The FBI Now the Greatest Threat to the People and Constitution

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In charges against the FBI filed back in April of 2022 it was found that the agency had investigated 278 thousand warrantless searches and probes against Americans. Once the mission of the agency was too investigate foreigners in country, crimes that crossed state lines,  or those of questionable citizenship status as terrorist threats, but the apparent priority of the former renowned law enforcement bureau now is pursuing “We the People”! At the behest of their Democrat masters!

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J.Edgar Hoover would be turning in his grave

While DC district attorneys working for the Department of Justice are attempting to track down and detain another thousand J6 visitors, crime in District of Columbia and New York City is setting records as violent offenders are allowed back out on the streets time after time without bail. In Los Angeles and San Francisco law enforcement is at a third world, banana republic status! It is clear that rather than enforce the law, defend the US Constitution, and protect the citizens, the Democrats have shifted the priorities of the FBI to pursuing political prisoners as the Blue State and Blue Cities attack dogs. Mark Levin describes the FBI as the FB Stasis, which are an elite Special Forces unit of the Russians.

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Washington DC Gestapo

Yesterday, 3 of five scheduled FBI whistleblowers appeared before Congress in front of Jim Jordan and the Republicans to testify. They have been severely reprimanded by the bureau as they are going to divulge the crimes of a law enforcement agency that should be protecting US citizens, not going off on witch hunts to punish the political opponents of the Democrats. The so called insurrectionists of J6 in many cases were ordinary citizens who were allowed into the Capitol Building by DC police without acts of violence or committing any damages. One man with a clean background record was charged with felonies when peacefully entering the Capital Building led in by the DC police, and yet after being threatened by the FBI and even by the DC prosecutor for merely walking in and not disturbing anything, committed suicide hanging himself in his own garage after being threatened over and over again.

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A matter of propriety

The message sent by the jack booted thugs who carry out brutal and unnecessary lethal force is: “We’re the FBI and we’ll do what we please whether we’re breaking the law or not, and if you get in our way, we’ll bulldoze you and your rights over too!” I thought that the Capitol Building was owned by the people, not Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, not the FBI, not the DC police, not the weaponized courts, the attack dogs of the Democrats! Guess I was wrong!

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The true heroes emerge

Getting back to the three FBI whistleblowers, of the 21 FBI agents who have come forth, Jim Jordan conducts the cross examination. These men have suffered being suspended without pay, losing their homes, confiscation of their belongings, loss of their intelligence credentials, in short the deliberate personal destruction levied at them by an agency that no longer obeys its mission! Mr. O’Boyle, interviewed by the committee was an elite soldier who had served with honor in the US Army before coming to the FBI. According to testimony by all three the FBI was investigating members of the Catholic Church against abortion, even planning to plant informants in that church, the FBI was probing parents that had attended schoolboard meetings, along with those who represented any political threat to the Democrats. Matt Goetz, Republican from Florida traced most of the illegal orders as coming from the Washington DC office where he said most of the rot was coming from!

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Once again the message of the FBI to anyone in their way seems to be, “We will crush you no matter if we follow the law or not! We’re the FBI that’s all you need to know!”

Fox News Exclusive: Whistleblower speaks on Fast and Furious

Just as in the Fast and Furious scandal under the Obama White House when an ATF agent had to risk his life and that of his family because the agency looks after its own regardless of wrong doing, but he came forth anyway. Willing to break the law and even murder these agencies have unholy comradeships. These FBI whistleblowers risked their careers, their reputations, the financial security of their families, so that “We the People” would know the truth and exactly where the evil was coming from! They are heroes, but for the Democrats, they only want iron fisted Soviet style bureaucracy and unelected appointees forcing their will upon the people with no accountability. America must defeat this despicable resistance to our Constitutional rights!

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