The Existence of God? There is no Question Part 1

From the Ten Commandments to the formation of the Jewish State of Israel in 1948, events accurately predicted in the Bible as well as scientific proof are leading today's people to more than just blind faith. The Bible and the Ten Commandments have served as the basis for western law and government. Without such moral foundation governments would not be able to function effectively. While we can all argue that today's governments are corrupt, still there must be law and order.

Archaeological Digs in Israel Volunteers

The Archaeological Evidence

One of the greatest aspects of Biblical history is the time of Noah and the "Great Flood" in which not only did God order him to build a great ark to house pairs of all animal species, but even gave the evil and adulterous sinners a chance to repent before the unending rains began. Evidence of ancient cities lie at the bottom of the Black Sea. Famous under water researcher, Bob Ballard, using his remote submersibles has proven the existence of city sized dwellings, pottery, and other artifacts with a time frame consistent with the Biblical dates. Geologists acknowledge that a worldwide flooding event did indeed occur especially with the discovery of water so deep within the earth's crust that it's close to the outer mantle. Scientists never anticipated water that deep in the earth. This find tends to corroborate the rising of muddy waters described in the Book of Noah, that not only the rain but water was seen to rise up from beneath the soil.

Remains of Kingdoms

Recently the massive public works built during the time of King Harrod have been unearthered by archaeologists. Not too long ago the Palace of Roman ruler, Pontious Pilate was discovered with his name inscribed in one of the massive building blocks. the very court where Christ was judged and ultimately sent to his crucifixion has been confirmed! For decades modern archaeology has attempted to find the many cities named in the Bible, but it was a frustrating process until they discovered that rather than being located away from each other in distant geographic sites, the ancient people merely built on top of old cities that had been destroyed or conquered. Now, an exciting era of discovery has been unlocking the identities of many Biblically named cities once thought lost forever.

Image result for Women at Archaeological Dig
In denial

Even though there has been a strong effort by secular researchers to try and explain away the discoveries that confirm Biblical accounts, few have succeeded with any meaningful arguments so they attempt to censor important finds. The Egyptian Pharaohs are mentioned frequently in Bible verse, especially in the Book of Moses we have an incredible volume of Egyptian artifacts and construction dating back to Biblical times. Of course universities and professors will downplay the Christian presence over weighing the importance of the Pharaoh dynasties. If governments are not considered the ultimate authority because billions in the world embrace God, their control cannot be final. They seek to make themselves into Gods explaining why religion is prohibited under Communism and is now being attacked in the US by Democrats.

Man and the giant lizards

Many scientists have contested the carbon dating timeline of Biblically accounts of the true age of the earth. While many Christians claim the earth was created 6 thousand years ago they are incorrect. As stated in the Old Testament, there were three ages. The first age God created man in his own image, Adam and Eve would begin the human race, and events would lead to the destruction of that age. While science argues, where were the dinosaurs described in the fossil records then? In the Bible the term, "Behemoths" and even "dragons" stands for the term, "dinosaurs." The huge skeletons of giants have been uncovered all over the world, and they too were mentioned in the Bible long before any scientific diggings produced such finds. The earth can be accurately dated by science, but for years carbon dating has been under debate. Now radioactive and radio metric, or radio isotope dating using the measurement of decayed radioactive elements is more accurate.

Another revelation

A shocked world some years ago was forced to accept a controversial fossil record of modern human footprints among dinosaur remains. In the first age the dinosaurs along with humans who had displeased God were destroyed. The first age pre-exists the time of Moses in the Old Testament. Did God use an asteroid to cause the "Great Extinction" as was discovered by Emmanuel Velikovsky, a scientist who suffered much ridicule for his theories until modern day satellite photos of earth's topography spotted the huge crater near the Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf. Is it any coincidence that Emmanuel Velikovsky has the same first name as the Hebrew name given to Christ meaning "God With Us?"

Image result for dinorsaurs and the great extinction

Among behemoths

In the Paluxy river bed was found compelling evidence that man did indeed co-exist with dinosaurs and that the footprints uncovered in Glen Rose, Texas are even more detailed then those discovered in Tanzania Africa where it is thought that "Lucy" the first upright walking hominid was discovered. The human tracks on the shores of the limestone at the Paluxy River are dated at 120 million years old as are the remains of several dinosaurs that are part of the fossil record there.

The Shroud of Turin

In Part II we will discuss the impact of the Christian God on western society and our morality.

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Comment by Less Prone on January 25, 2021 at 8:51am

Yes, Christinaity has proven to be a good foundation for the western civilization.

Comment by Doc Vega on January 24, 2021 at 10:30am

Even if Christianity were a myth, the principles help hold society together because human nature sucks!

Comment by Less Prone on January 24, 2021 at 8:58am

If religion helps people to maintain sanity in this ridiculous world, so be it. Christianity has  some good things like the ten commandments and the principle to love and serve the others.  I leave it there.

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