prepare for ten years of hell, people. Hard, deep, fast and ten years or 15 miserable ones.

OK, I'm digital... I use a combination to get into my house, not a wireless beeper. I solve computer problems at work and do programming, too.

I Linux, love it, and am considering freebsd 7. suse 10.3 presently. didn't like 11.0 We do the menu dance with home electronics and professionally. Or used to.

me? Bust the patient bubble before it destroys our civilization... as we know of it.

OK, I'm Luddite, too. I don't borg. No twitter, no cell, no beeper, etc, etc etc.

after ww2, France went free and recovered, fast. The brits clamped down and over controlled.

France won. They recovered first and fast. (And, being French, promptly trashed their currency. Like Brazil, 3 times since ww2.)

I land-line, blog, e-mail and sat TV. I also indulge in LOTS of electronic culture... culture you can drop on your foot. It's supposed to hurt your brain.

OK, I expect the new world order... (excuse the long-hand. my version of OOO ( turns the initials 'N W O' into 'now' whenever it's typed.) to get busted for extreme corruption. Even if they have to drop the a-bomb to get it.

WE'LL haveta wear lie detectors as a result.

results? I saw a conservative govt shut down the system in Manitoba years ago. The province LOST a huge chunk of their population. Today, they are desperately trying to get anyone with a degree to move back there. 90% of student loans picked up for a degree from anywhere in the world. (Looks like scam -bait to me. I don't expect it last for very long.)

More brain-drain.

The newspapers are going bankrupt. I read 4 day for years and their version of the news deserves it. With the net about to go ka-blooie (from bank scams, spam, porn,lynch-mobs etc. my best guess, OK? The leaks have been there for SO long in SO many versions anything that's ever gone over the net should be considered public knowledge... including EVERY bank account number ever used.)

That'll leave twitter mobs to rule. Flash and burn mobs, by me, with the army running roughshod over them.

They recruit from the ghettos to GET these army people. They're gonna march them right back there to rule and expect it work? oh, suuuure.

Man, these people couldn't run a hot-dog stand.

Saw an article on gangs with AK47's raiding pot farms in California.

Wave of the future, that. borgs and gangs in the city, rednecks in the farm belt. All huddled around power that works.

Toss in extreme weather and climate change.

add pollution. Mercury arsenic, additives like MSG, sodium fluoride...

Toss in psychotropic drugs for all. By fiat, if necessary.

make your choice. N WO and corrupt borg lunch-meat on a trivia diet? Vicious gangs? Redneck?

Death by additive, pollution, climate change and cancer?

I prep for a foreseeable future... and store food in the basement.

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Comment by pat donovan on January 11, 2009 at 9:38am
gah? tip over what? The NWO is a fait acompli around here.. NFTA ( softwood lumber), the patient bubble treaties (broadcast traty), the NA union one.. they are gonna have problems swallowing quebec, the french are cranky types.. but I look to the weakness in their system.
smuggling and theunderground eco is way over 10 billion a year and about 35% of the whole eco.
growing rapidly as cnoditions worsen.


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