Thus the suggested letter below is what I ask you in the thousands to fill in the red bits to send to them (by mail).  You may well prick someone’s conscience.  


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Dear – his name                          Date       Your Property No  –  123456

Some questions about your “tax äuthority”

1 – I wonder what it is like working under a non elected CEO who apparently is unable to read nor write nor answer a single question ?  And

2 – Did you note that the rates allocated to  101 Any St  were paid in full by  a cheque/card  bearing the name of the owner  JOHN DOE – the name of the owner recorded in the Lands Dept is the same.  Issuing a receipt to me  Mr John Doe  is repugnant. Mr is a military term – I have never been in the military. And

3 – Are the laws of the land,  ie – the will of the people in Referendums 1974 and 1988 not binding on you ?  How about the laws we have all previously agreed to ?  Are you exempt from murder, fraud, misrepresentation and extortion also ? And

4 – Why can you not provide me with proof that any Local Gov’t Act, which you seem to rely on, is bonafide law, voted in by the people sand signed by a legitimate Gov General who has taken the proper oath of Allegiance ?   Here is Clause 5 of the Laws we voted to retain in Referendum  1999.   And

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5 – Do you also not accept the recent Election results, since you and your cohorts seem to be the ones most active in implementing Agenda 21/30 ?   Rates on drought stricken farmers is not greening anything. And

6 – How about Referendum 1999 where the people said very clearly – we wish to remain as a Constitutional Monarchy under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 which has no place for a 3rd tier or Government, which is what you pretend to be ?  There is no place for any private ABN company to impose taxes, and no State Gov’t can issue such power.  If there is, please reply with documentation. And

7 – How do you sleep ?  knowing that what I say is not as you say, my interpretation, It  is as simple as the 10 Commandments – they are not the 10 Suggestions. And

8 – Man to man- I expect honest answers as I cannot write to an apparently illiterate CEO, nor can I write to ”The Council”,  which is nothing more than a private ABN company, represented by a piece of paper.

Your Christian name

PS  I expect honest answers







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Comment by James Roberts on May 22, 2019 at 5:24pm

The system of law is, everywhere, a Byzantine hall of mirrors, viewed upside down, and backwards.

Comment by Old Denmark on May 22, 2019 at 4:28pm

Good one, Aussie land is rapidly falling to the NWO agenda. I wish you all the best in the Ragnarok that is about to hit us all. 

"Destroying the New World Order"

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