Obama and Biden Kill Osama bin Laden

Obama and Biden Kill Osama bin Laden
The news that Obama and Biden killed Osama Bin Laden overshadowed anything and everything that the world had bin following for the last year. It eclipsed japan Libya Syria Yemen Egypt Wisconsin and even the Royal wedding news was cut short thanks to Obama killing Osama. I was amazing news. What were the odds that a terrorist named Osama who had bin hunted for the last ten years by the most powerful nation on earth would be finally shot in the head in real time by a president named Obama?
If someone had told you ten years ago that Osama bin Laden will be killed by a president and vice president named Obama & Biden you would have laughed then. True or true? It just seems too incredible to be true.But we have to believe the official story for all its worth. But the world was set ablaze with the story. From self congratulatory emotions of overjoy staged in front of the white house to scenes of flag burning in Pakistan the world was buzzing with the news of the killing. The murder of the USA's Most Wanted Man. The man with a $25 million bounty on his head. Let me restate that. Thats The man with a P1.075 Billion pesos bounty on his head.
The killing although followed by the fake gruesome pictures of Osama bin Laden was timely. Most people i spoke to in and around the Republic of Alabang and most news articles wholesomely neoconcluded that the killing of Osama bin Laden couldn't have come at a better time for Obama & Biden since their popularity was sinking to new lows and the 2012 election was around the corner. The killing made Obama look like a hero to some and murderer to others. It couldn't have come at a better time for us too here as just prior to the killing of Osama by Obama the networks were beginning to kill us with the news about the Royal Wedding.
The beautiful and lovely wedding to many who are in love with their kings and queens and ostentatious and insensitive to many who have feel that the days of kings and queens should end along with the dictators of the middle east. The most royal wedding the planet had ever witnessed took place despite the carnage and the killing in Yemen and Syria and Bahrain and Egypt and Tunis and the bombing of Libyan targets by NATO planes who were supposed to shoot down Libyan planes that were bombing Libyan targets. The royal wedding overshadowed the war in the middle east which was overshadowing the disaster in Japan which overshadowed the tragic quake in New Zealand. Current events have an uncanny way of overtaking us leaving our mouths agape to what we see on our TV screens and read in our news dailies and leave our minds to half forget to what had just had our mouths agape at just a tragedy ago.
Obama killing Osama led Noam Chomsky to ask, What if Iraqi forces flew into Texas and killed George Bush and shot his wife Laura in the leg how would you feel? http://www.counterpunch.org/mendenhall05132011.html 
Bin Laden was also said to be unarmed in his pajamas and suffering from kidney problems. Was that really justice? It sure looked like vengeance. The logical and humane way to apprehend a man you have been after for ten years who you capture unarmed and the most he could do when he saw you is piss on himself, is to capture him alive so as to waterboard him to your hearts content. Wouldn't you have done that? And then they dump his body into the sea saying no one wanted the corpse. Why didn't they give the corpse to the family? Its doubtful that his mother if she were alive didn't want him. The only neoconclusion is that Osama was killed and dumped at sea so as he wouldn't spill the beans. Dead men tell no tales.
The story lingers on today as we speak there are more questions than answers. A suicide bomber just killed 80 Pakistanis in what they say is the first major retaliation from the killing of Obama. http://www.newser.com/story/118480/80-killed-in-pakistan-blasts.html Did i say Obama ? I meant Osama.
Looks like Osama lives on. Just hope that Obama killing Osama he has not turned him into a martyr in the hearts and minds of the extremists and will open a flood gate of suicide bombers. 80 killed and hundreds wounded is a horrible kill and we hardly heard or even care about it. Could you just imagine the reaction had that happened in London or Los Angeles or Manila? Eighty dead and counting! That would be traumatic to any major city. But since its happened in Pakistan and since it happens there all the time the world is nonchalant.
Would it have bin worth it killing Osama if it brings the beginning of a wave of Osama laden suicide bombers? Osama might become bigger in death than he was alive. But the Osama killing asides from being a boost to Obama has bin a huge distraction from the killing and oil grabbing in Libya. And the destabilization of Syria. And the generals who were hand picked by Mubarak who are still in power, and Yemen and Bahrain and heaven help us all, Saudi Arabia.Of course the US will fight tooth and nail to save the monarchy in Saudi Arabia, and they say it can never happen there but as Syria & Libya & Egypt proved, never say it cant happen here.
But if war breaks out in KSA the evacuation of the most concentration of Filipino OFW's in the world will be a monumental task and the ensuing hundreds of jobless in Manila will be overwhelming. We don't even want to think of those consequences but they're looming on the horizon.
If Lebanon which is roughly 10,000 sq kms took 15 years to end its war and one of the most powerful armies in the world cant contain Gaza which is even smaller than Lebanon, and using Iraq and Afghanistan as benchmarks each still ongoing for nearly a decade, how could we expect Arab spring to end anytime soon? Syria compared to Lebanon is almost 400,000 sq kms and Libya and Egypt in that ball park, one doesnt have to be a Nostradamus to foresee this situation stretching out much longer than anyone wishes it to last.
What could be the worst that could happen? The big powers clash. Oil hitting $300 and Gold and Silver $3000 & $200 before you know it. Well, WWIII. Thats the worst. Russia and China are not going to sit back and watch NATO take over Libya and all that sweet crude oil and a dispute over that might spark the first world war of the 21st Century. 1910? 2011? If that happens then are we prepared? The eventuality of war is just as real as the reality of climate change. Yet there is nothing we can do about it but bitch and blog about it.

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