Mercury in dental fillings not risky, FDA says !

To begin with, this is a sure sign that journalism is dead in Canada! For though it might be reported through CBC, CTV, Global, or any mewspapers, most stories are released by Associated Press or Reuters and echoed across the land on all sites, stations, and prints. RARELY does one find an original article with a differing point of view....just repeating parrots across the land. And since most of the news is released or approved by the U.S. first, you find out faster just by going to a U.S. news site, it comes out before the canadians...and says the same things!
Try searching some headlines...see how many times that 1 headline shows up in every paper across the country, as I did with my recent research into the developing indian situation! I typed in 1 headline from CBC, the same headline was in almost every paper across the continent, line for line, word for word! Imagine...we fool ourselves that we are well informed!

That being said, I came across this today. Friday was tamiflu approved for this...

Mercury in dental fillings not risky, FDA says

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 | 5:48 PM ET The Associated Press

The U.S. government declared Tuesday that silver dental fillings contain too little mercury to harm the millions of people who've had cavities filled with them, including young children, and that only people allergic to mercury need to avoid them.

It was something of an about-face for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which last year settled a lawsuit with anti-mercury activists by posting on its website a precaution saying questions remained about whether the small amount of mercury vapor the fillings can release were enough to harm the developing brains of fetuses or the very young.

On Tuesday, the FDA said its final scientific review ended that concern. Still, the agency did slightly strengthen how it regulates the fillings, urging dentists to provide their patients with a government-written statement detailing the mercury controversy and what science shows.

"The best available scientific evidence supports the conclusion that patients with dental amalgam fillings are not at risk for mercury-associated adverse health effects," said Dr. Susan Runner, FDA's dental products director.

Anti-mercury activists accused the agency of bowing to pressure from the dental industry and said they'd go back to court to try to force a change.

"FDA broke its contract and broke its word that it would put warnings for children and unborn children," said Charles Brown of Consumers for Dental Choice. "This contemptuous attitude toward children and the unborn will not go unanswered."

'Moderate risk' medical device
Too much mercury can harm the brain. It has made headlines in recent years as scientists have warned that some types of seafood contain enough to harm a fetus or young child.

Used since the 1800s, amalgam fillings are a mix of a different kind of mercury — a kind the body absorbs differently — with silver, copper and tin to harden it.

Tuesday, the FDA took the regulatory step of formally classifying amalgam fillings as a Class II or "moderate risk" medical device to ensure that dentists handle the mercury properly — using adequate ventilation — but to allow the allergy warning.

Until now, the FDA had classified the fillings' ingredients separately.

The practical effect of that technical change? The FDA released its review of 200 scientific studies that found no risk to adults or children over 6 from the fillings.

What about pregnant women or younger children? Tuesday's ruling supersedes the precaution from last year's lawsuit settlement, Runner said.

Growing popularity of composite fillings
Health Canada says that while amalgam has been shown to release mercury in the body, the levels are not serious enough to cause adverse health effects.

The FDA found that while there have been only a handful of rigorous studies comparing young children given either amalgam fillings or mercury-free tooth-colored resin composite ones, those studies haven't detected any brain problems.

Runner cited additional evidence concluding that babies and young children would be exposed to amounts well below safety limits.

But the statement dentists are urged to share with patients does raise the issue so that people who are concerned about the mercury can discuss an alternative.

Removing the fillings actually releases more mercury vapor, FDA said. People who think they're allergic to a filling ingredient should discuss that with a dentist.

Amalgams now account for about 30 per cent of U.S. fillings, their popularity dropping in favor of tooth-colored alternatives.

But they remain the cheapest filling, and dentists say there are some conditions that demand amalgams, such as spots on back teeth that won't stay dry long enough for composite fillings to bond.

© The Canadian Press, 2009

I just posted this comment....they are at 18 now. We'll see if they censor it!

So, hey, let's clear some things up once and for all. Mercury is good for you. Apartame is beneficial and not harmful. Flouride is manna. Adjuvents are just as safe on salads. Thermerosil has nothing to do with autism. The W.H.O. wasn't sued by Philipean Government for sterilizing over 100,000 people in a mass vaccination campaign. There was no swine flu in 76, and nobody was harmed by any shots. Agent Orange wasn't used in Vietnam. Monsanto loves nature and life. GMO's are safe and constructive. Pestacides go well and are harmless in softdrink. Chemical addatives and preservatives cause no problems whatsoever. Barium and aluminum aren't sprayed on citizen's daily...and they only keep you healthy and fit anyways! Steven Harper is completely qualified to hold his position. Micheal Ignatieff will not be your next Prime Minister. Petrolium Oil helps birds fly and reproduce. Plastic 7 has no estrogen mimmicking and transfer into food. Monkey's live at 3000 feet below the sea. Fish come in and out of the ozone layer freely. Mountains are flat! Plains are tiresome and steep. The sun cools everything down. Water is dry. Government mandated vaccinations are safe. Roundup goes well on salads. Tasers tickle. Guns kill people. Science can be trusted with everything under the sun. Dandylions are blue. Dirty stinky polluted water builds the teeth. Cancer is friendly. Steel towers crumble in strong winds easy. Your government loves you, hasn't called you useless eaters, and can be trusted completely....ESPECIALLY WITH YOUR CHILDREN! Just ask our native communities! If you are wondering about anything else...feel free to ask. Living in fantasyland has its finding reasonings and excuses for everything!

