One Major Reason For the Ideological Division in America

Perhaps more than ever before the voter population of the United States of America seems more deeply divided between the question of conservative policy and the leftist agenda than at any time in history. What fuels this division is perhaps best characterized by journalist, Dennis Praeger, as an example of a US media that shamelessly rejects objective reporting for its ties with the Democrat party and its deeply invested rationale into the leftist fantasy. Of 430 major TV and radio reporters in the broadcast industry 96% of their political contributions to the 2016 Presidential campaign were given to Hillary Clinton! Does this demonstrate a huge prejudice within the press community against President Trump and a shell shocked anger over the unexpected defeat of Hillary Clinton?

Lies sold as reality

With the Democratic Party in a socialistic trajectory that advocates more deficit spending by the federal government while rejecting more and more a Constitutional approach to governance by our founding fathers it would seem that the wisdom of the Republic and a conservative agenda is demonized automatically without question or documented reporting. All journalism in America has practically been reduced to biased commentary, not objective reporting! This indeed in play as the poisoned comments by the insanity of Nancy Pelosi, the distortions of Chuck Schumer, or the Communist rants of Bernie Sanders who led his state into deep deficits as a governor while his wife is currently being charged with financial improprieties due to her fiscal mismanagement at her precious university position.

Destruction by propaganda

Yet, this is the very manifest destiny of the Democrats and leftist followers who will blindly destroy America should they gain control of the fiscal management of this nation. How could you take the largest economy in the world and reduce it to being out spent by the very federal government that is supposed to serve the private sector and the will of the people? You impose false narratives! You use propaganda that is not presented as truly destructive as it really is, but you present it to the ignorant multitudes too uninformed to know what a bill of good they are being sold, and this is how Communist regimes succeed thought they don't survive very long!

Defining the divide

So, what is the determining factor that has laid a mine ridden trail for this nation in achieving an economic recovery, guarding its borders, and maintaining a Constitutional balance that preserves the great traditions of American freedom? Just what differences in reality have been experienced between the Millennials and the Baby Boomers? Let's for a moment forget the corrupt allegiance of the US media with the Democrats no matter how much they lie, collude, and mismanage the federal government. Let's forget about the unholy alliance of the deeply invested  US pesss corps and the leftist ideology that pervades the opposition to the present Trump presidency and his agenda to reforming the swamp infested DC Establishment made up of Democrats and sold out GOP whores who have lied to their constituents!

No room for excuses

The "Baby Boomers" had a very sobering lesson in being brought up by a generation thought of as the greatest generation for having endured the Great Depression as well as liberating all nations during the course of World War II. No doubt, a great achievement as well as requiring a degree of character that far exceeds a generation who cut its teeth on the internet, video games, and reality TV shows that display little in dealing with the harsh realities of hardship, bloody world conflict, and the immeasurable experience of self sacrifice and earning the great privileges of personal choice and individual freedoms that exist only in America.

Off target

Yet, we have a new generation of weaklings who will tolerate the invasion of our borders, government fiscal support of illegal aliens, the influx of unvetted Muslim refugees who do not share the American concept of humanity and human rights, increasing taxes, all for selected freedoms of I-phones, empty pretension, and gender confusion, but when your trial by fire consists of internet neutrality or Disney job practices as opposed to the grim responsibilities of young men who died all over the world be cause they so loved their country so that we could enjoy the American way of life, of course there will be a severe schism that cannot deal with patriotism. The luxury of political correctness that liberates the cowards with excuses when personal sacrifices must be made and lives are on the line becomes the popular approach! Such is the indisputable reality of our historic connection with a past we cannot deny. Yet, the pundits of the modern denial will indeed deny the blood spilled so that they could now exist and purvey their convenient escape from accountability.

Despicable outcome

The greatest generation will give way to the "Snowflakes" and entitlement population who believe government grants them their rights and privileges. The fools who can't even define socialism will  tell us that it is the most lenient form of government when the bloody legacy of Communism has proven that shared poverty and iron fisted oppression does not work. Let them live in North Korea or Venezuela where food riots are met by armed police and military response rather than feeding the people! There is your socialism Mr. Bernie Sanders, who as a governor left your state in a deep deficit! When lies replace the truth, and ignorance enables government to convince the masses that institutionalized oppression is presented as equality you are witnessing a coming dark age for the United States of America because the people chose to be ruled rather than master a government that should have been their servant!

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