The Illegal Fed.and the Illegal Income Tax / Don't Flush the US!


Article 1, section 8, of the Constitution reads:
The Congress shall have the Power.....To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof,....
Congress has no authority to delegate this responsibility to third parties

The Federal Reserve has never been audited by the government since it took over our money and credit in 1913. In 1975 a bill, H.R. 4316, to require an audit was introduced in Congress.

During the April, 1975 hearings, this author submitted a statement favoring the audit, as did many others. Due to pressure from the money controllers, it was not passed. No audit of the Fed has ever been made.


* Buy back the FED and have the U.S. Government collect all profits.

* Abolish the FED by printing real U.S. dollars as President Kennedy attempted (Executive Order 11.110, 1963) (Reference 4).

* Request your county/state to use their Constitutional powers to abolish the FED. This is the BEST SOLUTION. Nearly half the states are attempting or considering this action (Reference 5). Congress has had 80 years to follow the Constitution, and has refused to abolish the illegal FED. The state/county effort is working faster than any other method. We need your support to start a local chapter of FED-UP(tm) Inc. and petition your county.

Posted: June 22, 20098:55 pm Eastern
By Chelsea Schilling© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Enthusiastic tea partiers in Virginia have decided to give “imperial leaders” in Washington a seat of power they believe they truly deserve – a portable toilet throne.

Tea party organizer Karen Miner Hurd told WND her group is expecting between 3,000 and 5,000 people at the upcoming June 26 protest at Chesapeake City Park in Chesapeake, Va. While she is excited about the turnout, Hurd has a predicament: She must raise funds for 30 portable toilets on a shoe-string budget.
“How do you tell people you need money for bathrooms?” she asked. “Does that excite or inspire anybody? Not very much.”
So Hurd asked taxpayers to sponsor commodes and name them with their least favorite politicians.

“It started growing, and once people started seeing the list of people who were named, I got more and more requests,” she said. “People started to love it.”

At a June 16 tea party, the group loaded 10 portable johns into trucks and paraded them through three cities – complete with names of politicians who they believe are trying to flush the nation down the toilet.

The “Don’t Flush U.S.” campaign was born.

Now she has asked the public to send in their nominations and help sponsor toilets for the next party by sending donations. The following are just a few of the names 34 currently under consideration:

Nancy Pelosi’s Throne McCain, John U.S. Congress – Our #2 Problem ACORN john (Always Cr-ppy, Offensive, Rotten, Noxious) I.R.S. john – Eliminate it! “Porky Little Projects” john Royal Pain in the Tax Office of Tim Geitner’s Accountant Harry Reid’s Throne Eric “toilet paper” Holder Marxist Government Think Tank Federal Depository “The names are of people who have horribly abused taxpayer money or people who have betrayed us. We have some Republicans listed,” Hurd said. “Some people like Nancy Waters, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the Murtha john and the Kerry john were pretty self-evident, we felt.”

Hurd said the campaign has chosen not to use references to President Obama.

“We were very careful about that. We don’t even mention him remotely,” she said. “He is the president, and we respect the office.”


The honeymoon is over – Barack Obama has proven himself to be nothing more than we predicted all along – another stooge for the global banking syndicate that has controlled every U.S. president since JFK, and nothing more than a black face on the new world order – sworn to continue and intensify the same agenda that the Bush-Clinton-Bush dynasty advanced before him.


By JB Campbell


The "Internal Revenue Service" is a collection agency for the private, profit-making corporation that calls itself the Federal Reserve System. The fools who still send money to this private company can prove this by examining the backs of their cancelled checks to the IRS. It will say "Pay to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York." It doesn't say, "Pay to the US Treasury Department." Why do you suppose that is? Your hard-earned money goes to a private company that has never been audited, that was created by foreigners for their own gain. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is a private company, just like Goldman Sachs, both owned by pretty much the same people. See Lewis v. US (1982).

Aaron Russo, an heroic Jewish American producer of feature films, made a documentary film called "America: From Freedom to Fascism." Russo has since died and his film can be seen online for free. It is based on a simple question: "Is there a law that requires any private American to file a tax return or to pay income taxes?" The answer, as we all know, is no.

But, as we also know, the truth has no place in Zionist Jewish thinking. Russo's legacy is not the Hollywood movies he made but rather the segment in his documentary in which he interviews the Jewish former commissioner of the IRS, Sheldon Cohen.

He asks Cohen straight to his face to name the law that requires an American to file a tax return or pay any money? Cohen is taken aback at his effrontery and says that he didn't expect such a question.

Russo asks it again. Cohen then mutters something unintelligible, which he follows with, "You know Yiddish and you know what that means: There is no hope for you." Russo later states that Cohen threatened him in Yiddish. For asking a simple question about the legitimacy of the income tax.

Cohen's reason for his anger and surprise is probably this: The entire Zionist Jewish criminal enterprise of fractional reserve banking depends on having the central bank, the ultimate and most lucrative monopoly, in Jewish hands. Its authority must not be questioned. Ever. To be most lucrative, it must inflate the currency supply at will and deflate the supply when the owners wish to take over property and businesses and homes. During the inflationary periods, much of the currency has to be recovered from the unaware people through the "income tax," lest we have too much discretionary money to buy what we need or want. The whole idea is to keep us under control and the best way is to take away our money.
That's all this is about.

By tmartin • April 15, 2009

Ron Paul supports the elimination of the income tax and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). He asserts that Congress had no power to impose a direct income tax and has called for the repeal of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which was ratified on February 3, 1913.

An income tax is the most degrading and totalitarian of all possible taxes. Its implementation wrongly suggests that the government owns the lives and labor of the citizens it is supposed to represent. Tellingly, “a heavy progressive or graduated income tax” is Plank #2 of the Communist Manifesto, which was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and first published in 1848.

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