Mapping the Power Structure of the NWO

Hi everyone.

I have a very ambitious project that I have been thinking about for a while. The idea is to create various diagrams (some high-level, some very detailed) depicting the architecture of the globalists' power structure, as well as describing how groups are Balkanized and how political energy is misdirected.

This is to provide visual aids for visual thinkers, (it also helps for my own clarification). Hopefully, the availability of this information can empower infowarriors to better understand and strategize, as well as enlightening new target audiences who may respond better to images than text.

I work in IT so we make these sorts of diagrams frequently to plan out projects, workflows, website navigations, local area networks, etc. They are very helpful.

I think we are in a position here where we can compile the most thorough reports of this type available anywhere on the web.

Today, I made 2 of these charts. They are both just my initial thoughts, a rough example of what I'm going for. These are by no means complete or final.

1. powerstructuremap-01.pdf

2. theleftrightparadigm-01.pdf

Please look them over and offer your suggestions, corrections, and additions. This will be an ongoing project that will probably require some degree of collaboration.

I appreciate it!


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Comment by Quickening on July 31, 2011 at 6:19pm

OK, 2 years since a comment - why was this "featured" on 12160.

Your map as it stands is little more than the PR front of the power structure.   It's like an Alex Jones smokescreen of puppets that never follows the strings back to the puppet masters.   These people just take orders from the families that own everything.   You need names and ownership to delineate the power structure.  The end result will be more like a Who's Who of Zionists.

Comment by youhavetoforgiveme on November 17, 2009 at 9:21pm
Sounds like a good idea to me...especially if/when you have more than two or three "on board", I would think that this idea would be worthy of a separate group :)
Comment by agentOgden on September 29, 2009 at 10:12pm
Just an update, in case anyone cares, I HAVEN'T forgotten about this project. It's just taken a backseat to some others recently, (G20, SDSL2)

I'm sure you understand.

I still welcome suggestions and I still plan on getting around to this. I think it's important and it needs to be done.
Comment by Fred Black on August 18, 2009 at 9:55am
It's a great idea. I have recently been thinking myself of a very ambitious project along very similar lines, for pooling the collective knowledge of world wide networks, to layout a summary of the history of the world as by design, care of the "elites" and somehow organize this mammoth info database into a digestible form.

Your map is of to a good start, I would personally illustrate the top box as "Illuminati" with some of the sub tree secret societies that collectively make this group, which of course is well represented by "international Bankers" but which does comprise a number of other species including Royalty and Clergy.

The CFR unbeknown to most of it's members, is controlled by a minority Skull n Bones faction and most CFR policy is actually dictated from London - RIIA. But if we dig deeper, there is a saying that "all roads lead to Rome"

It's a complicated subject and I think the only way to make it look simple is with the use of an interactive scripted map with hyperlinks, pop-outs, tool tips etc.

A couple of links related to this area of research that I have found interesting -

MAJESTYTWELVE by William Cooper


About Albert Pike

NWO - An Overview

The 'Black' Pope

There are hundreds of pages more that I have personally browsed but undoubtedly thousands in existence, it's too overwhelming for people to contemplate, and that's why I'm attracted to this idea of trying to make it simple without losing the important detail.

Good luck with your project :)
Comment by agentOgden on August 17, 2009 at 5:01pm
One problem I've been running into is overlap between various groups of people. i made one other chart attempting to map the various subgroups within the so-called Liberty Movement, and I ended up with a lot of partially overlapping squares, some bigger and some small (to indicate relative size).

I am running into a similar problem when trying to sort out the elites into various groups. Not everything is concrete enough to neatly categorize the way I have done in these first two examples.

I want to come up with a visual shorthand that can communicate these nuances, without appearing cluttered or confusing.

I think each high-level chart will need several lower-level charts (i.e. subgroups within groups) to supplement.

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