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Buffalo Shooter Peyton Gendron Full Shooting Video Stream


Its been scrubbed off the web but I got it...gross.  You just haf to click the "x" and it'll let you get by the sign up thingy, and then you haf to adjust the quality.…


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The SHTF will happen in March 2022

China produces 80 percent of the worlds urea and had announced it would ban all future export of this material and then…did.  Urea is the primal engredient in fertilizer AND DEF fluid for diesel engines.  No urea means no diesel will run.  Australia announced it would be out of AdBlue (urea product) by Feb 2022.  They scrambled just for one months supply from Indonesia for the month of Jan.

Within the week all US truckers will be required a vaccine to go into Canada and Mexico facing…


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Biden Executive Laws for Everyone to be Vaccinated

As the dead bodies start to show up next year people will think it's because, Covid 19 and vaccinated. erThey will blame you on the famine as a "panic buyer"  The lady on Owen Shroyer today was like her husband is locked into the hospital.  Have you thought about rescue of a loved ones in the hospital lately?  Everyone is thinking about this.

The hospitals are only full of vaccinated people who btw the total vaccination for the first shot was 50% placebo.  Did you know that?  Now the…


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My Work Made Me Take A Shot but No One Is Verifying This Data

My work made me take a shot but no one is verifying this data for employment.  I work for a nursing staffing co.  You can make a fake card on your computer and no one cares unless you shoot your mouth off about it.  Someone will tell on you I guarantee.  Keep your mouth shut and do not talk about it; not even to yourself.  This I know personally has happened with my company.

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Afghans fall from plane in flight

A number of Afghans fell from plane taking off and died yet they were too scared to face the Taliban…hmm, maybe its because the Talibans are graffic maybe?? And they cant imagine dying from a plane accident??  I just don’t get it.

Added by Keisha Ruan on August 18, 2021 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

N Acetyl Cysteine Where to Buy

Yep they took it off Amazon and mostly quit selling it everywhere and was quasi banned by the FDA that had sent letters to manufacturers saying they could be liable for selling a product used in hospitals to cure overdose thereby making it a drug.  They did this a couple months ago. just changed the name to L Cysteine HCL, but they allso sell it as N Acetyl…


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Global Vaccine Comparison

There are much more vaccines for covid 19 by China than purported by the west.  They are not mrna vaccines and work very different from in the west.  There are most Asian countries and some middle east countries who has request for them.

People are still have adverse reaction however.  My contention remains that there is no singular conspiracy of the intention of western vaccine or any other as they are all very different from each other.

My overall thought is that this is a…


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Spars Pandemic and 2021 in Focus

First they have to really go after guns…funny I use to agree with this.

Next they will say the vaccines are safe and available for smaller children, basically everyone because right now they just approved them for ages 16 on up.

They are now saying they hope to have a covid vaccination for ALL school aged children by the start of school this year (like they don’t already know theyre going to use it on them). 

Then I think will come the enforcement vaccination policy…


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Utah to be next lifting lockdown mandates

The new governor of Utah, Spencer Cox is expected to sign a Utah bill ending Utahs covid mandates but buisnesses and people can still wear masks if they want to.

Why do we need a bill to end the governors mandate and then he signs it?  That’s what I want to know.

In the meantime we witness increase in lockdown France, Britton, Spain, Germany, and everywhere else.

We have “States rights” in our government, so as suky as it is we still have it it’s still better.  Im…


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Going Broike

Ok so here it is:  Interest rate on the 10yr above the 1.5 support level for sustain US level of debt to GDP.  Emerging market suggest question of this level but not yet the problem.

I predict massive market deval of 40 percent in April 2021.  This also seen by Harry Dent Jr..

Why im not getting my hours? Im not valuable enough? They sendt me to school and I passed the classes b average and now im thinking about being a server again…hmmm.

Do I hunker down and wishied for…


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What Happened?

Why would Republicans change their minds about challenging electoral votes because of a riot (or mob or protest) at the Capitol? 

