Obama White House lies over unemployment figures



By Doc Vega

As Democrats rejoice over reported unemployment reduction from 7.9% to 7.7% saying that this is a reflection of President Obama’s economic policies, we need to more closely examine reality concerning the true unemployment picture. Little did the US mass media bother to inform the public that 130,000 persons dropped off the employment rolls. Neither did the news networks bother to give equal coverage to JC Penney’s lay-off of 2,200 workers. Of the available working force that does hold down a job, the number of people holding more than one job climbed considerably, as a matter of fact, the highest percentage of people holding more than one job than any time in history. What does this actually say? That sobering fact illustrates the number of people in this Obama economy that are under employed working at less than their career salaries were paying is staggeringly high.

Too many lost jobs

The true face of an economy that has actually shrunken by 8.5 million jobs tells us the true state of employment when we realize that there are that many jobs less than there were in 2009 when the President took office. This is due to businesses closing down, the US continuing to lose manufacturing capability, and other employers struggling to survive having to lay off personnel.  Where are these jobs now? Why, overseas, of course. Whites are experiencing 6.8% unemployment, blacks 13.6%, Hispanics 9.6%, teens 25%, the statistics speak for themselves. The Obama administration is most definitely not solving economic problems in America.

The State of the Union has continued to deteriorate under the Democrat dominated White House, and all the games being played over the sequester, broadcasting false labor statistics, and relying on the lies of the US media will not improve a besieged America. The people who have not been able to find a job are well acquainted with the decline while the federal government continues to bluster over questionable statistical headline improvements that will not stand up under the light of scrutiny.

A lesson they refuse to be learned by not only the Democrats but liberals and many other American citizens needs to be remembered here. Here are the rules of economics, governments, and society.

Rule number 1-Government does not create wealth it imposes taxes, penalties, and regulations that confiscate wealth.

Rule number 2-Government does not create anything but laws, codes, statutes, agencies, and taxes the producers and employers who create the basis for an economy.

Rule number 3-Government involvement in solving social problems usually fails and yet costs billions in lost revenue consumed by infrastructure and bureaucratic expense. Remember such bankrupt programs as social security, Medicaid, Medicare, welfare, food stamps? Has the war on drugs worked? No. Has the war on poverty actually expunged the poor? No. Has an international agency like the DEA had an impact on the drug trade that infiltrates US borders? No.

Rule number 4-Government grows by shrinking private sector economy. It takes more taxes, it takes jobs, and it becomes an imposition upon the lives of its citizens.

Rule number 5-Government does not know what’s better for us than we do. We are the adults here. We have to make a living. We have to educate ourselves. We have to survive in society and on the world stage by being self-reliant and responsible for our own actions.

Rule number 6-Government promotes dependency not self-reliance. It does this purposely in order to justify tax increases and more regulations to justify its own existence and influence in our lives.

The blind choose to submit to tyranny

Our society has forgotten these rules when submitting to the authority of government and falling for the billions offered to states to accept such flawed programs as Affordable Healthcare. Those billions have been printed from worthless paper and only represent an insurmountable deficit that will come back to haunt us. If our lawmakers on Capitol Hill learned from these lessons, if the people realized that big government solves nothing, but does become the problem instead of the answer many obstacles would simply fall into place.

History can repeat itself in a good way

Only a conservative approach to government that can keep the relationship between society and government in check can work. Smaller government that does not impose upon the economic health of a free enterprise society promotes a viable relationship between society and a ruling entity that is supposed to serve that society. While we do need government for establishing a standing army, a system of law, and governing body that represents the people. This was the original intention of our forefathers who wrote the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution, not old and outdated concepts but the very sources of hot topics discussed widely in our society today because America is based upon rights of the individual, and many forms of government are designed to take that all important aspect away.

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