The Communication Monopoly in the US and Why Americans are so Stupid

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With 90% of news outlets, entertainment platforms and social media, owned by 6 major corporations one can see why the all mighty narrative is repeated verbatim when it comes to the political propaganda broadcast in America 24/7. You will hear the same lie repeated time and time again until the low IQ majority are mesmerized with misinformation. The average American has been distracted by sports, reality TV, celebrity worship, and video games just the way these foreign owned “Woke” corporations want them to be.

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An upside down reality

Americans are confronted each and every day with a wall of illusory events that have either been secretly planned such as paid agitators rioting over some political talking point the left wants them to believe or the spin put on an event that is not reported but opinionated over. Example given: The recent shooting at the Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee was committed by a Transvestite female trying to be a male. Yet, all we see on TV and in the social platforms are demonstrations claiming that Transsexuals are being attacked, abused, and discriminated against. It is a world that operates in reverse, where lies have become truth and truth is now a lie punishable by a Democrat justice department willing to make you into a political prisoner if you prove to be too much of a problem for them.

There’s a difference but not enough

The lie has become as much an operating system for the Democrats as the DOS operating system for modern computers. Using the classic Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx, the Democrats accuse everyone they oppose, harass, and try to delegitimize as being guilty of the same things they specialize at-ruthless deception! Some people try to allege that there is no difference between both American political parties that the Republicans are simply destroying America at a slower pace, but they are the only party that confronts the Democrats, cross examines their hypocritical conduct under committee investigations, and exposes the leftists for their evil agenda. You hardly see any social media platforms calling out the Democrats for their destructive anti-American policies or their globalist supporting agenda.

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The grand illusion

Benjamin Franklin was so correct when he told a woman what the Continental Congress had just done for the 13 Colonies when he said, “we gave you a Constitutional Republic if you can keep it.” Never have truer words been spoken as America through the decades went about working hard, seeking their right to prosperity, and believing that their own federal government was hard at work defending the US Constitution and legislating in favor of the electorate. That is an illusion painted by Capitol Hill that somehow most Americans have bought into that lawmakers were actually concerned for their problems, when in truth, it was merely lawyers cutting deals for themselves at the expense of the American people.

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Watching as the ship goes down

There is no more cream left at the top of the milk to skim off of. There is no more fat that can be rendered from the hog! America faces assured bankruptcy and currency collapse thanks to the stewardship of the Democrats through several administrations, the worst offender being the Obama White House which began the shameless and unconscionable deficit spending that ended up costing more money to run the federal government than the public sector of US industry could produce, being that America has the greatest economic market of any nation on the face of the earth, but no matter how mighty the free market, all it takes is enough graft, enough greed, enough corruption, and enough treason, and a great nation will fall betrayed from within. The American people have stupidly stood by and watched their quality of life evaporate as their dollar loses more and more spending power and the federal government donates to more causes like defense of eastern bloc borders or charity to Pakistani Transvestites rather than US veterans, or the needy citizens here as millions of illegal aliens are allowed across our borders!  

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The infamous double standard

The compromised lying news outlets try to get us to think of the border crisis as food, medicine, and shelter shortages for the illegal aliens not the border towns overrun by trespassers from other countries who couldn’t give a damn about those residents who they are imposing upon. The Communist social platforms would allow Christians and conservatives to be attacked by ANTIFA and BLM on the streets and tell us that we are bigots, white supremacists, and intolerant. The back stabbing news outlets on TV would have the gall to tell us that protests all over the US are largely peaceful as storefronts burn in the background ignited by paid protesters! Twitter will allow paid trolls to tell you that President Trump is a criminal and should be indicted while Joe Biden and pedophile crack head money laundering son Hunter have verifiable volumes of evidence that would easily send the both of them to jail hands down, but instead the FBI refuses to uphold the law in favor of persecuting a former president they don’t want in the Oval Office again.

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The imposed decline

When did it all start? When people largely began to ignore church attendance? When the Bible became forgotten? When decency and consideration became a thing of the past. When the left convinced people that the ends justified the means? The fall of America can be characterized by a gradual diabolical decline engineered by evil and greedy opportunists that cared only about becoming rich and powerful as the people suffered a slow and painful betrayal orchestrated by their so-called leaders! Was it the fault of the people too apathetic and lazy to suspect that the noose was tightening around their throats?

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