Paid Government Terrorists Coming for You

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We have several categories of Americans


  • 1) Patriots who realize the cost of freedom is never cheap
  • 2) The spineless ones who will settle for being ruled
  • 3) The sleepwalkers who never give anything but distractions and pleasure a second thought
  • 4) The indoctrinated ones, poorly educated, oblivious to the lessons of history and stupid enough to valiantly defend the party that is destroying America (Democrats)

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Unfortunately, there is only one category that makes an intelligent vote and seeks to take some responsibility for being free. The rest exist like livestock unconcerned with the way their masters make life more miserable with their restrictive policies and higher taxes. They live to further themselves despite the evidence of fraud and corruption all around them. This will end up being the epitaph of America.

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Who they are

The paid federal government terrorists are not hard to pick out at all. They don’t appear on the FBI’s most wanted list. They are supported with taxpayer’s money, or that of America hating donors. They have powers they use illegally to harass, attack, incarcerate, and even kill when the value of the target is crucial enough. Who am I talking about?

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The internal enforcers

Ask yourself how is it that the originators of BLM are rich and live in huge mansions despite conducting violent riots and even murdering people on the streets? Where do the millions come from that they somehow seem to obtain? The FBI does not even list them as enemies of the public or state. That should be a dead giveaway right there. Who do they serve? They sure don’t serve hard working law abiding Americans! They exist only to hate monger and race bait. Why would the Democrat moronic Congress kneel to them? Why would NFL athletes refuse to respect the American flag, but kneel for the BLM? Do you see just how far and how deep the indoctrination has infiltrated? Oh, and they openly admit their Marxists! Does any fool see anything wrong with this?

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Not even bail to get released

ANTIFA is a state of mind? So do a well-organized mob of uniformed, hooded and masked rioters who will shove, beat, and attack the police sound like simply a state of mind? The money has to come from somewhere for this so called state of mind, right? The DNC, Soros, other dark money from anonymous donors? Oh, and once again, the FBI does not register ANTIFA as a threat to the public or national security. Hmm. Once again, that should clearly define who the allegiance of the FBI is to, and it’s not the law abiding, hardworking, American public! On J6 members of ANTIFA and BLM were spotted and filmed in the Capitol Building and outside exhorting members of the crowd to attack! Let me hazard a guess here, buddies of the federal government, the Democrats, their attack dogs?

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Armed collectors!

Biden announced that he would have 87 thousand new IRS agents hired to supposedly collect taxes. To fund the 6 trillion that the Biden White House has already racked up in deficit spending? Why years ago did the IRS cease field collections?

  • Because of abuses by agents that cause legal problems for the agency.
  • Because the cost of field collections far outweighed any taxes collected
  • Because the cost of the IRS itself only added even more deficit to federal spending with no results
  • So, what purpose of hiring 87 thousand agents serve other than making the cost of the IRS even more punishment for the taxpayer while increasing the operating budget of the federal government further into unrecoverable debt?


If you guessed that the IRS is not actually being used for field collection but simply to terrorize the American public, BINGO! You guessed right. And, guess what Boys and Girls, these terrorists are also funded by the federal government and ultimately by the very taxpayers they are terrorizing. This is the state of America in the hands of fools and traitors!

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Comment by Doc Vega on May 28, 2023 at 2:16pm

Agreed friend. I remember reading how Germans could ask Germans how they could rationalize being so vicious and brutal, but the public just let it happen. Just like here in America where the operatives in these agencies can simply rationalize the crimes they commit! Bastards! 

Comment by FREEDOMROX on May 27, 2023 at 9:36pm

You are seeing the Rise of the New Gestapo... These are the exact same tactics used in Germany. DEEP STATE is NEW NAZI.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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