The Precarious Grasp of America on World Affairs

The Unenviable Place in History of America Post World War II 

In 1958 Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, gave a prophetic speech that predicted not only globalism, but the US role in depleting itself as the world policeman! It is rather startling to hear the words of a man who foresees the future quite succinctly while the US media and liberal Washington lawmakers go about the business of misinforming the public, over regulating, and over taxing the very citizens who trustingly elected them. Yet, here at a time when America seemed in the eye of the storm under President Eisenhower, and enjoying a prosperous economy, Welch saw clearly the future of a nation destined to be targeted by the global elites.

Price of passiveness

It all goes back to pre-World War II After the unwillingness to engage in another looming world conflict that the US was being caught off guard at Pearl Harbor. The isolationists had managed to hold off America’s involvement up until then, but Japan’s miscalculating blunder only awakened the “Sleeping Giant” that Admiral Yamamoto had anguished over. More than 4 hard fought years later and a mercurial industrial effort by the United States and once again the world owed its liberation from fascist powers to America.


The year is 1950 and an unprovoked invasion by North Korean Communist forces once again throws the US into a bloody meat grinder of a regional conflict sacrificing thousands of young National Guardsmen and untrained US Army personnel against armored mechanized columns of North Korean ground troops. There are horrid accounts in the American Legion magazine of the first encounters with Army artillery units perched atop hills trying to stop fast moving Russian made tanks, a US Sergeant with one arm blown off trying to rally his men, and the predictable chaos of US servicemen being routed as the enemy bores forward destroying South Korean villages and towns.

Overextended again

With Communist China and the Soviet Union supplying hardware and troop support to North Korea the bloody “Police Action” wore on for 3 years. Again America was called upon to spill the blood of its young men on foreign soil and endure the financial burden of financing the war effort to a hot zone that would only declare a cease fire without officially ending the war. The stalemate between Communism and the American way of life was to be the defining factor of the “Cold War” that would see many years of tension and dangerous weapons build up until President Ronald Reagan made a personal overture to Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev to end the senseless prelude to a third world war and likely the end of life as we know it on earth.

Worldwide warfare

Yet, in the interim between 1945 and that time (1988) brushfire wars had sprung out in the Middle East, Crete and Greece, Pakistan and India, and, of course, North and South Vietnam! All the while the Soviet Union was busy subjugating their satellite countries of Hungary and Czechoslovakian brutally suppressing uprisings against Communist oppression. Chairman Mao as China’s dictator authorized at least 60 million deaths as a necessary purge under his “Agricultural Revolution”. All the while US resources were being exhausted maintaining surveillance, intelligence gathering, and supplying rebel factions trying to free their countrymen of the Marxist plague. Communism had become the tool of the globalists who could maintain subterfuge, banking for war efforts all over the world, and to keep the fires of clashing political ideologies burning!

Damned if you do damned if you don’t!

As a result of these events over the decades the United States has been forced to maintain airbases and troop concentrations all over the world to help quell insurgency, terrorists, and invasions of weaker nations. Each and every time the US lets its guard down another major conflict seems to spring up, catching our nation off guard again and coating precious lives and material in the process. It is not simply a matter of local conflicts between dueling tyrants over age old disputed borders as the CFR sponsored news agencies would like us to think! It is not the random acts of hostile regimes who just suddenly decided that now would be a good time for a war! Terrorism all over the world is a well-financed operation. It is designed to keep the powers that be off balance, combat ready, and siding with once political faction or another even using false flag operations to provoke aggression, public opinion, and regional conflicts!

Forces of evil

Today radical Islam, Communism, and the left have all joined hands in a full frontal assault against free enterprise, conservatism, Christians, and America. They blame America for building military bases around the world, they blame Israel for striking out at Hezbollah or Hamas each time they rain rockets on innocent women and children within their country, they hate Christians and murder their own people for converting to followers of Christ. Evil can be defined as a worldwide ideological assault again not only peaceful co-existence, but as being orchestrated by forces not easily understood. They operate in America under such organizations as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. They use civil rights as an excuse to cultivate rage and social unrest.

Voice of reason

In the 1980’s as a defected former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov warned repeatedly that the rhetoric of Communism had gained momentum beyond his wildest dreams during his employ as a disinformation specialist. Yuri pointed out that unelected officials such as judges, teachers, public office holders, and even executive level leaders would unwittingly assist in the destruction of their very own society under the aegis of what the Soviets has characterized as “Social Justice”. These fools, Yuri Bezmenov, termed as the “Useful Idiots” who would be the first to be liquidated after the revolution and normalization had been achieved as they would soon grow to be the bitterest enemies once they realized they had been duped over the empty promises of Marxism! Today we can see this very wave of stupidity as Obama appointees remaining in office after President Trump’s inauguration continue to obstruct policy and advancement.

The endless fight for freedom

Should America relinquish its grip on world affairs most assuredly we can rely on the present push by Russia, Iran, and Syria in the Middle East to capture resources, develop military pressure, and to even place nuclear weapons in an area forbidden to do so under a 1987 non-nuclear proliferation treaty put in place under President Ronald Reagan. Thanks to actions by our very own President Obama who traitorously assisted Iran on its road to atomic ascendency America faces the actions of not only its enemies but from within by the useful idiots already inside its federal government doing the work of those who want to see the US destroyed while its allies await the foreign policy that will align them against radical Islam and the Communists or see US influence dwindle under saboteurs like Obama. America is indeed damned if it capitulates and allows enemies to grow stronger as President Obama ignored ISIS in Iraq or we maintain a global surveillance and military capability to discourage the aggressors always seeking to gain a foothold assuring that the unseen, but well organized global elites keep the smoldering fires of hatred alive and well in the world!




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