Police Cover-Up Exposed - Edited Out Footage - BBCs Madness in the Fast Lane Documentary

In the BBC's Madness in the Fast Lane documentary, first aired on TV in 2010, it clearly showed two deranged women; known as Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, running into the oncoming traffic on the M6 motorway, in what can only be conceived as a suicide bid.  

Madness In The Fast Lane (2008) PDTV XviD-ftp

Following their crazed actions they were both sedated before being taken away for hospital treatment.  Ursula was airlifted to hospital and Sabina went by road in an ambulance.  Sabina was then remarkably discharged from the University Hospital of North Staffordshire [UHNS] after only five hours of this major incident.

Madness in the fast laneUrsula makes the first dash into the oncoming traffic - Sabina soon follows her...

Zotte Zweedse zusjes

It’s then alleged she went on the stab Glenn Hollinshead to death within 36hrs from being released from police custody.  She was duly sentenced to five years for his manslaughter. 

However, following the release of the book; A Madness Shared by Two on the 12-12-12; it exposes for the very first time numerous new findings; among which is the ‘edited-out’ 27seconds of film footage that proves the twin sisters were originally arrested under ‘Section 136’ of the Mental Health Act.  Millions of viewers and particularly the Hollinshead family were kept in dark about this “special arrest”.  From the onset their local MP Rob Flello asked for an inquiry into why was Sabina released so early from hospital?  Had the Hollinshead family known of the existence of this film footage that confirms they were arrested as such, then it goes without saying they would have sued both police and the hospital involved for dereliction of duty and care and negligence - for releasing Sabina so soon, and in which they are now doing due the evidence that has been revealed in this new book.  It’s further believed that those involved and behind the scenes decided to have it edited out of the film in the first place, for they must have realised what a serious error was made when she was released so soon and now a man lay dead.   

Here is the transcript of what is being said in this brief conversation between PC Finlayson and his superior officer, this has laid secret for over four years and until now!

Narrator: "Now the woman is safely restrained, PC Finlayson updates his senior officer."
PC Finlayson: "This one, has gone over the bonnet of that car, she's then got up, punched Tracey and gone over there."

Inspector: "This one, - is she arrest note..." - [Meaning has she been 'notified' of arrest].

PC Finlayson: "Well 136 and she is..."

Police Inspector: "Well she needs to be, but, but if nothing else being on the carriageway, and err, for her safety."

Section 136 of the 1983 Mental Health Act, under the section: - Police Power to Remove to a Place of Safety, and that his superior clearly agreed with his analysis.

[Please share the link and do mirror and embed this video and re-upload it in case it's removed. We have it uploaded on other sites for this reason.]

There are some interesting points made in regards to the significance of the Section 136 being edited out of the BBC Madness in the Fast Lane documentary. Often people wonder why we highlight the "edited out" section 136 from the BBC Madness in the Fast Lane documentary - they may say; "I'm not getting how this excerpt being edited-out is part of a 'cover-up, since the information it contains was actually shown in the online video. The answer to this question follows; As in the case of the Eriksson twins - the Police, "BBC" via Mentorn Productions - colluded in helping to suppress the truth in this case. They all know about the editing out of the Section 136 in the main Madness in the Fast Lane BBC documentary - knowing it was in the original Dicing with Death film they first made on this subject, however, the public didn't know - nor did the film makers - that 72hrs later Sabina Erikksson would be charged with Glenn Hollinshead murder.

Here's where the problem is - those who doubt the significance of the "editing-out" Section 136 probably see the very first original film - Dicing with Death that actually shows this "edited out" version. For it was sixteen months later and when the main BBC Madness in the Fast Lane documentary was made. Officers from the Staffordshire police attended Mentorn Productions offices in London and asked them to edit out this Section 136 from the original film. So it no longer appears in the "main film" on this subject that now revealed Sabina had also been charged with murder - and that it then came to light Sabina was released from hospital after only five hours. The family asked why, as did the media, members of the public and the local MP - was Sabina released so early? At no time was it mentioned the girls were arrested under Section 136. - The police have since removed it from their own records yet the hospital records show they were indeed arrested under Section 136.

