The research of Clifford Carnicom, Will Thomas and others has exposed chemtrails as a primary vehicle through which Morgellons, modified molds, fungi and numerous other pathogens and nano-particulized toxins have been spread into the global population.


One area that bio warfare or population reduction research funded by the Dept. of Defense is reported to have focused on is pathogens that are race specific.  The SARS outbreak of a few years back infected mostly those of Asian descent.


The World Health Organization has been caught on several occasions in recent years vaccinating women of childbearing age in third world countries with vaccines that promoted sterility.   Researchers, Dr. Leonard Horowitz in particular, have presented very credible & convincing evidence that AIDS was a deliberately bio lab created pathogen engineered for the purpose of eugenically motivated population reduction.   Additionally this virus appears to have been spread deliberately through WHO vaccinations in Africa shortly after 1975.  Also spread into the gay population in 1975 in New York City through the Hep B vaccination trials.



So with this history in mind, the linking of Eugenics, sterilization, the deliberate spread of plagues, the use of chemtrails for spreading disease and other pathogens and toxins that promote population reduction, it was with horror that I read the news item today about The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donating money to fund the development of nano vaccines that can be spread through the air and upon contact with human skin & perspiration will travel through the skin vaccinating whom ever they land on, with or without that person's knowledge or consent.  Not stated in the article but glaringly obvious was that these “silent” vaccinations could also be engineered to include sterility inducing drugs and other pathogens, perhaps race specific sterility inducing drugs and pathogens.  


Since the powers that be have already shown through their own actions that they are willing to surreptiously use vaccinations to promote sterility and disease and to befoul the global atmosphere with contamination for the purpose of population reduction I see no reason to think there would be any hesitation in using a newly developed nano-vaccine technology in the chemtrails to mass vaccinate various geo-political areas.


This would make eugenically motivated population pruning under the guise of vaccination very easy indeed.


Although we are all under threat from ongoing depopulation programs certain segments of the global population have been more targeted than others. This would include Gays, native Afrikaners, African-Americans, Native Americans and citizens of third world countries that contain valuable natural resources or attractive real estate that could be developed.


The CIA and global corporations are already said to work hand in hand with some researchers into these matters stating that the CIA has become the police force for certain global corporations.  What if such a corporation wished to drill for oil in an area of the Amazonian rainforest but was being stopped from doing so by a tribe of indigent native Indians?


How simple would it be to simply have the native population “exfoliated” first by stealth airborne nano-technology that would decimate these peoples before they even realized what had hit them or who the perpetrators were?


The ramifications of what would be possible with this new technology are horrifying.  What defense would any world citizen have against this ominous and powerful tool to control who lives and how long we are allowed to live.


It is most unfortunate that mankind has the ability to develop technologies with a huge potential to be abused before mankind has developed the spiritual evolvement to only use such inventions wisely and for the good of all.


The potential for abuse with the nano-vaccine technology is so great that imo it should not be allowed to be developed.   Once developed almost certainly it will be used against us.


Bill Gates would not be able to fund this type of research if it were not for the enormous wealth created through Microsoft.


He is funding research that will undoubtedly be used against the very populations that created his wealth by buying his Microsoft products.


I would suggest spreading the word and an immediate and complete and total boycott of anything manufactured by Microsoft.