First they have to really go after guns…funny I use to agree with this.

Next they will say the vaccines are safe and available for smaller children, basically everyone because right now they just approved them for ages 16 on up.

They are now saying they hope to have a covid vaccination for ALL school aged children by the start of school this year (like they don’t already know theyre going to use it on them). 

Then I think will come the enforcement vaccination policy requiring everyone at the beginning of next year.  This is the point at which the major injuries start to show up according to the Spars Pandemic outline.

Utahs mask mandate ends tomorrow and guess what, no one I know wants to talk about it because I think they're afraid of getting into a heated debate with me.  I’m just saying the statewide mandate is ending and they act like I want to debate politics or something, so whatever I’ll be reviewing social blogs from people from Texas to see how people are getting along or not.

Stores and hospitals can still require you to wear a mask thogh.  Ive been walking around without one already and I can really feel the dissatisfaction coming off of people around me.  I think if someone at the grocery store who works there bugs me ill try to shrug them off as much as I can eventually these people will get tired of fighting everyone I think. 

There was already an article in the Salt Lake Tribune quoting people working in a restaurant that they are sick of bugging people about masks and social distancing…and they're saying “these people are worried about being attacked with the legislature lowering the standards” lol…not an exact quote.

Even though the state is saying they will lift the mask mandate, at the same time there is an article saying the Libraries will still require you to wear them.  I’m pretty sure they can’t do that but oh well no one hardly goes to those anywahy except homeless people who need to use the bathroom and.

I’ve been reading the main Spars Pandemic pdf that Alex Jones is reviewing and it is 89 pages.  By the way, there are multiple Spars Pandemic PDFs relating to it going into greater details and seem to have been written specifically for individual organizations like this one:  The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 A Futuristic Scenario to Facilitate Me....  This appears to be written for the medical community to use to deal with the public.  Here is another one with all the same authors at the beginning.

The main one is here.

Then in the same google search there are debunk sites declaring that it is false that this is a script being followed.  Here they refer to people looking at this as “Bible believing Christians”.  As though the people who think like this are just looking at bible prophecy or something.

Here they just say it is debunked and false.

It looks like they plan to roll out another type of vaccine in response to all the damage these first ones will do or in response to a different virus or variant.

I wonder how long they can maintain with the economy.  Harry Dent is predicting a 40 percent collapse in the stock market this month...well see.

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Comment by Burbia on April 17, 2021 at 6:53am

This covid-19 is certainly the one stop psy-op. It gives authoritarian control over the population. It allows for economy to stagnate and collapse. It allows for population control by literally killing off the population and making it sterile incapable of reproducing. It is forcing what was a non-participant population to engage in protests allowing the police state free reign to brutalize its population. What else is the cover-19 hoax allowing to happen?

Comment by cheeki kea on April 11, 2021 at 12:20pm

Good post Keisha but you know what I'm starting to think they've given up on the gun grabs because if the evil vaccines work as expected they may then in another generation there'll be no one left to pull the triggers. ( my bizarre opinion after public statement from Dr Yeadon ex head of Pfizer who said "This vaccine can make females infertile" )  

"Destroying the New World Order"



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