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For years we’ve been told that Bigfoot or Sasquatch, not to mention numerous Native American names attributed to the mysterious hominid species were hoaxes, people mistakenly sighting bears walking a short distance on two legs, or simply monsters conjured up in the human mind under the effects of remote environments. Of course, there has been some of that, but truth be told we are now in an age of increased surveillance and convenient camera accessibility. As a result more and more film footage is beginning to surface showing the elusive man-like species lurking in the forests, game preserves, and wildlife parks that contain millions of square miles of untamed land. The American Indian knows this upright walking entity well, and have described them fervently in totem poles carved out in the Pacific Northwest as well as figurines made by southwestern Indian tribes now living on reservations in Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and other states on the North American continent.

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A legendary American figure and Bigfoot

James Bowie was a notable frontiersman, soldier, defender of the Alamo, and an expert in knife fighting. He forged the first large blade with a handle known as the “Bowie Knife” a deadly concealable knife that became extremely popular among woodsmen and pioneers as word of the new utility and self-defense blade got out. What does this have to do with Sasquatch? In his memoirs Bowie describes being out on a hunt with his teenaged son, searching for big game for food. The two split up to widen their hunting opportunity and got out of sight of each other in the woods. Jim heard the report of his son’s rifle and ran to where he thought the shot came from. To his amazement and horror his son was in the grip of a man-like monster who had a hold of his son by his leg and was violently shaking him and slamming him to the ground. He knew his son would be dead very quickly if he didn’t do something fast so Bowie took aim and fired. That shot dropped the beast who would have for certain killed his son.

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Bullet resistant?

Bowie details in his journal how he ran to his son’s side and checked him for injuries. Miraculously, though his son had taken quite a beating there were no broken bones or internal injuries just cuts and bruises. They proceeded to examine the “Wild Man”. It appeared Bowie’s son had hit the creature in the chest but the shot had not stopped the man beast. They did an autopsy cutting away the flesh from the chest and uncovered a breast plate of bone all across the front of the upper torso unlike people who would simply have a rib cage and narrow breast bone in the center so the bullet was stopped by this chest plate of bone, but Bowie had killed his son’s mysterious assailant by hitting it in the eye socket with his well-placed shot. This is only one of many tales coming out of the early days of the westward expansion where pioneers found themselves confronted, at times, by hairy wild men, never described as apes or monkeys, but as huge hair covered man-like entities, and even females with a child.

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Deadly encounters?

Other reports of hunters shooting at what they thought was the threatening presence of a Sasquatch have described the same thing in modern times that a direct hit in the chest failed to stop the hominid from the unknown. Recently, a report of specials op’s forces confronting Sasquatch fired at and killed more than one of the Bigfoot when running into them. Of course, possessing the lethal fire power of automatic machine guns and military grade long rifles would be impossible to overcome, but apparently Sasquatch is not just a feral form of ancient human being. We’ve been told that zoologists claim if there were Sasquatch why haven’t we recovered bones, skulls, or fossilized remains? The answer is that we have. Ever heard of the huge skeletal remains of giants now being unearthed everywhere from the Middle East to the forests of New York? Since the late 1800’s such remains have been exposed, documented, and preserved, but rather than acknowledge accounts of Bigfoot being as tall as 9 feet to 12 feet high they would rather put these remains in an entirely different category such as fallen angels, ancient giants such as Goliath described in the Bible, or simply a rare species of gigantic human beings rather than arrive at a different conclusion. Why?

Forensic proof?

We know Gigantopithecus existed in Asia 300,000 years ago but archaeologists have only located fragments of the jaw and skull in order to piece together the existence of an Asian giant gorilla now extinct. Remains of all common animals such as bears, wolves, big cats, and deer rapidly degrade in the acidic soil of the forest, that scavengers will dig up and devour the remains, or that erosion from rain or the changing course of rivers and creeks will quickly disperse the anatomy of a dead carcass. So, it is not that surprising at all that an intact Sasquatch corpse in the Pacific Northwest or other wooded region of the US and the rest of the world would be extremely difficult to acquire.

From where?

Yet, there’s another disturbing development among the more secretive aspects of government and military bases. One scientist admits to Steve Isdahl of the “How to Hunt” channel on YouTube recieved an email from a government researcher preferring to remain anonymous, that a Sasquatch jumped a 12 foot high anti-personnel barb wire fence enclosing a secret facility witnessed on security cameras and it  even looked straight into the camera to the shocked amazement of those inside of the bunker. Recently, Steve had another report of a couple of hunters who saw a Sasquatch appear out of thin air in front of them leading many to the conclusion that they may arrive through an interdimensional porthole into our physical reality. He even goes as far to say that the ones who seem to be caught out in the open may just have arrived and not gotten their bearings about them yet. This along with many collected samples of DNA of an as of yet unknown species of man-like hominid with closely matching genetic ties to we humans is rapidly closing the gap on truth over disinformation.

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