Ominous Developments in the South China Sea Region


Are the Communist Chinese spoiling for a fight? The week before a US RC-135 unarmed reconnaissance aircraft is harassed by a Chinese fighter jet passing dangerously close and forcing the American crew to fly through the jet wash turbulence. The following week a few days ago a US Naval Destroyer is threatened by a Chinese warship coming within 150 yards of the Americas, cutting in front of the destroyer and forcing the crew to navigate through the resulting wave disturbance of the rough sea churned up by the Chinese propellers. These acts of deliberate provocation point to mounting tensions.

Loss of confidence

In previous days the US Navy has been forced to fire and discipline 2 Destroyer captains after investigations by Naval Intelligence. One Captain of an “Arleigh Burke” class guided missile destroyer, the USS Stout, serving in the South China Sea patrol court martialed Commander Applebaugh on June 2nd. On May 19th earlier came the firing of the Commander Angela Gonzales and Executive Officer Johnathon Zhang of the USS Finn as they arrived at US Naval port in Japan. To further round out the current shake up of US Navy leadership in the Pacific theater Brig. Gen. Paul Birch, head of the 36th Wing at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, was relieved Tuesday by 11th Air Force commander Lt. Gen. David Nahom, according to a 36th Wing statement that day. Loss of confidence was the reason for relieving the two Destroyer Commanders while General Birch was relieved from his Guam command for personal misconduct, but nothing of a criminal nature.

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More commanders relieved

In addition to these disturbing events there have also been two additional firings of US Naval missile guided destroyers on the east coast, one such Commander Alexa Jenkins Naval Home Port, Mayport Naval Station, Florida. So what is going on? The US Navy says that it expects higher standards of conduct among its officers, but what is equally disturbing is the “Loss of Confidence” cause for court martial. This implies that the crew of the ship dies not have faith in their command, in some cases in the past such a charge would precede mutiny! 

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For a number of years, especially after the collisions while near port of two incidents a few years back where Naval crews improperly navigated and wrecked, some alarming causes began to be uncovered. Drug and alcohol fueled gay orgies aboard ship had been reported. A general lack of discipline seems to have occurred and considering all this: at the worst possible time!

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An ominous prediction

A memo has been leaked by General Minihan’s command that his gut feeling is that China is ramping up for an invasion of Taiwan by 2025. Xi Ji Ping under the old bloody and time tested aegis of “Reunification” that China owns Taiwan and despite the vehement opposition of the Taiwan Chinese against a Communist China occupation of their soil, tensions are mounting just as more war plane incursions are occurring in the ADIZ along with naval blockades by the China in the South China Sea region hear Taiwan. The Chinese Navy has increased in vessels, and Xi Ji Ping has instructed his armed services to prepare for war. Is this due to the insensitivity of the nations over engaging in warfare? Have people forgotten the horrors of war so soon? Has the aggressive ambition of the Communist Chinese been emboldened by a US President who they have in their pocket and who can be influenced over foreign policy as a result (Biden)? It seems that the Chinese believe that they can either provoke a war and win or that if an invasion upon Taiwan occurs that the US might back out like it did in Afghanistan?

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Here’s one more rat for your skull. Estimates of massive weapons left behind in Afghanistan range as high as 85 billion in armored vehicles, assault rifles, munitions, artillery, missiles, electronics, and even biometric data on US troops? This is unforgivable! Now throw in what the US has been donating to Ukraine for the Russia conflict. There is a shortage of arsenal and ammunition as we speak and sources have warned against this depletion of resources.

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An unwinnable scenario?

Getting back to General Minihan of AMC (Air Mobility Command) he has already prepared a battle containment plan in the event that hostilities break out. This is a very bad omen when conditions appear so dire that war seems to be inescapable and that it’s only a matter of time!  As I’ve said earlier in a grim parallel with the pre-World War II atmosphere where we knew war with Japan was imminent only a matter of time, it appears history may repeat itself again. Only this time, America won’t be in the enviable position of a superiority by geo positioning or having the manufacturing capability to overcome our enemies as a modern day war comprising the digital battlefield and hyper sonic missiles and supersonic aircraft, the blood shed could be unthinkable within hours and days. With the exception of Desert Storm, it seems that ever since World War II, America has gone into every conflict with one hand tied behind its back?  

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Comment by Doc Vega on June 6, 2023 at 4:25pm

Less Prone You and me both Buddy. I wake up everyday to find another piece of the insane puzzle of worldwide destruction just waiting for the right spark to light the powder keg! And very possibly END Times predictions in the Bible. The Valley of Armageddon? May not be the right geographical region but MAGOG is on the move.

Comment by Less Prone on June 6, 2023 at 3:46pm

A hundred years there were warnings about the US becoming what it is now. Look at the democratic party, the rhinos, those who control the vote counting. The Lenin, Stalin, Marx, Engels and Jung are back, resurrected by the usury cabal. The leaders of the US and Europe are taking us into decadence and slaughter, with or without China or Russia. They don't care about the people they are supposed to represent. Totalitarian government is bad whatever name you call it. The balance of power is shifting, the BRICS are rising and the west is committing a suicide. This is a sad state of affairs. We are f.ked already. 

Transfer of technology to China was in our philantropists' hands. They gave them power. I don't believe in good intentions of our leaders, mostly belonging to the Schwab Jugend. Those people are cluelessly guiding manking into a slaughterhouse believing that way to save themselves. What happened to the "good" party members under Stalin. The useful idiots were killed.

Go on writing your poetry, by all means. I wake up every morning into another day of a grim realization. Where we are as humanity.  Nothing wrong with writing poems. People need to release steam somehow. If it works for you, it's ok.

Comment by Doc Vega on June 6, 2023 at 3:10pm

Less Prone Irregardless of who originates the war the US has no choice! If Taiwan gets invades we lose our microprocessor chips and it becomes an existential threat. If China gains control of the China Seas they capture the shipping lanes of world trade. The world under China's watch would be pro-Communist pro-anti Christian pro-human rights violations and pro-Communism! We would all be fucked! China uses children and literal slaves for its industrial output. A WalMart went to China to tour their operations and when he came back to the US in tears and he quit his job telling his wife of the human tragedy of Chinese export business. I've been to China at a time a bit earlier than the tensions we're seeing now when the US military was hopeful that interdependent trade with the China would keep them from being the Communist bastards they are but harmony was short lived. I can safely say that what I saw over there demonstrated the government could give a shit less about its people and the people are too damned dumbed down to know it! Kind of like what's happening in the US now! And you wonder why I write bittersweet poetry living through this shit.

Comment by Less Prone on June 6, 2023 at 2:42pm

A strong illusion prevails. That of the communist China. Why did the supposedly capitalist west provide the keys of success and global domination to China? They both are controlled by the same forces. The future of manufacturing is in China, the industrial powerhouse of the world. And I don't say it would be a good thing, but that is how it goes. That is how it was splanned to be. With the economic power, sooner or later, comes the role of a world police. The old Chinese Empire was destroyed in the opium wars by the British and the country was guided into communism, Look at the Usury Cabal, the creators of debt money, for those responsible. I say one more time; All Wars are Banker Wars.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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