Illuminati Sun Symbolism -- NBA Logos


The NBA’s Phoenix Suns logo (shown above) displays direct sun symbolism.  There’s no disguising the sun intended; it’s even in the name.


All of the NBA team logos display sun symbolism using one of three methods:

  1. Capstone of pyramid with all-seeing-eye
  2. Sun on cross
  3. Direct


Part 1.  – Capstone with All-seeing-eye

The triangle (capstone of pyramid) with all-seeing eye as shown below is one method of sun symbolism used by the illuminati.  Notice the bright light and rays emanating from center.  The eye represents the sun god, Horus, the pupil of God, the light of the world.  For complete derivation, please see link:  .


Denver Nuggets – ‘NUGGETS’ is the base of pyramid.  “DENVER“ is the space between base and capstone.  The snow on capstone is the sun’s rays. The yellow, semi-circular outline behind the mountain is a sun.


Chicago Bulls –the red tips of the horns are the capstones.  Here, the all-seeing-eyes sit outside the capstone. 


Milwaukee Bucks –red triangle background and within sits his eyes.  The antlers intersect yielding two crosses on a near-perfectly, round, white circle (sun) –see Part 2 below.


Boston Celtics- left eye of leprechaun sits in a triangle formed with the bushy eyebrow and hair/side burn. Someone buy that douche some tweezers!  He’s holding an orange, spherical ball (sun).


Toronto Raptors-  eye in red triangle formed with brow.  I know lizards have vertical pupils.  Like the douche, he’s holding a spherical ball with cross on it (sun-on-cross, part 2).


Minnesota Timberwolves – the face is split in light and dark halves yielding a triangle shape on each half.  On each capstone half sits an eye.


Dallas Mavericks- the horse eye sits on the white capstone face.


Memphis Grizzlies-  Each yellow eye sits on a triangle shape formed with brow and nose.


Charlotte Bobcats- An orange, triangular head with eye.  I know cats have vertical pupils and so do lizards.


Atlanta Hawks- The eye sits within a red and yellow triangular head/beak with feathers for solar flares.  I know cats and lizards have vertical pupils, but do hawks?




Part 2.  –Sun On Cross

The next method of sun symbolism is the sun-on-cross, or cross-in-circle, as represented by the Celtic Cross.  The quick explanation is that the circle represents the sun and the sun/son died on the cross.  For complete derivation, please see link:


The Indiana Pacers provide a perfect yellow basketball for a sun, with the grip lines making the cross.  Before we go any further, I know people are going to say in that dumb, monotone, drone of a voice, “but they’re basketball teams, what else would you expect them to use for their logos?”  Well, I analyzed every NFL team logo in a different article and only one used a football!  It was the Buccaneer’s.  That was it; 1 of 32.   I count 19 of 30 NBA teams that use a basketball.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers- the only NFL team to use a football in logo.


The next 13 NBA teams use the spherical basketball as the sun with its grip lines as the cross.


New York Knicks-


New Jersey Nets-


Cleveland Cavaliers-


Detroit Pistons-


Oklahoma City Thunder-


Utah Jazz-


Golden State Warriors-


LA Clippers:


LA Rapers-


Phoenix Suns –They flat out tell us the basketball is a sun.


Sacramento Kings-


Miami Heat-


New Orleans Hornets-


Houston Rockets -the “R” intersects the ring twice forming two upside down crosses on the red/white oval sun.


Part 3.  –Direct Sun Symbolism

The third and final method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in NBA logos is direct;  where the sun is simply represented as a sun, or star, and with sun-like colors (red, yellow, orange, white) and shapes (round /spherical).  


Orlando Magic - direct sun symbolism with stars.  Plus they use the basketball with cross (sun-on-cross).


The Washington Lizards use a combination of suns and esoteric sun symbolism techniques.  There are two basketballs (sun-on-cross).  One is a crescent moon shape which sets the border for the round white space, sun. The blue wizard body forms the border for a white cross on the white sun.  The hat has a star.  The star on the hat is the all-seeing-eye in triangle.  The wizard’s finger is producing a star/sun.


San Antonio Spurs - star on the end of the spur.


Philadelphia 76ers –utilizes the ol’ basketball-is-a-sun technique, but adds some stars for good measure.


Portland Trailblazers - a red and white sun with flares extending.


The following is an excerpt from The Pleiadian Times –Spring Equinox, 2010:

Regardless of all the turmoil, you can find a way to live with grace and enjoy these transformational times.  You learn through life experience, and a good moral compass can help you to determine good from harm.  The nature of the Multiverse is highly cooperative and supportive of creativity; yet even so, beings with no moral compass do exist.  Some very dishonest forces are afoot in your world, and you must be able to recognize their deceit.  The increase in phenomena will present you with the reality of the spirit world, where things are much more complicated than Cinderella’s godmother granting wishes with a wave of her magic wand.


The old world paradigm has no explanations for the dynamic effects of consciousness.  The cosmos is calling on you to expand your consciousness and claim your inner knowing.  Your body has natural vitality—recognize this and cultivate your own energy.  Trust yourself and be patient, for you are living in extraordinary times.  In the next two years you will see more things transpire than in the previous twenty, especially in terms of expansions of consciousness.  Trust your inner guidance; your intuition and psychic abilities will grow from the seeds of discontent into natural aspects of intelligence.  Be prepared to fly with new perceptions, and be prepared as well to maintain your own stability, and serve as a stabilizer of energy for the planet.  The nature of the Multiverse is based on compelling cooperation – hold on to that and you can live an exemplary life.   We bid you very pleasant, mind-expanding journeys.

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Comment by Justin A Horne on November 5, 2011 at 10:06am
Great post man.

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