Illuminati Sun Symbolism –Hotel Logos

The Holiday Inn logo shown above, like all other hotel logos, displays sun symbolism as directed by the Illuminati.  Holiday Inn uses a sun and the two crosses of the “H” to denote sun-on-cross sun symbolism.  The illuminati are proud to be “Order of the Sun” and display it on virtually all product logos.  Most people see it unwittingly, but it severely impacts us through the subconscious.  The Illuminati love to rub our noses in it - esoterically, keeping us in servitude, slaves. 


There’s three methods of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in hotel logos:

  1. Sun-on-cross
  2. Triangle (capstone of pyramid) with all-seeing eye
  3. Direct


1.  Sun on cross

The first method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in hotel logos is the sun-on-cross, or cross-in-circle; represented by the Celtic Cross shown below.  The quick explanation is that the circle represents the sun and the sun/son died on the cross.  For complete derivation, please see link:



Quality Inn – cross is through the “Q” and the “Q” is the sun.



Westin – three crosses in the middle of the sun and one on the outer ring.


Hilton – the swoosh through the “H” makes the cross on the round, white, sun background.



Paris Skankton – between her legs is a cross with two balls like Lady Gaga.


Ritz-Carlton – cross on the crown.  The lion head makes the sun and his mane the flares.


Club Med – hard to spot the cross here.  Plus the yellow spot is the eye in capstone (see part 2).


Double Tree – double crosses, and suns.  Speaking of trees...more on that later.


Courtyard – the “A” and “R” make the crosses.  The suns (5) are the trees.


Drury – cross through the “D” sun.  I didn’t check, but I bet it’s at the phi ratio, 1.61.



Embassy Suites -  cross through the “E” and the sun leaf.


Crowne Plaza – the jog in the logo stripes provides for the crosses and the sun is in the background.


Motel 69 – the no tell motel makes a cross with “MOTEL” and “6”.   The sun is quite obvious.


Super 8 – The “u p” makes the cross.  The suns of the “8” are quite obvious.


Holiday Inn – The “H” makes crosses and the sun is deliberate.


Holiday Inn (new) - for the life of me I can’t see the crosses here.


Most H’s in logos tend to do this.



2.  Capstone with All-seeing Eye

The triangle (capstone of pyramid) with all-seeing eye, shown below, is the second method of sun symbolism used by the illuminati in hotel logos.  Notice the bright light and rays emanating from center.  The eye represents the sun god, Horus, the pupil of God, the light of the world.  For complete derivation, please see link:


Howard Johnson – capstone with all-seeing eye and sun in background.  There’s even a cross in the circle (eye) for good measure.


Hyatt –the “A” makes the perfect border for pyramid and capstone.  The red line represents the top of a sun in background.


Travelodge – capstone hat and the white ball makes the all-seeing eye.


Best Western – capstones in the W- logo and the top makes a capstone with all-seeing eye.


Hampton Inn – decal forms the all-seeing eye/s in the upper capstone.


Fairfield Inn –capstone above lettering.


Red Roof Inn – capstone top is easy to see, plus the “R”s add more capstones; and the “e” and “o”s are all-seeing eyes.


Radisson – another “R” makes a capstone and provides the space for the “a” to sit as an all-seeing eye, and splits the green line giving another capstone.


3.  Direct Sun Symbolism

The third and final method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in hotel logos is direct;  where the sun is simply represented as a sun, or star, and with sun-like colors (red, yellow, orange, white) and shapes (round /spherical).  


Daze Inn – even we retards can see the sun here.


Quotes from "Dazed and Confused":

Wooderson (Matthew McConaughey):   That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the saaaame age.


Pickford:  Slater-san, how's it goin'?

Slater:  Fixin' to be a lot better, man.

Wooderson:  Say, man, you got a jay?

Mitch:  No, not on me, man.

Wooderson:  It'd be a lot cooler if you diiiid.


Comfort Inn  - red, orange and yellow sun here.


Candlewood Suites -  sun in center of logo.


Ramada –Ra was the sun god.  The sun…


…looks like this shit -


Marriott - or this…



Clarion - or this…


…which is more like this shit-


Sheraton – share a ton of sun symbolism.