Most of the Congress people who were sooooo prepared to challenge the election suddenly retracted their challenges along with statements against Trump supporters calling us names for what happened at the Capitol.

Back in Jan 2019 many legislatures “forgot” to vote on electors who were in turn selected by political party which had been arranged by…


Added by Keisha Ruan on January 7, 2021 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

Trump Will Win Then Boom

In one of my previous articles I wrote (How Trump Can Still Win) I outlined Trump strategy.  Here we are going forward to this moment of Jan 6.  According to Hawk of survive2thrive Trump was told that if he proceed to the path of another term and won that they would immediately unleash a civil war and that Trump had then said,…


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So You Want to Know How They Can Say Hospitals Are At Capacity

It is a play on words, simple math, and the assertion you are stupid.  I’m just a lowly aid who changes beds and sterilizes equipment yet I could easily get laid off right now because, well…I am not needed.

There are a number of different designations for hospital beds.  The hospitals are confusing the types to make it sound as though we are overwhelmed by Covid-19.  The main trick is pulled when describing “staffed” beds with “unstaffed” beds.

A staffed bed refers to an…


Added by Keisha Ruan on January 2, 2021 at 12:34am — 1 Comment

The Magic Word is “Coronavirus”

I know a friend of a relative who called her to say she wouldn’t be able to come for Christmas because coronavirus.  I know coworkers who took a paid vacation because coronavirus. 

People are admitted to hospital for car accidents because coronavirus.  Cant pay your bill?  Coronavirus.  Get caught shoplifting?  Coronavirus.

The next time someone asks why I'm not wearing a mask I will simply say, “Because coronavirus”.

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The Great Famine of 2021

Not in the news how there is to come a famine next year because, crops were destroyed, facilities shut down due to the fake plandemic.  Global food imports/exports are being halted.  I personally had packages to and from Taiwan that didn’t make it or had to wait months!  Indicative to me of a famine scenario I decided to write about.

In short, the food supply chain has been interrupted on every level of product and equipment need.  I looked into this situation and the results have…


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If Trump Declares Martial Law

Although our current situation may call for legitimate martial law because of everything the NWO is doing “They” would still milk it as an excuse to grab guns, lock down, curfew, just everything they’re already doing but in this way it could be in every state, community and would totally force the civil war everyone is talking about and all the bailouts and moratoriums would cease immediately.

How I would like to see it happen is:

First, declare martial law. 

Second, get…


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How Trump Can Still Win

You may have heard that an alternate electoral college is being formed.  It isn’t being formed because it already exists within the House and Senate in the form of State Delegates in the event the current Electoral College results are challenged up to January 18 and is part of the Electoral Count Act.

Rush Limbah:  By law the House and Senate will meet on January 6 2021 to officially record the Electoral College vote.  If any of the electoral votes are challenged by one member of the…


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It Could Officially be All Over Monday December 14 2020

Ok let me be the first.  So just now the Supreme Court threw the Texas lawsuit out of court and refused to even hear it saying Texas doesn't have rights to say what other states do even though the presidential election is the states contract with each other.

On Monday December 14 the electoral college will officially meet to formerly declare (or not) Joe Biden Pres.

So there it is.  It was not on Infowars today so I guess it just happened as I read a dozen articles trying to…


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How to Pass A PCR Test

Just an idea for now:

  1. Apply a nasal decongestant.
  2. Clear nasopharynx with sterile saline solution.
  3. Apply thin coat of petroleum jelly internal to nasopharynx with sterile applicator.

I will probably be doing this WHEN testing and vaccines become mandatory.

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Our Fight the Bear Moment

Watching Trump, I had an epiphany.  In politics it is said, “I don’t have to outrun the bear.  I just have to outrun you”, but when the bear is done with that guy he’s going to come after you.  Inevitably even outrunning the bear isn’t an option because at some point we ALL have to face and fight it.

And when I saw a huge rally for Trump in Rwanda of all places it occurred to me…this is our ”fight the bear moment" in political history.

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"Destroying the New World Order"



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