The Legacy of the Foo Fighters No Not the Band

The year is 1941 mid-April and a very bizarre event is about to befall Cape Girardeau Missouri. Pastor Huffman receives a call that there has been an airplane crash just west of the city in a farm field. His services will be needed. When Huffman arrives he is shocked to find not a conventional aircraft that has plunged to earth but a circular disk with a silvery outer skin that has cracked up on the acreage. Shards of metal lay all about the crash site and it has caused a fire from the burning debris.

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Incredible sights at the crash

What astonishes him next are the three little bodies of gray skinned, large black eyed, small in stature creatures. Two of which have perished already but one clings to life. The Pastor says last rights over the small entity before it dies. Soon the local police are eclipsed by the arrival of the US military who quickly takes charge of the scene. Much as in Roswell years later all there will be sworn to secrecy and a top secret retrieval will take place. The pastor tells no one but his family and if not for a grand daughter who heard the story and a drawing made by her grandfather the entire incident might have gone unnoticed.

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The evidence

According to reports, the cockpit of the vehicle contained a metal beam with some kind of undecipherable symbols on it, tiny seats used by the now dead occupants, and other strange looking instruments. Missouri is also home to the a US Air Corps training station at Sikeston, MO. Along with the infamous Minute Man nuclear missile base at Knobnoster, MO. Where Sergeant Jerry Johnson and a security strike team were alerted when a hovering UFO landed in the center of the huge base in broad daylight in 1968. Incidentally, the famous late conservative radio host and author, Rush Limbaugh was born in Cape Girardeau. This story might well have blown the lid off of UFO secrecy had it been divulged at the time, but just a few months later the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese and the beginning of World War II would shock the US and ignite the war in the Pacific.

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A hair raising night

However, even with the war in the Pacific going tragically bad for the allies the legacy of “Foo Fighters” and the UFO would soon strike again. February 24, 1942 sometime around midnight alarms sounded and several coastal antiaircraft batteries went into action firing ordnance at some unknown aerial craft that was bracketed in spot lights as it slowly loitered over the defenses. Residents, those coming home after night shifts, some arriving home after drinking at local bars found the skies lit up by 1700 expended artillery shells. One person was killed by a falling antiaircraft shell and fires were started over the hills overlooking Los Angeles. Over Riverside many witnesses watched as a disk like airborne object went undamaged by the myriad of flak shells that exploded all around it! Who or what could have withstood such a pounding while in a leisurely course from north to south over the city and heading out to sea. Reportedly even P-40 Warhawks were scrambled to shoot down what they were sure was a Japanese bomber.

March 11, 1942: Display of shapnel from the anti-aircraft barrage, picked up in Inglewood by Riege Ardanaz. Photo published in The Times on March 12, 1942.

Impervious to ground fire

For more than two hours the shore batteries fire away intermittently frightening many residents out of their sleep as the air battle with the unknown went on. Thanks to color filtered photos on the Jeff Rense website one can easily see the shells detonating before they strike the surface of the UFO. It would seem that a force field was used to protect the strange craft from being damaged by the artillery shells. The event was so disturbing and the newspaper coverage so well covered that General Marshall himself had to write a letter to President Roosevelt explaining what actually happened, but in his explanation he made it sound like war nerves and over reaction rather than a strange unearthly craft. However, in his letter he makes reference to a number of different aircraft involved in the event but is vague beyond that. Due to the military’s secretive reaction to these encroachments upon US air space one must wonder if the US armed forces were already engaging something or someone that the general public and unauthorized officials in the US government were not privy to.

In the early 1950s, Douglas MacArthur suggested carpet nuking the North Korea/China border. Most think this was to prevent Chinese reinforcements from entering Korea, but it was actually a reference to Terminator

Official action takes place

By 1943 after multiple sightings of what US aircrews called “Foo Fighters” had become infamous, and in some instances bomber crews were frightened thinking the Japanese and Germans had concocted some secret weapon just as the Axis Forces wondered if the Allies had also invented some unknown weapon or device. These incoming after action reports sparked a reaction from General Douglas MacArthur who ordered the first known military unit to investigate the “Foo Fighters” known as the Interplanetary Phenomenon Group. They were too predate “Project Grudge” “Project Sign” and “Project Blue Book” after the end of World War II. What intelligence did they collect? No one knows as to this day reports taken almost 80 years ago have not been divulged to the public or press corps. One might ask who had such technical capability in 1942 that they could absorb vicious antiaircraft fire without even taking evasive action as though they were testing mankind’s capability?

Foo Fighters Fly! A Brief and Strange History of a Flying Phenomenon - Owlcation

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