The Emergence Of The Corrupt Left

The liberal movement has been highly under estimated and falsely associated with the left that existed during the late sixties and the Vietnam era. The present liberal movement has nothing to do with the peace loving Woodstock Generation that simply wanted to buck the establishment and stop the war. That era of relatively innocent if not self destructive drop outs and alienated misfits eventually became productive contributors to society. They were the product of the upper class baby boomers who had instilled a work ethic which enabled most to participate in the mainstream and do things “Their way”.

However, the present “Liberals” as they call themselves, are a different breed. They have been steeped in hardcore Marxist influence. Using Saul Alinsky as their mentor, the new left are dedicated to dismantling the American heritage of entrepreneurialism, free enterprise, and personal freedom. They want strict government control in order that they stay in power. They want to force feed the US population socialist values. They want the radio and TV air waves to be dominated by leftist propaganda while smearing opposing voices with such terms as “Hate Speech” and “Fear Mongers” so that they can distort the issues.

The emergence of the new left now has a militant frame work with such icons as William Ayers, a domestic terrorist, who bombed federal government property, and was unrepentant about it only commenting that he hadn’t done enough damage. Ayers in his sanctuary of corrupt Chicago politics is right at home with other radical hate promoters such as Reverend Jeremiah Wright who has been quoted as damning America. These people advocate the overthrow of not the government, but the middle class culture of the US. They want to undermine and tear down decency, morality, and Christian faith as they install a self serving truth that they can use to rationalize injustice practiced their way.

What kind of injustice, you ask. How about newly appointed Justice Sotomayer, who refused to acknowledge the rule of law by allowing less qualified minority applicants to be hired over the better scoring test results and experience of whites who were discriminated against? How about Attorney General, Eric Holder, refusing to prosecute club swinging New Black Panthers who are filmed harassing and threatening voters at a government building? How about the refusal of the Obama administration to protect the borders of the United States? Remember Eric Holder saying that it was right wing conservatives like Christian groups and armed service veterans, who he looked upon as potential domestic terrorists that kept him from sleeping at night?

Obama has appointed more than 40 czars. These appointees who are beyond the purview of Congress or the Senate have been working overtime to enact insane changes in our society that have no positive impact. For example, take Kevin Jennings, who has advocated sexual content in elementary school level reading. He has stated that his intention is to create safe schools that prevent discrimination and bullying against gay children. The truth is that he has promoted homosexual behavior in schools. Jennings appointment demonstrates the poor vetting standards of the Obama administration.

Obama’s Czars have the dubious distinction of unknown salaries. They have such titles such as Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, who has advocated abolishment of many US Constitution guaranteed freedoms. Information Czar, Vivek Kundra had his old government district office raided by federal authorities who discovered a bribery scheme that had defrauded the city of half a million dollars. Strangely, Kundra was not declared a suspect by the US attorneys. Intelligence Czar, Dennis Blair, salary, 197,700, former admiral, though not considered to have a professional intelligence qualification, has worked for several departments. In 2006 amid a cloud of controversy, Blair Left his position at the IDA, a nonprofit national defense organization.

Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones has been a committed Communist since 1994. While in jail, he had stated that upon observing really hardcore radical black youths that he quickly decided that was where he wanted to be. Jones sponsored support for Muslims he alleged would suffer the backlash of the US military after the 9-11 disaster. This is the common denominator that ties all of Obama’s czars together, radical leftist orientation dedicated to the overthrow of American principals.

Science Czar, John Holdren coauthored a book in 1977 that called for the mandatory sterilization and abortion of targeted populations. Holdren has many pro Agenda 21 views that would place the environment above the consideration of the individual advocating a global Army that would enforce restrictive regulations placed upon the American populace to force compliance. His ambitions represent the social engineering inherent in the future plans for the human race.

Most of Obama’s hand picked Czars have donated sums to Democrat election campaigns, some have questionable financial dealings whose investigations were curiously dropped, and all are the typical Harvard and Yale type leftist oriented political products who dealings go undisclosed.

The Obama administration, a product of the new breed of socialist liberals who will stop at nothing to remain in power are eroding our freedoms and liberties with alarming methods and a cast of potential criminals to whom the law means nothing.

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