If anything - the reason a cover-up may have taken place after the original film was made and this Section 136 edited out of the main documentary - was because the police and hospital involved know they made a major boob by releasing Sabina so early from hospital and against all the rules, regulations and recommendations set-up and provided under Section 136. Put lightly - the Hollinshead family - the murdered victims children - are entitled to compensation to say the least. This is fully covered in the book and this Section 136 was edited out of the film in question and you only have to watch any of them online now. The one online you see showing the section 136 - is also mentioned in the book and we were the first to upload it and mention this film. All your other questions and wondering's are also found in the eBook as opposed to the paperback - as there are 26,000 plus more words in the eBook.

In addition; the book exposes with the assistance of a diagram that show the stab wounds to Mr Hollinshead body that the Coroner’s Report reveals; ‘TWO’ weapons were involved, and that possibly Sabina is totally innocent of killing Glenn and that the ‘real’ killer/s are still on the loose.   

In addition, throughout the BBC documentary it never once mentions what had really occurred in Liverpool only 3hrs before boarding the National Express London bound coach and when they then disembarked at Keele Services - and before making their mad dash into the oncoming traffic.  The book reveals the incredible reason why the twins first entered St Anne Street Police station in Merseyside, Liverpool, which clearly exposes that the police knew why they were here in the UK, yet remarkably in the documentary Det. Sup. Dave Mellor says: “The reason for their visit to the UK, remain unclear, we still don’t truly understand why these sisters chose to catch that bus for London.  Sabina in particular never gave us any indication during any of the interviews that might have helped us to understand the true reason why her, and her sister were visiting London.” 

These words couldn’t be further from the truth in you tried.  In addition we see PC Elliott from the Central Motorway Police Group, supposedly telephoning the “partner”, and family of Sabina.  PC Elliott claimed that the “partner” said he had: ‘...no idea she had even left the country’.  Though surely the partner’s response should have been more like; “You’re the second police force to contact me today in regards to Sabina...” , for the book also reveals the statement of one of the police officers who dealt with the twins that same morning in Liverpool’s St Anne Street station.  They claim they contacted the Irish Garda, who in turn went to the home of the alleged “partner” in county Mallow, Cork.     Astonishingly, Merseyside’s version of events seems to prove this so called ‘telephone conversation’ between PC Elliott and the “partner”, was probably a total fabrication. 

Madness In The Fast Lane (2008) PDTV XviD-ftp

It was further alleged by DC Short back in 2008, and then reconfirmed by DC Neil Baxter on that same day he returned Glenn’s mobile telephone to Jon Hollinshead; that Sabina and Ursula were recorded on CCTV inside St Anne’s Street police station, reporting they were “concerned” about her children’s safety.  Though what has just recently been told to the author/s by the Merseyside Police in October 2012, is what the twins really reported to the police in Liverpool, as it was a far more serious a complaint than we were first led to believe, in fact it’s shocking to find out this matter has never been revealed before.  And as said; for some odd reason their visit to that police station in Liverpool wasn’t even mentioned in the original BBC film, yet its significance to their crazed actions on the M6 motorway is incredible, and it makes no sense why this too was never even included in the original documentary; though the book seems to come up with the most plausible reason to date why these odd occurrences took place throughout this whole affair that went on for a further 16 months before reaching a terrible outcome and conclusion.

VISIT: MP Rob Flello will try to help out Remploy staff.

MP Rob Flello

     So much so were the concerns as to why Sabina was released so prematurely from the A&E department, that immediately following the outcome of her trial for the manslaughter of Glenn Hollinshead at Nottingham Crown Court, on the 1st and 2nd September 2009, Stoke-on-Trent MP, Rob Flello, said; “I think there needs to be an inquiry into what happened.  It is a tragedy for everyone.  Where things have been done wrong they need to be put right so that they don't happen again.” 

<P>CLOSE FAMILY: Pictured from left are Jon Hollinshead, aged 48, Garry Hollinshead, aged 51, Paul Hollinshead, aged 53, Glenn Hollinshead, aged 54, and Mark Hollinshead, aged 56. Below, police investigate Glenn's death.</P>

CLOSE FAMILY: Pictured from left are Jon Hollinshead, [ages in 2009] aged 48, Garry Hollinshead, aged 51, Paul Hollinshead, aged 53, Glenn Hollinshead, aged 54, and Mark Hollinshead, aged 56. 

Glenn’s brother, Garry Hollinshead, said: “I do question the criminal justice system for allowing somebody like this to be let out when she is capable of committing such a crime. - Her mental condition should have been properly assessed after what she did on the motorway and the experiences the police had. - Her mental disorder should have been picked up prior to her being let out in to the community.” 

