters and taxpayers have a say in what their tax dollars are allowed to be spent on by the federal government? Rather than a big out of control, rogue government doing what it wants to the detriment of the American people? Since this is not the case does this not make the fact that we should be in a Constitutional Republic no more than an illusion? It would seem so. Does it seem to you that when foreign powers can be allowed to interfere with civilian media of America does this not mean that our right to freedom of speech and a free press are no more than an illusion? Yes. We Americans who know of these developments are sadly greatly outnumbered by the sleep walkers, the conformists, and the hypnotized sheep who love to graze on the bliss of ignorance while the whole house of cards teeters on its way down. Is there any hope left? Logic tells us no. Patriots tell us only under certain conditions, and Christians tell us only by the grace of God. What do you think?


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Comment by cheeki kea on January 6, 2023 at 1:04pm

 The truth is right Here Doc V --->  https://12160.info/photo/qr-12160-info That's why we all keep turning up. There's a Code for really hardcore truthers out there also. ( not sure how that works, maybe it's for a phone in case you need truth on the run, for myself I like laptops and Internet cafes for truth emergencies if the internet cuts me off.)

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