The Democrats and the Left Resort to New Tactics to Escape Prosecution!

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Trump Expects to be Arraigned by Tuesday for what? 

With all the illegalities and unconstitutional chaos being unleashed by the Democrats upon America we now have a new strategy the leftists are using to stonewall and delay legal consequences. What happened when suspicions were more than plausible after the stolen Presidential Elections of 2020? Despite the incredible visual evidence of camera footage showing invisible ballots being brought out after poll workers had been excused for the night, despite truckloads of harvested ballots being brought in at all hours of the morning to several polling facilities in Pennsylvania and other states, despite irregularities in demographics of the typical trends recorded in voting districts before, and despite 2 Dominion machines being tested and giving corrupt results, what happened. Dominion as a smoke screen files law suits against Fox, the Bannon War Room, Project Veritas, and many others who questioned the integrity of the vote tabulation company.

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Democrat causes are well funded by donors

Being served a multi-million dollar law suit for allegations of fraud will certainly slow up an investigation and even discourage it if the party doesn’t have the funds to pay for legal fees or potential damages. This is a delaying tactic as well hoping to get to the point where a statute of limitations can nullify charges.  I ask why the Democrats on a regular basis can get away with false allegations of criminality when their long term investigations yield nothing, but no one holds their feet to the fire for defamation, slander, or liable? It seems the most evil political faction in America is immune the very law it is constantly trying to impose upon those they don’t want in office like Donald J. Trump.

Persistent lies

After 6 years and millions of dollars spent on trying to find some law that Trump has broken, still the Democrats refuse to cease and desist. The Justice Department has used two Obama appointee judges to ignore and disallow every legal motion commenced by Trump’s lawyers to dismiss ridiculous charges that are unproven. So, now the DOJ refusing to charge Trump merely handed it to a New York district attorney funded by Soros in order to formalize charges against the former President. There is no justice in this. There is no justifiable reason other than to legally removed Trump from running for office, yet still beyond all reason, the Democrats continue unabated! The new tactic of using the flawed legal system to foul criminal investigations against them is underway.

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Impossible counter suits to justify!

Now Hunter Biden is suing a number of parties for the possession of his criminally evidenced laptop based upon time of possession violated by the shop owner whom he left his computer with for months before he turned it over to the FBI? The FBI is already compromised so this is just another smoke screen to muddy the waters and deflect the issues. I’ve already seen articles in the mainstream media attempting to somehow polish the image of a crack head pedophile who abuses little children while laundering international funds between foreign powers for the Biden family profit? Are we already in Disney land full time now?

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Is justice unattainable?

The statutory legal system of the US has always been a costly country club few people can afford to play in. It’s used by huge corporations to crush small business, steal patent rights, and to stonewall legal investigations into criminal acts by corrupt political parties like the Democrats! Now we are seeing that dirty power play come to fruition as in plain sight our country is being stolen right out from underneath us by the Democrats and all the foreign powers who own them like China, Russia, Iran, and Middle Eastern terrorist groups like the Taliban. The Democrats like the German Gestapo have rounded up Trump cabinet members, a former general of the DIA, and even investigators on the trail of the Democrat criminality. Are the committee panel hearings by the GOP run by people like Jim Jordan, Matt Goetz, and Josh Hawley for show only? When will the obvious criminals be prosecuted?

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A long time of siege

Going back to Obama, Cheryl Mills, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and directors of the FBI over the falsified Steel Dossier and illegally obtained surveillance of the Trump election campaign in 2016 the Democrats have been allowed to run amuck! They have repeatedly broken the law but the Obama White House loaded the DOJ with radical Democrat appointees and they have sidestepped justice and turned the truth into lies!

The blatant law breaking unchecked

Just think, the entire irony of it all is that Joe Biden, Hunter, and the Biden Family are all heavily convicted by the evidence already in the hands of the FBI and yet nothing being done as this demented president continues to wreck the nation and draw us closer to war with Russia. This is not just impossible fiction from the work of an author like Tom Clancy or Michael Crichton, this is real time in your face lies and deception being perpetrated by those so evil and self-deluded as to be demonic. As it says in the Bible, the Lord will give them even more depth to their delusions!

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Comment by Burbia on March 19, 2023 at 4:05am

Wanna be a gangster? There is a handbook being used right now by many. Very likely many in government jobs are using the handbook to break laws. 

What Saul Alinsky Learned from His “Mentor”, Al Capone › ...PDF

"Destroying the New World Order"



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