     Paul Hollinshead also said: “...is convinced this ‘Puff of madness’ diagnosis is very, very convenient for the state, and since Sabina is to be released in April 2011, she is not going to be closely watched/monitored after her discharge”. 

     Jon Hollinshead asks: “Why did the hospital not keep her in hospital for observation over night as they do with all head injuries?  What was the rush to get her processed by the police?  Why was she ejected from court with no fixed abode, no money etc., like a piece of dirt cast out onto the general (unsuspecting) public in Fenton?”

     The Guardian’s journalist, John Crace, wrote after the airing of the Madness in the Fast Lane documentary on the 11th August 2010;“...if I was a relative of Glenn Hollinshead, the man who was stabbed to death, I’d want to know why Sabina had been released without being offered serious psychiatric help.” 

The original BBC Madness in the Fast Lane documentary

The two doctors involved were Dr Kolar and Dr Shorrock; who come from the ‘same stable’ so to speak; they come from the same office.  Dr Shorrock, is the same pathologist who incorrectly recorded in his report in July 2005, that Jean Charles de Menezes jumped over a barrier before “stumbling” down an escalator in the moments before police officers shot him.  Shorrock said he was ‘given’ the ‘false information’ during a “walk-through” with police officers at Stockwell tube station, south London, hours after the shooting.  When Dr Shorrock was asked why were there “significant errors” in his initial report, he replied: “This was what was told to me”.  Shorrock said he was not sure who told him de Menezes had “vaulted” the barrier before he was shot.

     Then in September 2005; a General Medical Council hearing, found that Dr Shorrock had been; ‘unprofessional, inconsistent, unreasonable and inappropriate’.  He was reprimanded over his role in a botched trial, which cost taxpayers £5million, when he ‘changed his report’ into the cause of death of a pensioner who died during an operation and which led to her surgeon being ‘wrongly’ charged with manslaughter.  

    Dr Shorrock was also employed to look at the findings of Dr Carey, the pathologist who carried out the second post-mortem on Ian Tomlinson’s body, the newsvendor who was assaulted and violently pushed to the ground during a G20 protest in the city of London, by PC Harwood, in which resulted with him dying.  In May 2011, the IPCC released three reports into Tomlinson’s death, written between April 2010 and May 2011.  The third report detailed an allegation from Tomlinson’s family that the police had offered misleading information to Dr Shorrock before the third autopsy report was written on the 22ndApril 2009.  The Metropolitan [Met] Police’s ‘point of contact’ for Tomlinson’s death, was Detective Inspector Eddie Hall.  He told Dr Shorrock, who was conducting the autopsy for the Met, and Dr Ben Swift who was acting on behalf of PC Simon Harwood, that Tomlinson had fallen to the ground in front of a police van earlier in the evening, though there was no evidence to support this claim.  It was later recorded, that the IPCC ruled that D. I. Hall had been reckless in making this statement, yet said he hadn’t intended to mislead the pathologists.

Kenneth Shorrock

Dr Shorrock

This above is just the tip of the iceberg, here’s a full list of chapters;  

Here’s are the chapters in the eBook version of A Madness Shared by Two, the paperback goes as far as the IPCC chapter page 249.

Buy A Madness Shared by Two - Paperback or eBook

Foreword 1
Introduction 6
Our Investigation 12
The “Official” Storyline 22

The Eriksson’s 27
Sabina’s “Mystery” Partner 46
What really happened in Liverpool! 51
The “Ferry” Crossing 56
The Coach Journey: – Why on the M6? 63
Cover-up - “Arrested” Under the 1983 Mental Health Act 78
Under “Obbo” 104
Cover-up: Two Weapons - Two Killers? 111
Photo Section 121
The Killing of Glenn 138
The weakness of Sabina Eriksson’s case 187
Plea Bargain 197
Conclusion 200
Appendix 219
“Obbo’s” & Drug Dealers 219
Super-grasses 241
Staffordshire Police -Annual Report for 2009/10 245
IPCC 249
McKenzie Friend 251
Derren Brown - The Assassin 252
Hypnosis – NLP & Milton Erickson 261
“They want to steal our organs!” 277
Micro-chipping – Unethical Experiments 285
Super Strength Soldiers? 301
Super Strength Soldiers? Or Miraculously Lucky! 319
Sources: 323

Madness in the Fast Lane - 2nd Police Officer "Caught Lying" - Why? 

Why did the police "lie" in the Madness in the Fast Lane doc? 

Jon Hollinshead talks about A Madness Shared by Two


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