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Comment by luggnutz on July 29, 2009 at 10:03pm
Now check this out....

Mercury fillings pose health risks, FDA warns
Last Updated: Thursday, June 5, 2008 | 11:17 AM ET CBC News

Mercury in dental amalgams may pose health risks to children, fetuses and pregnant women, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning.

The FDA issued a statement, on its website Wednesday, about the potential dangers of dental amalgams.

As part of a legal settlement reached Monday, the federal agency has agreed to release a new ruling on the safety of dental amalgams in July 2009, and alert consumers about potential related hazards. Consumer advocacy groups, including Moms Against Mercury, called for a ban on the fillings in the U.S.

"Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses," the FDA said.

"When amalgam fillings are placed in teeth or removed from teeth, they release mercury vapour. Mercury vapour is also released during chewing."

The FDA says consumers should not have amalgam fillings removed.

Health Canada says that while amalgam has been shown to release mercury in the body, the levels are not serious enough to cause adverse health effects.
Comment by luggnutz on July 29, 2009 at 8:01pm
FDA Reluctantly Admits Mercury Fillings Have Neurotoxic Effects on Children
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer
Key concepts: Mercury, The FDA and Mercury fillings

(NaturalNews) For the first time, the FDA has issued a warning that the mercury contained in silver dental fillings may pose neurological risks to children and pregnant women.

"Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses," reads a statement that has been added to the agency's Web site. "Pregnant women and persons who may have a health condition that makes them more sensitive to mercury exposure, including individuals with existing high levels of mercury bioburden, should not avoid seeking dental care, but should discuss options with their health practitioner."

The warning was one of the conditions that the FDA agreed to in settling a lawsuit filed by several consumer health groups.

"Gone, gone, gone are all of FDA's claims that no science exists that amalgam is unsafe," said Charles Brown, a lawyer for Consumers for Dental Choice, one of the plaintiffs.

"It's a watershed moment," said Michael Bender of the Mercury Policy Project, another plaintiff.

Mercury is a well-known neurotoxin that can cause cognitive and developmental problems, especially in fetuses and children. It can also cause brain and kidney damage in adults.

So-called dental amalgams, or fillings made with a mix of mercury and other metals, have been used since the 1800s. Although it is known that small amounts of mercury are vaporized (and can be inhaled) when the fillings are used to chew food, and though Canada, France and Sweden have all placed restrictions on the use of mercury fillings, the FDA has always insisted that amalgams are safe.

Dental amalgams are considered medical devices, regulated by the FDA.

Even the FDA's new warning stops short of admitting that dental amalgams are dangerous for the general population. Instead, it focuses on the same population that has already been warned to limit mercury exposure by consuming less seafood: children and pregnant women. The FDA says it does not recommend that those who already have mercury fillings get them removed.

Millions of people have received amalgam fillings, although their popularity has dropped off in recent years. Currently, only 30 percent of dental fillings contain mercury - the rest are tooth-colored resin composites made from glass, cement and porcelain. These alternative fillings are more expensive and less durable than amalgam, however.

In 2002, the FDA began a regulatory review of amalgam that was expected to be complete within a few years. In 2006, with the review still incomplete, an independent FDA advisory panel of doctors and dentists rejected the agency's position that there is no reason for concern about the use of amalgam. While the panel agreed that the majority of people receiving such fillings would not be harmed, panel members expressed concern for the health of certain sensitive populations, including children under the age of six.

The panel recommended that the FDA conduct further studies on the risks to children from dental amalgam, and that it consider a policy of informed consent for children and pregnant: that is, warning those groups of the risks associated with the fillings before installing them.

Part of the lawsuit centered on the FDA's failure to respond to these recommendations in a timely fashion.

"This is your classic failure to act," federal judge Ellen Segal Huvelle told the agency.

As part of the lawsuit settlement, the FDA must reach a final decision on the regulation of amalgam by July 28, 2009.

"This court settlement signals the death knell for mercury fillings," Brown predicted.
But J.P. Morgan Securities analyst Ipsita Smolinski disagreed, saying that the FDA is unlikely to ban amalgam entirely

"We do believe that the agency will ask for the label to indicate that mercury is an ingredient in the filling, and that special populations should be exempt from such fillings, such as: nursing women, pregnant women, young children, and immunocompromised individuals," Smolinski said.
Comment by luggnutz on July 29, 2009 at 7:59pm
comment from someone on cbc site:

snapcall wrote:
Posted 2009/07/29
at 6:00 PM ETI can't wait until this ineffective US government goes bankrupt due to hyperinflation and loses the power to enforce anything on its people. How could such a corrupt organization recommend such a toxic chemical so close to the brain? Maybe its the same cigarette science that says sodium flouride is safe for humans to medicate their food with through the water supply.

Here's their previous admission of mercury toxicity. Just to keep the government operatives employed defending this topic on this comment posting. Sad.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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