As from today 31st March 2012 - I announce I will no longer pay for my TV Licence and until they BBC acknowledge the detrimental problems they have within "their" organisation.

In latter half of 2012 I had three recent visits [last one on the 18th December 2012], from the TV Licencing "people", and would have mistaken them as undercover police officers, as they were very intimidating.  I told them my reasons why I am refusing to pay my licence and that I had written to the BBC informing them about it and this post.

I invite others to join me.  I’m not saying don’t pay your licence fee false stop, - no, keep your money aside so it’s available to pay if you have to. 

As I want to be arrested for non-payment, as this maybe the only way we can then get to mention the reasons why these news groups and organisations such as the BBC are refusing to cover such stories of a “National Interest”, alongside helping to keep "covering-up" many others, so much so is the national interest in these cases, we are talking about a global interest and not just a UK one.

We've had, and it's still going on, the Levenson inquiry; yet what will it really yeild apart from protecting the likes of Jimmy Savile being reported, and making it more difficult for Free Speech to be expressed on the internet.

Besides a court hearing will also allow us to raise the whole question about the 'licence fees' farce. For like the landlady of a pub in the UK, she was recently successfully and won her case against a private cable TV company, - and where she's no longer liable to pay for showing football matches via her TV, to the company who originally installed the system. - She found out she could get the same sports for free or much cheaper, though the company tried to sue her for outstanding charges, and tried to prevent her from cancelling her contract.  However she won the case, so well done to her, as millions can now too benefit for all her hard efforts.

And the same should apply to the BBC, we should be able to have a 'opt-out' option, whereas people with TV's should be able to say; "I do not wish to pay for a TV Licence to the BBC, as I no longer wish to receive them.", and with today's technology this can be arranged.

Endemic Corruption in Our Media

What the Leveson Inquiry has exposed, is that the Media is so fraught with endemic corruption, involving not just employees and the owners of News International, but almost every other newspaper has too employed similar corrupt staff, from its senior editors and executives, right down to their own hacks. 

Members of the government have also been implicated in the sham, as have members of the police and Scotland Yard in general. 

And whereas we just think of the “press” being involved, it is not, as so are our TV networks and like that of the press, those in position of real power alongside its senior directors and series producers and a like, are all in on this continuous suppression of the real truth and agreeing to go along with many a cover-up.

Let’s just look at some examples of the kinds of suppression the media are involved in, almost every single media outlet and news agency has received regular updates and inquires from concerned members of the public and particularly in regards to the subsequent examples, so as the press couldn’t turn around and say; “We didn’t know of these cases.”  I have personally contacted in excess of 300 media outlets worldwide in regards to these following cases.


The readers’ pages of newspapers regularly carry stories about the ruthless behaviour of TV Licensing (SS), the arm of the BBC (Nazis) responsible for collecting licence fees from homes with televisions. Households with no TV set report sustained TV Licensing letter campaigns, with rising levels of threat. Magistrates bemoan the burden on the courts of a constant stream of evaders being prosecuted. Civil libertarians are shocked by a sinister poster campaign from TV Licensing boasting “we know where you live”.  Non-payers are warned of the dangers of ending up with a criminal record.

The level of prosecutions is certainly substantial: 168,800 in 2008/9, constituting 30% of all non-motoring summary cases. Estimates are that 28 per cent of evaders are single parents (easy ill-informed targets), mostly female, and that 55 per cent of female single parents live in extreme poverty. Anecdotal evidence is that TV Licensing targets known offenders, waiting for them to fall into arrears again, and then launching a new prosecution. 

Full article: 


The riveting excerpts to be found in the link below are from the revealing accounts of 20 award-winning journalists in the highly acclaimed book Into the Buzzsaw. These courageous writers were prevented by corporate media ownership from reporting major news stories. Some were even fired or laid off.

They have won numerous awards, including several
Emmys and a Pulitzer. Join in building a better world by helping to spread this news across the land.

Here's one example; Jane Akre – Fox News. After our struggle to air an honest report [on hormones in milk], Fox fired the general manager [of our station]. The new GM said that if we didn’t agree to changes that the lawyers were insisting upon, we’d be fired for insubordination in 48 hours. We pleaded with [him] to look at the facts we’d uncovered.

His reply: “We paid $3 billion dollars for these stations. We’ll tell you what the news is. The news is what we say it is!” [After we refused] Fox’s GM presented us an agreement that would give us a full year of salary, and benefits worth close to $200,000, but with strings attached: no mention of how Fox covered up the story and no opportunity to ever expose the facts.
[After declining] we were fired.


Media Black-Out Of The Hollie Greig Hearing on the 2/3/2012.

What the Hollie Greig "protest-rally" outside the High Court, Strand, London on the 2nd March 2012, - showed all those concerned or simply just know about Hollie's and Robert's cases, - and with video footage proving the fact that the media were in fact there, as they were even approached by members of the rally, and asked; "Is Sky News going to show this on TV?" quipped Bill Maloney, - it showed us the media have been lent-on by people in very high places.

As why is there such a blanket blackout on these cases? Are we to assume this case is so powerful, as it may indeed open-up a whole can of worms and expose how really high this love for pedophilia really does go.

So who is powerful enough to make this kind of thing happed?  Who has enough people who could secretly collude and pass messages to one another to spread the word, that this case; " ...must be kept out of the media at all costs, - as there are far too many 'big-wigs' involved..." - Full article:


Jailed For One Year For Handing Out Leaflets! The case of Robert Green and Hollie Greig...

