A simple definition of accomplice is:  ac·com·plice  (ə-kŏm′plĭs) n.
One who participates in the commission of a crime without being the principal actor.
[Alteration of complice.]
American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

How many millions of Our Brother's and Sister's have been murdered by the state  in OUR NAME??? Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen, etc, etc, etc, etc.

How many drones WE pay for have taken out  Wedding Parties and Hospitals???

How many bombs and drones have destroyed Water and Infrastructures critical to survival?

How much of OUR money has been used to weaponize diseases??

How many of OUR DUAL citizen politicians bend to the kiss the wailing wall in Israel while ignoring the poverty in the not so United States?

Why can lobbyists from corporations pay OUR politicians, if they serve us?? How about rotating administrators instead, and NO lobbies??

How many People of ALL colors have been abused, beaten, and even shot and murdered by thugs in uniforms called "police", WE PAY for?
How many of OUR CHILDREN have been stolen from US by CPS??? Here is a disturbing video about the truth of pedophilia. Until WE overcome OUR revulsion at the learning these facts, it will continue. Thanks Paul and Mindy!

How many of US have been jailed for HEALING WITH CANNIBUS????

WE'VE ALL been LIED to!! OUR MONEY and value is now determined by governments who are colluding in central banking scams while using it to create weapons of mass destruction, which are used on innocent, sleeping Peoples of all colors and creeds. Over 2 millions deaths from Iraq alone, not to mention weaponized disease, torture, bombing hospitals and Water supplies.

Is there is ANY Honor or Morality to be found in a world where profit is valued above the very individuals who actually create the colored fiat paper and gold or silver coins? Will there be any more Honor or Morality in imaginary digits on a computer screen, where governments
and hackers can delete your worth in a few seconds?

Let US figure out ways of barter and trade for actual labor and work in our local areas. Let US begin to fully grasp OUR MORAL OUTRAGE

Educate Yourself and Your Family in terms of the atrocities created in OUR NAME!

Then use that knowledge to pull out of the financial system by REFUSING TO BE A CRIMINAL!!!

Look at all the fraud involved in credit card scams...fixing the interest rates in the Libor scandal, Foreclosuregate, robo signing, links to funding terrorist organizations, and paying BILLIONS of dollars in fines instead of going to jail. I refuse now to be accomplices to these organizations who tricked us into honoring their scams for too long. They print zeros and expect US to labor for hours with real sweat equity, in return for the lies they fooled us with. We entered the contract in good faith, they hid their scandalous background, which MORALLY invalidates ANY claim they think they have, and I have the right to persecute ANY and ALL who contact me on behalf of these organized criminal syndicates, as individuals who represent crooks and are attempting to remake me an accomplice. And it's pretty fun now to let the other side know that you are also recording the call and want all their information so you can hold THEM accountable!!! They hang up and run!!!! If banks can write off immoral, illegal debt, then they can write off mine for a Moral Standing and REFUSAL to be aligned with known criminal organizations. How much of YOUR money could YOU use to buy food and guns and ammo in order to PREPARE YOUR FAMILY for the next horrific false flag? How can You and Your neighbors work together to home school, build, farm, etc?

By the time you get your paycheck, you've already done the work, so the actual produce from Your contribution is accomplished, long before you benefit. Consider this point carefully, for it is crucial in breaking our mindset of conditioned poverty, which ONLY exists because those who've stolen OUR SELF WORTH have spent centuries figuring out just how to  manipulate US OUT of OUR HOMES in order to capitilize on OUR LABOR, and DIVIDED US into camps who fight against each other. They sent us to schools for indoctrination and forced us to also send Our Children, to learn to OBEY, sing patriotic songs, and salute the flag. They also punished US for asking questions and thinking outside of the box............which is what WE MUST DO if WE ARE TO SURVIVE!!!!

So fuel YOUR RIGHTEOUS ANGER with education and RIGHTEOUS ACTION, as you make plans to DIG IN AND DEFEND.
And check out the ideas at United WE Strike while contributing YOUR energy to YOUR Family and neighborhood, as WE recreate OUR World, one RIGHTEOUSLY ANGRY HEART AT A TIME. For if WE are SAVE OURSELVES, MORAL STEWARDSHIP AND HONORABLE DEFENSE are NEEDED NOW!!!!

Collectively WE will be heard much more then if we continue to remain divided. How much closer can YOU be to completely getting off the grid each 15th of the month? How many People need to off the streets and into homes, even abandoned ones, with just elbow grease, hard work and determination? We already DO ALL THE WORK, LET US BENEFIT FROM THE FRUITS OF OUR LABOR AS THE WORLD BENEFITS FROM MORAL STEWARDSHIP, VOLUNTARISM, NON AGGRESSION AND HONORABLE DEFENSE!!!!

And for more to fuel RIGHTEOUS Anger, look into the bs of the blm and understand the truth. Good links found on my blog page.
The January United We Strike Marathon is streaming with individual podcasts available, and I'll be rejoining the marathon in Feb. Feel free to use our chat page to get the word out about what is happening in YOUR area and help us build this umbrella of leaderless movement toward FREEDOM. Individuals standing shoulder to shoulder, creating a WALL OF MORAL RIGHTEOUS!!!

YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!! Think of Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings...wasn't easy, but He prevailed!!!!

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Comment by Anti Everything on January 13, 2016 at 2:25pm

Fantastic. Well written.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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