How the Democrat Party has doomed America to Marixism

By Doc Vega

With record trillions in national debt, Democrats failure to adopt a budget plan, and job prospects still in a downward spiral, what will it take to wake up Americans who are the very victims of this plague? One reason for this inherent denial is the US mass media which have behaved just like the old Soviet state news agencies Pravda and TASS. These news agencies were basically propaganda sources for the Communist Politburo only releasing reporting sanctioned by the hardline state official proclamations. Much like their Russian counterparts, the American mainstream media has done little more than repeat every and anything told to them by the White House press secretary while they attack the American conservative traditions.

Government teaches dependency

There is another aspect of American’s reluctance to see the truth behind the Obama administration’s assault on America, and that’s the entitlement mentality. There are currently some 46 million people on unemployment benefits or food stamps. Due to a government created recession as EPA and Democrat policies have discouraged jobs in favor of environmental considerations and politicizing issues, recovery is almost nonexistent. However, a strategy of buying votes by creating a huge welfare state has been part of the Democrat platform for decades now. This has encouraged the generations of black Americans between the years of 1964 and 1975 to seek federal handouts over jobs. This encouraged idea of making the poor into wards of the state rather than teach self-reliance and job skills has led to huge government costs and flagrant fraud that only compounds the US deficit. All this encouraged and engineered by the Democrat agenda to capture a voter mandate based upon class warfare. Staying in power by utilizing destructive policies is exactly how Obama and the Democrats appear to be determined to execute their strategy.

Keeping minorities as useful idiots

How do Black Americans distinguish between sincere and honest political direction and corrupt soothsayers who will only carry on with the same tactics once the election is over? Even though many blacks living in the decaying inner cities are disenchanted with Obama, they refuse to consider another candidate. Many blacks who have chosen a conservative political pathway have indeed experienced the brunt of the liberal bias against them and the backlash that liberals and Democrats unleash upon any black American who refuses to fall into the victim of society mold who must subsist on government subsidy. Instead they find themselves the victims of accusations made by liberals accusing them of not being themselves and therefore being tools of the right wing conspiracy. Many are waking up to the fact liberal policies don’t help, but instead keep government recipients in a vicious cycle of dependency with little chance of self-improvement.

America indoctrinated by radicalism

In the northeastern region of the country, New York, New England, and the Ivy League universities, the blind and self-assured political movement of the radical left has captivated professors and campuses alike. These people exist on the smug assurance that socialism, collectivism, statism, and Marxism are the only tenets of equality that can be effective government political leadership for a large and diverse society. Using big government to guarantee there is no poverty, to level the playing field, to alleviate our society of fat cats making big profits while the little guy suffers unable to get his piece of the pie too. This is the fallacy created by the Stalins, Lenins, and Trotskys of the world under a socialist state that enslaves all, discourages the initiative of the individual, and keeps everyone in a minimally equal economic footing while the privileged upper class enjoys the forbidden pleasures. The hypocrisy and failure of such government s such as China, Russia, and North Korea are resplendent with bloody examples of oppression and brutal military rule as the masses starve; thirsting for the freedom they know exists in America and Western Europe.

Betrayed by public education

However, our modern day publicly educated school system teaches progressive policy instead of objective reality. Our classrooms are now injected with Gay content in high schools, sexual content in elementary reading, even radical leftist politics are being introduced at younger levels. American history and exceptionalism are now being discouraged if not being overlooked altogether. Why? Indoctrination. Political engineering by the leftist elements in our society seek to brain wash our children early into the precepts of a state controlled environment where most aspects of their lives will be subject to the powerful regulation of a strong overbearing central government that runs contrary to the original direction of our Constitutional Republic and the intentions of our founding fathers.

Destruction of the truths we once embraced as Americans

The evil is here in America. It is working overtime. It manifests itself into those who have been deluded, influenced, and deceived about their true heritage. Political agenda has replaced moral and ethical guide lines. Big government has replaced the sanctity of the American family. Big authoritarian government is now substituted for God and faith. A takeover of our society is being achieved with a determined and vicious assault on the traditional American way of life. Too many citizens of this nation have been lulled into complacency and duped with propaganda to see the coup that has occurred right under their very noses. This is how a corrupt presidency can remain undetected or remains unchallenged by social outrage when the public blindly trust politicians to navigate a nation under an infinite number of different influences and temptations. This is America the besieged!



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Comment by Doc Vega on March 30, 2013 at 2:18am

it's not a matter of pointing fingers over ideology it's a matter of which party has consistently been fiscally irresponsible, has funded social engineering programs, has led the spending to new deficit levels, and who has been co-opted by Saul Alinsky style propaganda and disinformation, and historically the Democrats have while falsely vilifying the GOP in the eyes of uninformed low information voters. If there was a third party capable of defeating the Democrats I'd be there ASAP but there isn't. Conservatism is the only intelligent answer and unlike liberalism it is not a political ideology it is merely a common sense approach to government, society, and life. Our founding fathers were conservatives and geniuses compared to the idiots on Capitol Hill today!

Comment by Sweettina2 on March 30, 2013 at 1:23am

Both parties are complicit in this treason.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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