Restoration Of The Republic – How To Deal With The House Of Representatives

In the first article of this series, we identified the five major evils which are corroding America. In the second article, through political theory of Law, Torah was upheld as the American solution. Now, in this third article, the first specific platforms to the restoration of the Republic are offered.

House of Representatives

We begin with Government.

The most egregious Law is one that subverts or destroys the Right Liberty of Majority Rule. When this occurs, the Community is under a Dictatorship of Minority Rule. Whoever does not believe this is a fool or a dictator.

Constitutionally, the House of Representatives is the originator for all federal funding (AI.S7.P1). Since funding is necessary for government to function, these Representatives hold ultimate power. These Representatives are chosen through vote of Constituency, being then agents of the Majority. Technically, then, the federal government is controlled through the Will of Constituency Majority.

However, when Representatives act against the Will of Constituency Majority, it is treason. First, it is treason against Democracy because the Will of the Majority is overthrown. Second, it is treason against the Republic for destroying the credibility of agencies. Even so, it is not Constitutional Treason (AIII.S3.P1), and it is not prohibited.

Why do Representatives betray Constituency Majority? “Because they can” is the overall truth, but there are nevertheless more specific reasons.

Money is the most obvious cause of corruption, through gifts or promises. These include (1) direct bribery, (2) campaign contributions, and (3) cushy job after leaving office. A more insidious economic corruption occurs when Representatives “bring home the bacon.” Here, the vote is purchased by promising tax dollars for the Representative’s District (“pork”). These are all measures of Special Interest overthrowing Constituency Majority.

Blackmail is another tool used to sway. Representatives may become pawns through extortion. Even if Representatives are properly vetted, new audio or video may suddenly surface. When Representatives have secrets they want shut up, Constituency Majority is sacrificed.

Power, however, is the most common cause of corruption.

The first corruption of power is the desire for peer approval. If a new Representative is offered a Caucus or Committee slot, moral fiber may weaken. Then, Majority Constituency is overthrown for the chance to “be involved” or to “feel worthy.” In other words, the Representative would rather be liked than to serve properly.

The second corruption of power, more dangerous, is through one’s own megalomania. While the will can overcome the desire for peer approval, it cannot overcome megalomania. Megalomania means a Representative votes “conscience” rather than Constituency Majority. Megalomania causes a Representative to treat his or her constituents as children. The megalomaniac believes it is “for their own good” and that “I know better!” The megalomaniac is an Elitist.

Some might argue that when it comes to civil rights, the Elitist is “brave” in the face of fools. This argument ignores the Democracy of Majority Rule, and defends the dictator. For who but a dictator would despise Majority Rule? Who but a dictator would say “I know better”?

If Representatives become corrupt “because they can,” is there a solution or cure? Yes! We need more Representatives.

Because there are only 435 Representatives, corruption is easy. A certain amount of money promised and some votes are swayed. A certain amount of blackmail and a few more votes are influenced. A certain amount of power exerted or overextended, and corruption is complete. And rather than having a Republic by, of, and for the People, we have a Minority Oligarchy.

But if there were, say, 10,000 Representatives, this level of corruption would not be possible. For there isn’t enough money, time, or manpower to corrupt that many Representatives!

Supposing this idea to have 10,000 Representatives agreeable, is it possible to implement? Yes!

The number of Representatives is limited only by the Constitution. “The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand” (AI.S2.P3). According to the 2010 Census, the population of the United States is 308,745,538. Thus, the maximum number of U.S. Representatives permitted today is 10,291.

If we are permitted 10,291 Representatives, why then do we have only 435? Because Congress has frozen that number since 1913! In fact, Congress made this rule into law in 1929! But any Congress can simply repeal that law. For “legislative entrenchment” is prohibited. In other words, nothing is stopping us from having up to 10,291 Representatives.

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