Is America at War with China? Current Status

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As far back as 1996 it was reported that the People's Republic of China had been donating to the Presidential Election Campaign of Bill Clinton and that the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC had been used to make discreet contributions to the Democrat Party. Ironically, this was reported by Bob Woodruff and another partner from the Washington Post. Once this was discovered election campaign laws had to be changed according to Clinton's advisors or he could have been held in violation. In 2018 Clinton was negotiating with the Chinese to cut trade deals even though be was not acting in official capacity for the US government.

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Plan of attack

Why is the US still in Afghanistan? - ABC News
How do you defeat the world's most powerful nation with an army, navy and Air Force, that no one would want to take head on? You infiltrate, you pay millions underneath the table to treasonous American politicians, you call in favors when it comes to pro-China policies, or you blackmail. This is how we get so many laws passed that do not favor US interests. This is how we see billions paid out to foreign countries hostile to the US as foreign aid while Americans are going through the Covid-19 crisis jobless, homeless, and wondering why they are being sold out by their own government.


Internally compromised

Over the last 4 years of President Trump's White House we have found that Diane Feinstein had a Chinese chauffeur in her employ for 10 years who was a spy! Revelations that a Chinese spy was involved in a major Ivy League school and after being identified as such a professor their attempted to keep this Communist spy from being deported! The revelation that the CEO for Google, so angered by the election of President Trump vowing that he and the conservative agenda would not succeed again had 100 Communist Chinese technicians working at his Google corporate campus attempting to shut down conservatives voices and promote pro-socialist content on the internet! It was discovered that several US governors were dealing directly with China!

Geographer brings fresh perspective to study of US, world corruption in new books | Department of Geography & Atmospheric Science
More traitors

Eric Swalwell, out spoken opponent of President Trump, and congressman of California was discovered having a sexual relationship with a female Chinese spy who was also involved in a number of business dealings that helped bring Chinese access and influence into the free markets of America. Wall Street has been making deals with Communist Chinese companies in order to get access to overseas investment and credit lines that would firmly place China in an influential position in US stock markets. The Trump administration took action to prevent this, but undoubtedly with Joe Biden having been elected through voter fraud, will no doubt, change that direction.

Fiscal irresponsibility

Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail - Rolling Stone
In 2010 for the first time in history it actually cost more money to fund the US Federal government than the full monetary output of the US private sector being the largest economy in the world! At 15.2 trillion to run the government as opposed to 14.5 trillion net economic output of the US private industry this was a historically bad fiscal development and the Obama Administration was responsible! Just another reason why Democrats should never be in charge! Yet, China has been operating at 200 times the creation of deficit spending in comparison to their private industrial output as the Communists must use manipulated currency and government generated business in order to provide internal infrastructure for their growing population while America can fund it's own consumption with its own industry. As we have a consumer based economy not a export based dependency like China.

Economic Trojan horse?

Opinion | How Deng Xiaoping Helped Create a Corrupt China - The New York Times
Even though China would suffer from economic failure without the huge trade deficit they enjoyed for so many decades until the Trump White House began demanding better trade deals that did not put America at a disadvantage, China by being allowed to infiltrate our markets and even steal copyrights and royalties by the billions from western and US companies has also gained largely from having access to corporate secrets as well as defense contractor access too. Remember the Chinese ghost cities? China has been building a medium sized US town very month to keep their work force employed, but the problem is the population cannot afford to live in those places so they have become literal modern day "Ghost Towns".

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More bad deals

When President Obama negotiated the horrendous "Iran Nuke Deal" that practically allowed Iran to continue running their 6,000 centrifuges to produce Uranium, gave Iran 150 billion dollars with interest back to a nation that regularly screams "Death to America!" while harassing our US Navy, and even launched missiles in violation of UN treaty restrictions, the Chinese worked to advocate that arrangement! America is being gradually sold lock, stock, and barrel out to our enemies while being militarily weakened. Had President Trump not ordered 700 billion to replenish the US military with only 35% of it's US Air Force jet fighters combat ready, God only knows how bad off we would be by now! USAF fighter jets were being cannibalized for parts in order to keep their pilots flying.

Corrupted to the hilt

Fact check: Biden no longer owns house Eric Trump highlighted online
Joe Biden, elected to the Oval Office through massive voter fraud and subject to federal prosecution for laundering millions in foreign dollars with China and the Ukraine through deals cut by his Crack smoking pedophile son, Hunter, it seems the world has turned upside down and Democrats who are in serious need of prosecution are untouchable thanks to a deeply corrupt FBI and CIA who tried to hide crimes from our President Trump rather than do their jobs. With a court system that refused to hear evidence over voter fraud, an FBI that refused to examine evidence of international racketeering by the Biden family, and even Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Chinese wife heavily financially involved with Chinese mainland shipping industry it seems their tentacles have penetrated every aspect of our federal government as the Covid 19 hoax continues to cripple our economy and personal freedom!

2020: The year in pictures -
Pause for consideration

Now let us ask. Are we really at war with China who has crushed resistance to their Communist oppression of freedom in Hong Kong? Are we in a wartime stance over Chinese threats as they warn Taiwan not to buy US submarines and missiles or they will come across the South China Sea straits and invade the island of Formosa? Are our citizens at risk over Chinese aggression since now Christians and Conservatives are facing a backlash of imposed socialism and abolishment of  our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights never before seen in our supposed Constitutional Republic? Ask yourself. Here's the biggest irony of it all! That China used fiat currency they printed up to pay billions with their defective yuan to do so! China along with North Korea has even been printing counterfeit US currency. Who do you think is winning the war? Was McCarthyism really a crime?

Sunburn — The morning read of what's hot in Florida politics — 1.20.21

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