Obama Cannot Deny His Past Influenced By Radicals Who Hate America

In 2008 our traitorous mass media ignored the troubling past influences of American hatred through out Obama's life while not only the Democrats but Republicans hurried the election of an obscure junior senator from Illinois to run for the presidency, but it won't happen this time in 2012. 

Why do we bother to dig through the details of a candidate’s personal history and affiliations with possible influential figures in their lives? For pivotal positions in government that could have far reaching effects upon America’s future and our quality of life, I would say that this is definitely appropriate. Any presidential hopeful should absolutely expect that their life will be dissected, and that they better have the answers.

However, this was definitely not the case in 2008 when a young relatively inexperienced and little known Senator from Illinois by the name of Barack Hussein Obama took the national stage and was chosen by the Democratic Elections Committee. For some reason even as John McCain was being thoroughly investigated for having been born to a US Navy admiral and his wife in the Panama Canal zone, apparently the same rules did not apply to Barack Obama. As a matter of fact, not only was the US media conspicuously remiss on the true origin and accountability of Obama, so were the Democrat and Republican parties as well. It seemed that whether or not Obama met Constitutional muster was not as important an issue as simply getting the junior Senator from Illinois elected by hook or crook. A conspiracy was most assuredly in the making as our liberal media shouted down critics and refused to answer crucial questions while running interference for an apparent usurper.

Questions of Obama’s loyalty to America as a citizen, his true religious orientation, the content of his academic records, and his political influences were simply passed over or de-emphasized by our pro-leftist mainstream media, who even now continue to trumpet our controversial President’s virtues. The insanity is coming to a fever pitch now. Opinion polls seem deceptively fixed and depicting results that simply do not reflect the true frustration and anger of an American public who feel betrayed in the face of their President’s ambivalence to high unemployment as he and his family party and vacation in lavish fashion. Perhaps many of us feel that our intelligence is being insulted as news stories still reflect positively while the economy continues in decline.

A most illuminating insight into Obama’s radically influenced past comes to us as a result of the testimony of former Weather Underground member,Larry Grathwohl. In his interviews we are appalled to find out that this domestic terrorist organization headed by William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn along with others planned for the violent overthrow of the government of the United States. Along with 25 or more liberal college professors, this organization bombed federal buildings and even the home of a federal judge resulting in his son being wounded by a nail bomb.

Ayers played an important role in the political and philosophical development of young Barack Obama, assisting in building both his career and public image. William Ayers is said to have penned at least one of Obama’s auto biographies in molding the public’s impression of who Barack Obama really is. Few people though are aware of the brutal and inhuman designs that lay ahead for Americans had the Weather Underground succeeded in a coup that would have insured a violent revolution against capitalism and individual freedoms in America.

Just to have an insight into the monstrous plans of William Ayers and his minions is to also have a look into the heart and soul of Barack Obama who was, no doubt, indoctrinated into having a resentful and indifferent view of Americans to say the least. According toLarry Grathwohl, as he sat in a living room along with William Ayers and some very sober and determined college professors who were totally committed to the concept of turning America over to authorities of North Vietnam, mainland China, North Korea, and the Soviet Union, who would be directly in charge of huge regions of the zone interior of the United States.

Grathwohl clearly paints a horrid picture of  a power corrupted and morally absent leadership that when faced with the question of infrastructure management of 250 million American lives once under Communist rule. Grathwohl succinctly leads us through the earnest discussions of Weather Underground planners such as Ayers who soberly outlined internment camps and re-education centers to reorient the population. It did not stop there as they also anticipated the die hard supporters of the old system of free enterprise and Constitutional existence who would never knuckle under or change their ideology. For these people, William Ayers and his architects for a Communist regime for North America would be fully prepared to execute an estimated 25 million people in order that their regime would succeed.

For the US media to dismiss this kind of blood thirsty influence, this determined plan to undermine the most humanitarian system of government yet devised on the face of the planet and reduce it to a World War II footing replete with massive executions as not having made an impression upon Obama is ludicrous! William Ayers was of paramount importance to Barack Obama in connecting him to the leftist Chicago political machinery and as a mentor who helped to convince Obama of the righteousness of his ideological purpose.

As demonstrated by eye witness, retired postal worker,Alan Hulton, who met young Barack Obama in front of the home of Bill Ayers, was introduced to him, and even told that Obama would someday be president, verifies that this was a long range plan carried out with determination and considerable financing. Andrew Breitbart, in a speech to CPAC as he unveiled his plan to vet Obama again only under the revelations of his old mentors referred to the radical professors who conspired with Bill Ayers as “Silver Pony Tails”. Radical, leftist, establishment hating, revolutionary, hippies, the Weather Underground inducted a young and impressionable Barack Obama who already admitted to heavy drinking and drug use while in high school by this time.

Our brilliant forefathers foresaw that the most dreaded challenge to the American way of life would as not be from standing armies, but from within. They knew that the office of the presidency would demand the most loyal and well qualified individual to lead the country. As a result, the US Constitution was quite specific in its requirement for a natural born citizen who had both parents born on American soil so that the child were properly raised in a patriotic way. The utmost requirement would be that the President of the Untied States of America would have an undying allegiance to this nation, it’s people, and would defend the Constitution itself as it guaranteed the rights of American citizens. Does President Obama qualify under those specific ideals and standards? I think not!

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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on May 20, 2012 at 4:56pm

Its turned evil, the gov is now a horrible monster who is hiding behind a thin mask of "Democracy" just for show, after all the sheeple still think they're here to protect us after all.

But yes, WE, The Awakened get it, we KNOW the NWO put Georgy and Barry into place. We KNOW that 9/11 was BushyAdmin and Israeli's doing. We KNOW OK city was an inside job. We KNOW its no longer Dems vs Repubs, its Us vs Them. We KNOW Barry is an illegal usurper w/ plans of ruining whats left.

Heres the scary part...when it gets to the point where the majority KNOW (almost there), and these old dinosaur bastards get tired of waiting for their Ultimate Plan to fall in place, then thats when the mask comes off and the real Monster reveals its true, horrifying agenda & just admits that YES, we're evil, Fuk u and your Democracy and your Constitution, Yes we want the world, and Yes we are going to kill you.....

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on May 20, 2012 at 10:11am

sharing this Doc, thanks!!!

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