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Like a Dying Bear


This forbidden place I've gotten to

So far from the morning dew

A few pieces of my soul left to chew

What I wouldn't give for an untainted view,

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What about them leaving you behind

Those rare moments that were so divine

Before stepping on that land mine

What were you able to find?

Image result for delusions of the world 

Since you’ve managed to grow older

Doesn’t the world seem a bit colder?

Watch out for those rogue boulders

Did she leave a claw marks on your shoulders?

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Such a rare event when you smile

It liberates me from my exile

Like I ended up on the Green Mile

There’s a ghost ship offshore of the isle,

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Just heard a moan from down the corridor

All those missed opportunities I didn’t explore

Now whoever it is they’re on the other side of the door

Looks like this dreary night won’t be such a bore,

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Worshipping the ground you walked on

Was like howling with the wolves at dawn

Not many people left you can depend upon

My belief in everything seems to be gone,

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Dreams that uselessly drift by

Just like the wasted time spent between you and I

Guess I’ll just wait around until pigs learn to fly

The man with the loudest laugh will be the first to die,

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Thought I knew what life was about

My little go getter had no doubt

But, when she started to pout best watch out

Perhaps that’s why I drink Guinness Stout,

 Image result for delusions of the world

Could have sworn I heard those voices of despair

Kind of like persecution for men with long hair

Like some wild animal caught thrashing in a snare

Can’t look back wondering did she ever really care,

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Just can’t keep licking my wounds like a dying bear

Recalling a girl with a mattress on her back, and her silken hair

Too many self-destructive things to do just because you dare

The look on your face when a Civil Defense siren blares.

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