Strange Times and Strange Beings on Trail Cams

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These are truly strange times we live in. Mankind is in a struggle to remain free of an impending totalitarian global government, the US federal government has been virtually compromised by foreign money and Democrat treason. The Deep State is desperately trying to close the gap between the presidential elections of 2024 and the present as they have tried every way they can to incriminate former President Donald Trump, yet something even stranger is afoot.

Frightening discoveries

With the presence more and more of cameras such as on cell phones and in the woods on what are described as stationary motion detecting cameras called “Trail Cams” the evidence crypto zoologists have been waiting for is showing up. Not only are very clear photos of Bigfoot or Sasquatch turning up but something even more disturbing has also become evident. The entities known as “Dogman” and “Werewolves” have been seen and recorded by trail cams. Hold on now, that’s not everything. The presence of apparent giant timber wolves has been caught on camera as well as giant panthers! What is going on here? There is a provision in the Bible for this strangeness and I will paraphrase, “in the end times there shall be the appearance of fantastic beings.” Why?

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Who is in control?

Could it be that there is much more behind genetic experimentation than we have been told? Remember that in the state of Maine, remote residents have revealed that ever since a US Army primate testing lab established there, there have been a number of Sasquatch sightings. This goes back to the mid 1990’s. Is there a link? Have genetic experiments to make super soldiers gone awry? Has cross breeding of different species been related to these military experiments? Yet, it seems that we are not in control here either as one whistleblower reported that a Sasquatch creature jumped a 12 foot high anti-personnel barrier surrounding a secret test facility bunker and stared into the surveillance camera! A number of other reports reveals that Army Rangers and Law enforcement personnel have followed strange suspected Bigfoot tracks only to find them come to a complete stop on surfaces that would easily leave tracks or that the creature being tracked suddenly just disappears, and that’s why the tracks come to a sudden halt.

Dogman Encounters - YouTube

Myths and Legends?

Books dating back to the middle Ages in Europe speak of villagers in pursuit of suspected werewolves after a number of people are found with their throats slashed. They too ran into the same thing. Either large wolf-like tracks are followed and suddenly disappear or they suddenly transform into human footprints! Now, we know that in Medieval times there were a lot of superstitions, the Spanish Inquisition, and witch hunts, but their appears to be more than just horror stories behind these reported encounters of werewolves.

Werewolf | The Demonic Paradise Wiki | Fandom

Connecting the dots

There has been military dabbling in genetics ever since the use of germ warfare and Stalin’s know quest for a super soldier by trying to get gorilla genes passed onto to a human mother and to produce a human primate hybrid. As far as we know that attempts failed. Still, there’s no doubt that gain of function research used of the MRNA serums got its beginnings in military style experimentation to make germ warfare more lethal and to speed up the evolution of microscopic organisms. Isn’t it strange how one thing leads to another and so many things are linked as we begin to connect the dots? There also seems to be ongoing clashes between Special Forces and these creatures out in the wilderness that are very closely genetically linked to mankind yet are covered in hair, massively built, extremely intelligent, and very elusive. We have deliberate attempts by the misinformation celebrities to try and label these entities as some kind of “Missing Link” between man and ape when many first hand witness accounts describe them as having an almost human face. Doesn’t sound like the primate narrative they’re trying to push.

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