My PhotoRobert Green – Hollie Greig and Mum

On the 17th February 2012 Robert Green was sentenced to as year in prison and joined the list of other miscarriages of justice cases to have taken place in our British Courts of Justice.

His crime was for distributing leaflets trying to expose the injustices of the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal, which reveals high level politicians, the police and members of the legal fraternity in general, have colluded to prevent the Hollie Greig case from being fully investigated and heard in court.  

Full article:  

Image Detail

Image Detail


86 year old Norman Scarth Escapes to Safety as Police Step-Up Manhunt...Despite this, the media have still refused to take up this case;

Norman was ready to do a runner to Hitler's old haunt in the Austrian mountains. Though he has been given safe sanctury at undisclosed address in Ireland.  Here we have an 86 year old man having to flee is homeland, his not a well man, and can you imagine how hard it must be for him to remain on the run. 
The police have stepped up their efforts in the manhunt of fugitive Norman Scarth, as the Customs & Borders Agency has been put on full alert and on the lookout for him.  However, ex-veteran and war hero Norman, has slipped out of the hands of what he terms; "Nazi soldiers", - and is fully clued up as to how they and the legal system works. Sent 1st March 2012 - Here are Norman's words verbatim via email; "Though not yet as far as Hitler's Homeland (where I was intending to seek asylum) , I now feel reasonably safe, having put seawater between myself & the murderous Quislings who are so determined to silence me.  Though I have my computer, the place where I currently am is a poor area for Internet reception, & painfully slow.  So you will not be hearing from me as often as in the past". Norman Scarth.  PS:  "Is it paranoia to think I may not be entirely safe from the attentions of M-I6?  And just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me!"

As we know Norman Scarth was due appear on 23rd February 2012, at Manchester City Magistrates Court, he failed to arrive due to his computer being illegally confiscated by the police, along with his court papers and mobile phone.  Norman was unable to defend himself - and felt as if his voice was yet again being silenced, and he was being set-up to be sent back to jail where only last year he was released on bail.    

     However, as we know the judge issued a warrant for Normans's arrest without bail, if or as when they apprehend poor old Norman and why he remains in limbo somewhere in Ireland... Why not say hello to Norman and send him a message;

In excess of 300 media groups and press outlets were directly informed and contacted about the Sabina Eriksson, Hollie's Greig, Robert Green and Norman Scarth trials, hearings and cases in general the BBC, Sky News, Channels 4, 5 and ITN, Loose Women, the 6’O’Clock News, London News and London Tonight, the Sun, Mirror, Telegraph, Guardian, Times, Mail, Express and all those other TV companies and newspaper corporations, may we thank you in all your kind efforts in help keeping the public not informed about the miscarriages of justice cases of Hollie Greig and Robert Green’s.

Then we have the case of the BBC Madness in the Fast Lane documentary. 

For those of you who recall the BBCs Madness in the Fast Lane documentary, - it appears as if the makers of the film have in some way colluded with the police in helping to cover-up the fact that the Eriksson twins were in fact “arrested” under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act, though this vital caught on film evidence [seen above] was then edited out of the original BBC film.   This will come as a great surprise to many people who questioned; ‘ was it possible Sabina could have been released from hospital after only five hours’ following their ‘suicide attempt’ on the M6?  This edited out 27secs of film footage was recently discovered by the author of a new book; A Madness Shared by Two, which also reveals that the coroner’s report shows that the injuries inflicted on Glenn Hollinshead was done so by ‘two’ weapons, it’s always been believed “Sabina” used one, and that it’s highly likely there were more than one person who killed him and that Sabina could be totally innocent.  Yet this obvious evidence seems to have been brushed under the carpet, or at the very least, it was never challenged.  As a result of the books findings legal action is now being sought and brought against the police and other related authoritative bodies by the Hollinshead family.

Jimmy [So Vile] Savile = As Evil

More Extraordinary Child Sex Abuse Cases - Freemasons/Police involved and 'Cover-Up' - North Wales...

The TV License is a SCAM. The TV Licence carry's an Act which means it needs to have the consent of the Governed. The public have been blinded in to a contract that does not even exist. 

There is a protest date being arranged for the 1st June 2013 - outside;

Broadcasting House

Portland Place




For more details checkout;

Also checkout:

Jimmy Savile - BBC - Child Abuse

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Comment by Exposure on April 3, 2012 at 3:34am

Thanks again James, glad you like them...

Comment by truth on April 2, 2012 at 12:43pm

Thanks for the reply an many great post! They use similar tactics here in the US of Israel :(

Comment by Exposure on March 31, 2012 at 11:40pm

In the 60's and 70's many working class people were sent to prison, mainly women, mothers with young children, - the used have TV detector vans, that had large arials that allegedlly could trace the signal of someones TV, this has since been proved they the "arials" were false fronts and could detect anyhting as such that would prove whatever, though it could be confirmed a unit such as a TV was receiving some kind of signal?  It's still a criminal offence, it's also the same in S.Africa, Italy and Gremany, so probably other European countries are the same?  Many people are arrested each year for not having one, they can make random house calls, knowing 99% of the population have a TV so wont be wasting their time, and you show them your licence, if you haven't got one you will likely be arrested and fined £500.  The licence is around £160 p.a. - Though they only knock on doors of the houses and flats with broken windows and neglected gardens etc. in downtrodden estates, as that way they know they have a very good chance of convictions!! 

Comment by truth on March 31, 2012 at 8:28pm

Curious, do they come to your homes and look for tv's?

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