Sunset – sun in middle, sun in name, and stars are suns.


La Quinta – see the sun?


Family of Light, pg 136, 7, 8, by Barbara Marcinak:

The plan for Family of Light and for all those who care to come to the reunion of 2012 is to have a good time!  Sometimes Family of Light plays a martyr role, as they did at the bridge of the Arian Age and Piscean Age and all through the Piscean Age where a tremendous number of martyrs appeared.  Martyrdom is now over, and a playful respect for being human, with no offense to others, is your ticket to translate your vast multidimensional inheritance.  Remember that you may not know at first where some of your abilities, ideas, and talents are derived from, yet truly a renaissance is upon you, and one so profound as to be recorded in the annals of time.  You are watched to see what you will build as frequency modulators and designers of the mind.  As you build the spans of your bridge into the next age, it is essential that you know who you are and what you want, and that you not be afraid of yourself as you encounter others ---family, friends, lovers, and partners, and all of the various beings that occupy existence with you.  Once again we remind you that this process of change is not designed to destabilize humankind; it is designed to rebuild the core of your beings, so you can truly become the magnificent beings your ancestors are awaiting.


You have been influenced by numerous forms of intelligence, and they will all return now –each of your influencers in one way or another –to combine their energies with you once again and to see what you will produce.  Your influencers have taken human as well as multidimensional from.  Beings of power that once walked your Earth –conquerors, kings, queens, popes, presidents, and other people of renown –are incarnated now to once again open their bags of magic tricks in order to live and learn a lesson.  The Gods, and all creatures from the heavens taking various shapes and names, guises and disguises from angel to reptile, are all here in your world as they were in the world of your ancestors.  Remember, the experiences your ancestors had with your multidimensional relatives could not be written, since often there were no words to describe what was occurring.  To depict their experience, your ancestors left signs and symbols, often carved in stone, as important information to pass on.  Symbols help you understand abstract concepts based on direct experience that cannot always be translated into words.


As you expand in your ability to produce and experience various frequencies, the simple act of running your hand over any of the ancient symbols –stars, suns, moons, serpents, geometric shapes, squiggly lines, and dots –and of seeing them before your eyes will be enough to open the library doors where symbols will become whole lessons, like encyclopedias of knowledge based on frequency.  When you emit your frequency while looking at these symbols, it can open an area of knowledge that your ancestors left to prepare you for at this time of opportunity and change.


You are unfolding rapidly now like a deck of cards endlessly fanned and rippled, and in every second of your existence you move quickly toward opening to more energy.  Look around and be grateful for who you know; seek to learn from one another because it is through your relationship with each other that you qualify for relationships with your ancestors and the multidimensional.  You must remember that Earth is a treasure, sought out and hunted for on the lines of time, and you have something of immense value to offer, so be proud of who and what you are.  A priceless quality is unfolding in you, so be alert to who you are and be grateful to be alive.  The immensity of this task is almost beyond description.  It is as if you are journeying down a birth canal, squished and pressured to move from where you were comfortable, yet your will and desire to be alive push you out.


Have fun, enjoy life, and take what nature has to offer.  Ovoid doctors who want to cut you open and force prescription drugs down your throat.  It isn’t meant to be that difficult.  Look at your particular setting because the remedy for your discomfort is within it;  i.e. if you get bit by a poisonous snake, look around you and the anti-venom is within your eyesight --probably in some plant.  Soooooo, if trees make you feel better and alleviate the pain, then you are doing the right thing. Modern medicine is the equivalent of hitting you over the head with a club and pissing on your face and open wounds.  Ancient herbs and remedies (acupuncture, cranioSacral and lymphatic release, neuro-muscular massage) you name it have been shunned because the f’n man, big pharma, the illuminati, can’t make money off it; and the last thing they want is for you to have a free mind.  Sooooo, do what you feel is right and makes you feel good, and free your mind; and via law of attraction, more good will come your way.  They (the PTB) do not want us to know that what you dream becomes reality.  But too f’n bad!  Cuz it’s happenin’! Fuck the man!!  Keep creating your own reality!!!

Peace and love to all!
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