If one were to take a transparency overlay of Bigfoot sightings on a map of the US and the 411 Missing persons cluster zones you might find that both coincide with each other. Especially in Oregon and California who suffer from more child vanishings then any other area in the states. Most often children will notice things that are overlooked by adults. Parents often ignore warnings given to them by their own kids. In one instance a 10 year old boy watched as a Sasquatch creature fed off a berry bush close to the back porch of his house. He watched intently as the creature picked berries and consumed them quietly . When the boy stepped on a dried leaf the man beast looked in his direction, made eye contact, and then started to walk toward the child.

It can't be

The boy ran into the house, shouted to his mother and father that there was a Bigfoot in the yard but was ignored by a mother preparing dinner and dad who was watching TV. After getting a glass of water the boy went back outside, but the intruder was gone. In Texas, a teenager on his bike was riding down a rural street where a canopy of trees formed an umbrella overhead. When he heard something behind him he glanced backwards and what he saw threw him into a panic. He attempted to pedal faster but a Sasquatch grabbed the rear of his bike so violently that it threw the young man forward and over his handle bars. The youth got up and ran home. The police were called out and a squad car responded. When officers arrived they went to the spot where the teen had been terrorized. They found his steel bike mangled and thrown up into the branches of a tree 10 feet in the air.

Creepy house reception

In a small Oregon town a family who had just moved into their new home found that the normally happy experience might not go as expected. With a dense treeline just ten feet away from the home it was expected that a rustling in the branches might be a raven or owl, but when the young girl gazed outside her window she screamed! On that evening as her parents arranged the furniture a huge dark form emerged from the shadowy treeline and loomed over the window of the little girl's bedroom. "There's a monster in my window!" She cried to her parents who raced to her room to see what had happened.

Disturbing events

In a small community near Beaver Falls in the months between 1949 and 1950 a local resident is driving along a winding country road in his Ford pickup. As he is making a turn around a curve he spots a huge tall figure covered in fur standing along the shoulder partially obscured by tall grasses. The creature is carrying something under its arm that appears to be covered in long gray hair. The man is shocked by what he has seen but prefers not to mention the incident to anyone else for fear of ridicule.

True terror

In the days and weeks that follow a number of disturbing incidents occur. An elderly woman who raises goats and makes money selling their milk disappears without a trace. The local newspaper reports that a man is found decapitated. His body is found in the living room of the house, but his dog is guarding the man's head out in front of his yard! Weeks later some children are enjoying cooling off with a swim at the local water hole when a girl sitting at a picnic table just a few feet from some bushes begins screaming and going into hysterics! Everyone comes to her rescue and after they calm her down she tells them that she saw a huge gorilla in the bushes staring at her from behind the foliage! The man who was steering his Ford truck around a curve earlier wondered if the long stand of gray hair in the creature's arm he had seen by the side of the road might have been the head of the woman who raised goats as she was known for her head of grayish long hair that flowed down to her waist.

When humans are the meal

Why are many people who have vanished and are eventually located either dead or alive found with their clothing folded next to their naked bodies? One witness was walking down a forested path when he heard a strange sound like running water. He had been hiking some distance ahead of his friends. Suddenly, he felt so hot that he began removing his layered clothing which didn't make much sense since it was a cold blustery day. By the time his friends caught up with him he was standing in his underwear and might have died from hypothermia had his people not intervened. When asked what he was thinking he could only say that he felt as though he was very hot and sweaty needing to cool off and walk in the direction of the running water to cool off in! He would later recall that he first heard a growl before being attracted to the sounds of running water.

The bloody process

Many predators such as Tigers or Cougars use infra-sound to confuse their prey. Their loud guttural growls can induce helplessness in the animals they attack and eat. Many eye witnesses to Sasquatch vocalizations speak of a devastating infra-sound emitted by the creatures that does the same thing to humans. Some experts believe that a Bigfoot can actually confuse a person into becoming deluded into feeling so hot and uncomfortable that they want to disrobe to cool off. If this is true then could it be that just before eating their prey they want the clothes off before consuming their meal? Some victims of Tiger attacks have been known to actually walk toward the loud growl of the predator rather than ran away. Why? Investigators agree that the infra-sound that is projected by the predator confuses its victim making it easier for the predator to overcome its victim. Are people easy prey as well here in America?

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Comment by Doc Vega on November 1, 2019 at 4:39pm

Thanks Diana!

Comment by Doc Vega on November 1, 2019 at 5:09am

James that is an interesting correlation. One could imagine several angles to that association.

Comment by James Roberts on October 31, 2019 at 10:14pm

Here's another pic you can put next to the 411 Missing map. A map of uranium deposits and concentrations in the US. See the correlation with the cluster areas, and areas where there are no disappearances?

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