The Evils of the “New Age” Movement Recalled

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Early in the 1990’s I was a single parent raising four kids by myself, running my own business, writing poetry, and also writing a column entitle “Unexplained Mysteries” for the Plano Star Courier local newspaper. You might say I had my hands full, but I decided, in my thirst for spiritual growth, that I’d take a one night a week class from an elderly woman who apparently had psychic abilities. She was a sweet little red head in her seventies named Bonnie. What I sought to attain through our meditations and what happened turned out to be terrifying incidents that seemed on a disturbingly regular basis. Raising my kids was enough, but adding weird and inexplicable events to my life was way too much.

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The beginning

What started it all was a whirl wind romance that ended with my fiancé dumping me and the resulting crash and burn that lasted about 18 months. I was really down on myself for having been so naïve while also exposing my kids to the expectation of my getting hitched again and then the sudden change in plans. I was stupid, and should not have let the kids know anything about it, but good ol’gullible me! Anyway, it wasn’t long after we began a series of mental exercises, praying to the Arch Angel Michael, and using our collective psychic powers to either locate or determine whether missing coeds were still alive or possibly murdered that things in my life got very strange!

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Bedroom encounters

After the end of my foolish romantic interlude there was an intense storm one night and while the kids were asleep and I was trying to do the same in my bed flashes of lightning blasted through my master bedroom window. After one particular almost blinding flash of lightning I saw two Pharaoh Hounds, black like Dobermans, seated on the floor in front of me, then they were gone. To say I was astonished would be an understatement. When I told Bonnie about this she informed me that it was my spirit guides watching over me knowing that I was heartbroken. In that same bedroom a couple of years later my king-sized bed given to me by my parents began to vibrate. Only one problem. There was no vibrating mechanism in the mattress and the house was a single story track home. Later, my 2nd wife stood right next to the bed and witnessed the bed pulsating as I lay still in it. I have no explanation other than there have been people under spiritual attack who have unconsciously experienced telekinesis. It was weird!

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From the grave

When we first moved into the house my daughter played with the next door neighbor’s girl all day long then asked her to spend the night. I told her it would be okay if her parent’s approved. After dinner on that cold winter night the whole family turned in after a long day of carrying in boxes and getting situated. For some reason, the neighbor’s little girl got up and went home. I was fast asleep and didn’t notice, but the next morning my daughter called her neighbor up to ask why she left during the night. Well, it turned out that she had been best friends with a little girl who had lived in the house with the previous owners who had been killed in a school bus accident during a field trip. The only child to die out of a whole busload in a freak accident. She told my daughter she just couldn’t sleep in the bedroom. To make matters even worse on the mahogany grained door we discovered the silhouette of a little girl embedded in the wood grain!

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The foreboding shift

In our night class, Bonnie began taking us on more mental exercises like maintaining a ball of collective energy among all attending the class, moving our consciousness above our heads and below our chairs, and trying to sense whether or not a missing person was dead or alive at the request of families who wrote to Bonnie seeking help from all over the country. One night she announced that there was going to be a major shift in consciousness all around the earth and that a vortex of spiritual powers could cause a brief disruption in people’s lives. Bonnie told me to caution my children to be extra careful. When I told me kids about this they really took it seriously and got scared. It didn’t help that the very next morning driving on the way to school we witnessed a tragic single car accident where a Ford van driver had hit a telephone pole on the side of the curb and was lying on the ground outside of his vehicle with one eye dislocated from the socket. He was surrounded by horrified onlookers. What a way to start the day!

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Demonic beings

Then I began experiencing over a few weeks strange confrontations with evil people. I was driving along the LBJ service road about to merge with the entrance ramp when some insane driver in Porsche slammed on his brakes in front of me and began screaming at me! I just sat there bewildered, what the hell was his problem, I hadn’t pulled out in front of him. When he finally quit I began to drive by and he pulled out in front of me again and began screaming more! Was this an example of cocaine induced psychosis? I’ll never know. Taking my kids to eat out at Taco Bell one afternoon I was once again confronted by two black punk teenagers who made a lewd comment toward my daughter. This causes a heated exchange in which I was about ready to do some damage when they finally left. The employees said they were about to call the police, and I merely commented, “You saw what happened, right?” they nodded.

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No way!

Then in a matter of three days I saw the actor, Gene Hackman, wearing a leather bomber jacket and standing next to a Mercedes Benz in the North Dallas Bank parking lot that used to be located at Preston Road and LBJ Freeway. You know, the guy who played “Little Bill” in the Clint Eastwood movie, “The Unforgiven”? If this guy wasn’t Gene Hackman, he was sure a dead ringer, and what was weird was, 2 days later at about the same time of day, I saw him again! This just seemed to be too much of a coincidence! Yet, it seemed my days were becoming full of unlikely encounters and bizarre circumstances. Another traffic incident occurred when I was driving along this stretch of highway and some guy in a Corvette Stingray suddenly slows down in from of my car in the center lane and acts like he’s trying to keep me from driving within a certain distance of his car like he was escorting a wide load truck. Only one problem there was no wide load truck carrying a mobile home or anything else, and I have no idea what this idiot was trying to do so I slowed down until he finally drove off! By now I was convinced that the whole world had gone mad!

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More to follow in Part II



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Comment by cheeki kea on August 10, 2021 at 12:37pm

An enthralling story Doc V. look forward to pt 2. I've had nothing remotely occur like those events in my life. Except once. An 'interference" in an unguarded moment is the only way I could describe it. There's not much to it but the incident had an effect on me for all my days since. A slight intentional wrongdoing on my part preceded the 'thing' that happened to me just prior to having a disastrous motor accident not related to my behaviour. Speeding. One day I was late for work and planting it a bit when a small voice came to mind, 'slow down' I immediately reasoned with the unwelcome voice telling it in thought ~no cameras here and I know where the cops lurk and carried on. The radio was on I was waiting to hear the time when it happened again but it sounded like loud as if it came through the radio itself, over the song playing. I was quite taken back for a second and switched volume down and in that second I heard those two words again Slow Down screeching in my head and my forehead started throbbing in physical pain rendering me incapable of driving, I applied the breaks glanced at the odometer 50k then it happened, a person came smashing through my windscreen. He bounced (back) onto the bonnet and splatted on the the road motionless just in front of my car. I thought I had killed a man and there were many who saw it. I was a mess going omg I didn't see him, he wasn't there, I didn't mean to hit him omg etc. Then a witness came over to me with a blanket and glass of water saying 'well of cause you didn't, he hit you'    and then another spoke up "yeah I've seen that stupid kid run out before with out even looking" I just about fainted then, it was a child! a young high school boy. I felt a sense of bizarre madness engulf me, both intense relief and urgent compulsive need to assist the boy who lay on the road silent and bleeding. It was insane, witnesses sticking up for 'my side' when a child lay there who could die and we are discussing this! A girl at the side of the road called out 'I think someone called for an ambulance' and I'm thinking wtf you don't even know for sure. Then I heard the siren it finally arrived, they picked the boy up on a stretcher and I heard someone else say 'He must be alright because they didn't pull the sheet up over his head. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion until one of them came to me to check if I was ok and I asked about the boy who had some concussion and skin wounds but no serious broken bones and that's when the guy said "It's good you were driving at the speed limit, he'll live it would have been worse for him otherwise. ( I asked a christian friend once if he thought maybe God had somehow looked down on me that day. He told me he sends guards but it is  Children that are assigned Angels who look down on them from heaven )    

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